The FL Series

the FL series is a high-performance
specification grade LED luminaire that can tackle most outdoor markets it has
great flexibility and monochromatic and architectural color-changing
applications creating a dual purpose robust floodlight and spotlight who are
letting designers and architects have maximum flexibility as our primary goal the luminaire needed to be integrated
with and use our infinity technology but also sparked the creation of colorant particular focus was given to reducing
size and weight while retaining optical and thermal performance the FL series
has been designed to be easy to install and is fully customizable and can be
used for many different applications the first-generation FL was a great product
for GBA in its eighth year of existence and has been used for so many different
applications where the first generation was great the new FL series delivers way
more lights and a more robust and compact body that is two to three times
smaller than anything else on the market the body has an advanced thermal design
that is IP certified allowing it to be as an extreme environment it has three
different power input options for maximum flexibility since its release
the FL 100 and the FL 50 have been already used on many different
applications different optics can be chosen to create different beam angles as tight as four point five degrees and all the way to 80 degrees the three different color
platform variant of the FL series can easily satisfy and exceed any project
specification the RGB IM platform I am standing for intermixing mixes the
emitted colors within the optic achieving vibrant colors while using our
color and technology whereas the RGB wom platform om standing for outer mixin
mixes the emitted colors outside of the optic opening a world of customizable
configurations and achieving laser-like beam acres the monochromatic platform
bridges the gap where a single color effects are required for the wide
variety of wide CCTs and color options the FL series can also be daisy-chained
with the estrin n series from a single power and data source it’s because of
its high range of options and instrumenting specifications that make
the FL series such a fantastic product tubercles coming in at 25 51
I’ll tell you what the f R series is one of the most advanced architectural LED
flooding spotlights available and I can’t wait to see what people do with

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