The Fortnight I Episode 6 I Sleeping In I LGBT Webseries

[slow piano music][flashback whoosh][flashback whoosh]Good morning. [quietly] Good morning. [chuckles] I uh… I definitely have had
this dream a lot over the last 10 years.
But uh Something tells me I’m not
dreaming now. [whispers] Me too. [inhales] So we can agree to just keep
dreaming this moment. Mmhmm. For sure.[flashback whoosh][more piano music][music ends]Hey. [whispers] Hey. Uhh… Yeah, it’s real.
[chuckles] Definitely not a dream, right? No. Okay.
[nervous chuckles] It’s okay.♪ We got a world to see ♪♪ Now it’s our turn ♪♪ Ohhh ♪♪ Let’s set out on our own ♪♪ We’ll see how
far we can go ♪
♪ Let’s see how
far we can go ♪
[phone buzzing][sparse guitar music]Oh, sorry I thought it was mine. Ah.
No, it’s okay.[flashback whoosh]We don’t have to talk about
what happened last night. No, no. I- I do.
I just, uh… I don’t want to talk about
all of this. Okay. -I uhh–
-I know there are a couple elephants in the room. I don’t know which you didn’t
want to talk about. Yeah. [stammering] Well, I guess… I just don’t want to talk about
why I came over last night. I don’t mind talking about
what we did. Okay. So..[flashback whoosh]Why do I always feel like there’s an elephant or 2 in the room
when we wake up together? I– I know I’d say– I know I told you that I would
tell you anything, but can you please just not
ask me about this? Are you serious? Please. Please don’t ask me
about this, okay? [flashback whoosh] I’ve never done this with
a girl before. Umm I mean– I know I told you that
last night. But I think… I think what I’m trying to say
is that I um… I wanted to do this. The reason why I came over it has nothing to do with
sleeping with you. It doesn’t? No. No, I would have done this
despite that. I mean, I wanted to. [exhales sharply][Luca, past] I didn’t do thisto try and fix what I did. Or something. So you’re saying you would
do it again. I mean, not right now. But like, in the future. Yeah. I need time to process all of
this, okay? Yeah. Alright. [Luca laughs][flashback whoosh][Peyton inhales deeply] Why, Luca?
Why are you hiding things again? Please, please just don’t
ask me about this, okay? I just, I don’t– I don’t have all of the
information. And I feel like you deserve facts
and I just, I don’t– I don’t have those. I don’t… know what this is yet.
-Are you looking for a job in LA? -No, it’s not that.
-Is that a nursing job? No. It’s not that. Are you sick, Luca? Literally.
-No. No, I’m not sick. If you were sick, I feel like
you should tell me now before–
-No, I’m not sick, okay? Can you please just take that
as an answer? I’m not sick. I promise. I don’t get it. I’m gonna go see what the
storm’s doing outside.[acoustic guitar music]♪ Got so many words to say ♪♪ None would do us any good ♪♪ Caught between what I want
to say ♪
♪ And what I really should ♪[Jaylin] Okay, so the leak
wasn’t as bad as I thought and I was able to patch it but I’d still not recommend
sleeping in that room until I’m able to get a new
bed in there. Great, yeah. -Are you okay?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. Uhh… Why is she here?
Why is Luca here? Peyton, you know that’s not my
story to tell. Yeah, but she’s not telling me
anything. I’m just– Something. Did you ask her? Yeah and that didn’t work. So I don’t know anything. [long sigh] Well, the storm is over.
You can always leave now. Yeah.
I know that, but Uhh…
I don’t know. I don’t know why I’m still here.
I’m sorry if I’m being rude. I just– I don’t know.
-No, that’s okay. Why are you? I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s past mistakes coming back or if maybe this is something
I should be doing. I think you have to look at
the bigger picture. You’ve been here for 5 days
with her. And now you have the change to
run away and you aren’t. Something is tell you to stay. So why? [whispering] That’s not fair. Well, I know she’s a good person. You’re a good person. You both have hand many things
happen to you in the past 10 years. Is it worth to you to find out
what those things are? [Peyton exhales][acoustic guitar music]You’re becoming a good friend,
you know? You make me think.
I don’t love it but [Jaylin chuckles] Well, thank you. Let me know if you need to talk
or anything. I’m here for that too. -We’ll see.
-No problem at all. [Jaylin] Alright, take care.
[Peyton] I’ll let you know. [Peyton] Hey.
[Luca] Hey. Uh, it looks like
the storm cleared out. -Yeah.
-So… Um, do you wanna[flashback whoosh][Luca] Do you wanna
ask more questions or
do you just wanna sit and enjoy the view? You promise you’re not sick? [Luca sighs] I… I uh– I need more time, okay?[acoustic guitar music][quietly] Okay.♪ Got so many words to say ♪♪ None would do us any good ♪♪ Caught between what I want
to say ♪
♪ And what I really should ♪

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    Payton now staying is asking for trouble. It's quite possible that Luka has grown but Payton is acting like a child. She wants some answers and she's accepting happily the breadcrumbs. She should leave…

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    I get why Peyton is staying. Sometimes we feel drawn to something that looks so bad on paper, but feels so important. I've been hopelessly loyal to the wrong people before, and I had to honor that in myself until a "last straw" appeared that made me genuinely change my mind. And maybe what Peyton is going through right now is kind of awful but it's also kind of that very thing that makes life worth living. It's a messy ride of ups and downs and you've got to take it as a whole or not at all.
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