The Fox River Grove Incident 23 years later

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this. Your on a school bus going to school in the morning, your bus then gets stopped
by a red light. The railroad crossings suddenly activate at a nearby crossing. But what you
dont realize is part of your bus is on the tracks and the train is barreling down toward
you at nearly 70mph and theres no way it can stop. Sounds like quite the nightmare huh?
Unfortunetly that nightmare was reality for a bunch of high school students in Fox River
Grove Illionois.par pardsb100sa100 On October 25th 1995 Metra
Express 624 is departing Crystal Lake Station bound for downtown in Chicago. It departs
at 7am right on time. 624 is often known as the Flyer since it skips most stations at
over 90mph as it heads down the windy city. However the buses at Crystal lake School district
were not having such morning luck. most of the buses were departing the garage on time
at around 6:15am but the driver for school bus 103 running route 47/155 to Carry Grove
High school didn’t show up for work. So 54 year old f1fs24lang1033 Patricia Catencamp,
a Safety supervisor would have to substitute that day. She had prior experience to bus
driving but she was still rather new to this route. By the time she was ready to leave
the bus was already 20 minutes late. It was a rather cold fall morning so some of the
students still waiting outside had to quote on qoute huddle toghether to keep warm. The
first 2 kids were picked up at the 1st stop at 6:55am and helped guide her through the
route so she knew where to go. By 7:05 the roads were backing up with typical rush hour
traffic but as for 624 it was flying at 60mph with no traffic stopping it. At 7:10 the last
of 39 kids got on the bus so now it was time to get to school. Freshman John Afinsen sat
in the 3rd row after Sophmore Joe Calti who stated that the back was for upper classmen
and the front was for freshies like him. That little move will prove critical later. par
Seconds later the train and bus’s paths had to intersect at the Algonquin road railroad
crossing. They were approaching it around the same time but the bus got there 1st. Catencamp
stopped, looked, and listened but she said she saw no train and proceded across but just
after that a red light stopped her at the other side of the crossingpar
Behind the bus Jim Hummel-uh was stopped behind the bus and noticed a headlight from the approaching
Metra. Suddenly the crossings activate warning of the oncoming Metra. Jim was rather concerned
about where the bus was stopped as he noticed a gate slapped the bus’s behind. Then Jim
knew something was wrong, 3 inches of the bus’s back hung over the tracks and the flyer
is going full speed toward it. The engineer and students were now facing one of his worst
nightmares possible. The engineer could only slam his emergency brakes, blow his horn,
and pray the bus got out of the way, the kids panicked yelling TRAIN! and telling Catencamp
to get out of the way as was Jim screaming GO GO GO!!!. But no ones prayers were answered.
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Metra 624 T-bones the bus at over 40mph. The force of the impact shears the whole passenger
compartment off the chasis of the bus spinning it 180 degrees onto the side of the tracks
with the students being thrown around like ragdolls. The police chief who witnessed the
whole scene from the police station down the street from the crossing immedietly called
in as many officers as he could and reqested EMTs to dispatch to the scene. Helen Getchell,
a nurse for the dying ran out of the nearby coffee shop and ironically had to work to
try and save some of the badly injured students. Rescuers worked frantically to free the students
from the mangled wreck of the bus while anxious parents awaited the news of their kids conditions.
5 kids died on impact and 2 died not long after the impact. one of them Jeff clark was
being treated by Helen with a Turkey pastry trying to help him breathe but he died in
her arms, he had just got his driver’s liscence. Tiffany Shnider who was Jeff’s friend died
too, she just got her first paycheck at her 1st job that would sadly never be checked
in. The sophmore Joe Calti who told the freshman John to sit in the front also died, he had
car trouble that morning and that descision to tell John to move up practically saved
the freshman’s life. 21 suffered minor injuries as did Patricica Catencamp the driver. How
could such a nightmare unfold on an average October morning. Was it solely the driver
at fault?par pardsb100sa100 The NTSB invesigation found
several factors to the crash. First off the crossing was badly designed. These kinds of
intersections are known as if1fs24lang1033 interconnectedi0 crossings because of the
need to link the railroad signals to the road signals to ensure safe passage. The crossing
was of inherently dangerous design, in that a long vehicle could be trapped partly on
the crossing while held by a red light at the intersection. If the driver had realized
the danger, she would still have been forced to pull through a red light to clear
the track when the crossings activatedpar Also According to tests conducted by the {{field{*fldinst{HYPERLINK
“/wiki/National_Transportation_Safety_Board”}}{fldrslt{ulcf1cf1ul National Transportation Safety Board}}}}f1fs24
, the warning lights on the railroad crossing activated 20 seconds before the arrival of
the Metra train. However, the traffic light clearing the rail intersection only allowed
cars to clear 18 seconds after the railway signals activated, giving vehicles only 2
to 6 seconds to clear the tracks. Roadway signal timing was under the jurisdiction of
the Illionos department of transportation, while railway timing was under the jurisdiction
of Union Pacific. No communication took place between both parties with regards to interconnected
signal timing. par It was reported that the crossings had originally
given a safe margin, but had been modified some months previously to allow a pedestrian
crossing cycle, overlooking the possible consequences at the railroad crossing. The traffic signal
would rest in the “WALK” indication for pedestrians during the morning commute period. When a
train is detected, the pedestrian interval must be ended. This process used up 12 seconds
of the warning time as the train approached. Pedestrian volumes at this crosswalk were
extremely light, according to a survey conducted by the Village of Fox River Grove in May 1996.
IDOT traffic engineers responsible for establishing signal timings should have recognized that
in this particular case, resting in “WALK” carries substantial risk and virtually no
benefit, and should not have allowed the traffic signal to rest in the pedestrian “WALK” interval.
If the traffic signals had not been serving the non-existent pedestrian, the bus would
have had a green light 12 seconds earlier than it did, and the collision would almost
certainly have been avoided. par In addition, the thumbwheel setting on the
crossing processor was reduced to 25 seconds from 30 seconds two weeks before the crash.
Union Pacific officials stated that the new value was still above the minimum constant
warning time of 20 seconds. par However that doesn’t excuse the driver from
anything. Patricia Catencamp, to properly judge the distance between the railroad tracks
when the vehicle stopped at a {{field{*fldinst{HYPERLINK “/wiki/Traffic_signal”}}{fldrslt{ulcf1cf1ul
traffic signal}}}}f1fs24 across the tracks. The failure of judgment meant that around
3 inches of the back end of the bus hung over the nearest rail. The body of the Metra train
extended 3 feet (1 m) past the rail. All of the injuries were sustained during this initial
impact. par NTSB concluded the traffic signal did turn
green 6 seconds before impact, but Catencamp was distracted trying to attend to what she
presumed was some crisis within the bus. par In the end bus 103 was scrapped after the
accident and New route designs brought the number of routes crossing railroad tracks
in the District 47 and District 155 school systems down from 70% in 1996 to 10% in 1997par
Patricia Catencamp would never drive a school bus again, but still worked for the school
district’s transportation division for another five years before retiring in 1999, then moving
out of state.. She never spoken publicly. Her friends, interviewed after the accident,
said she was devastated. So was the train’s engineer, Ford Dotson Jr., who wept during
the 1996 NTSB hearing while recalling his inability to stop the train in time.par
A large granite memorial and two plaques were placed in memory of the seven students killed
in the crash near the site, honoring the deceasedpar The Fox River Grove Public Library was renamed
the {{field{*fldinst{HYPERLINK “”}}{fldrslt{ulcf1cf1ul Fox River Grove Memorial Library}}}}f1fs24
which includes an outdoor memorial seating area with the names of the seven studentspar
A memorial outside the high school the bus was headed to was added. par
23 years have passed and since the accident bus routes don’t go over train tracks as often.
So an accident like this never happens again.par par pardsa200sl276slmult1f0fs22lang9 par
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  1. Before Y'all ask again I've set up my next documentary. It will be the 1994 Cajon pass runaway coming December 14th 2018. I won't have time to work on more in late November so the next one is indeed the 1994 crash. the 1996 runaway is also up in the list. Keep an eye on Patreon for updates as I'll release when I start on them publically on Patreon, You will have to buy a preminum level tier for periodic updates unless you just go by the post dates and not their contents

  2. How are you confused by all the screaming you don’t hear the train horn just fuckin hit the gas can’t believe that drivers negligence

  3. My bus goes over 4 railroad tracks in 1 route and my driver does not stop fully at the crossings

  4. our bus route is 5 minutes longer because they take the long way to avoid going over the train tracks & i was wondering why ,,guess i found out why

  5. Lots of armchair bus drivers on here. The fact is, none of us know how we would have handled this. The driver thought she was clear of the tracks. The poor design of the intersection created this situation. Residents had been complaining to local authorities about this for a long time, they were very concerned that something like this was going to happen. Their fears turned out to be well founded. The authorities knew about it for a long time yet did nothing. Blaming the bus driver is wrong.

  6. Well I hope that road was closed off and all trains going down those tracks were delayed completely so that they were to redesign and rebuild that crossing,

  7. This arguing in the comments on what caused the accident and blaming the driver is honestly ridiculous.

    Yes it is indeed the driver's fault for the most part but it's also a result of design flaw with the distance between the crossing and the intersection as well as the light set up. As for the driver it's rather stupid to me how she couldn't catch on a train was coming, now yes the yelling and panicking of the passengers would really cause confusion but she should have been able to tell what's happening just by looking back out a window and clearly see the flashing red signal lights and gate down against the bus and be able to move out of the way.

  8. Devils advocate. It's not the drivers fault. It's the schools fault for not properly screening and training their drivers.

  9. That is scary so scary. I fucking want to strangle this bus driver, she could have been ducking smart to just stay were she was at of bone of this wouldn't have happened. Those seven kids that died could have been living there best life if it wasn't for that stupid bus driver. Dont blame it on the train because it takes a while for the train to stop. I feel bad for the heartbroken parents. I hope that lady thinks back to that day such a long time ago.

  10. I live near a rail road in Upland California in San Berdadino count in California my school Baldy View Elementary school in Upland as well.But 1. its located north of the railroad, and 2. i dont take the bus. No lie search it up on google maps and youll get the result.

  11. Absolutely tragic video of the devasting crash at Fox River Grove crossing. "20 seconds here, 18 seconds there. Seconds count. Don't play with peoples lives for a few seconds!

  12. Why would you have a substitute bus driver who does not understand english!?!?

  13. ??? Rest In Peace ??? Im not here to blame anyone but just wana say to everyone putting blame, go drive a school bus during rush hour traffic and running late and with many screaming kids. And a route that you don’t know well. Then let’s see if you can handle this situation better ?????

  14. I think I had that but I must have been small or making it up but this is what happened
    I was going to school or preschool and then I was picked up and then I saw the train but it stop
    Do you think I was lieing I think I am lieing to my self

  15. Try training School Bus drivers to Run lights, and Ram cars blocking them from clearing the tracks. I'd rather see a fender bender that a train wreck! When bus drivers are able to think for themselves, training will no longer be necessary.

  16. I need you’re help everyone, i need support against CR366 CSX 909 because he is cyber bullying me and other YouTubers that did nothing wrong, and he said that he wants those channels to go in a downwards spiral and die because they broke his babyish rules, oh boo hoo! please unsubscribe and block him

  17. Why didn’t the bus driver crash through the barrier? I’d be pushing cars out of the way! Run the traffic light!

  18. The driver had her head up her ass! She should have looked in her mirror and noticed the barrier!

  19. It was the drivers fault. Period. The outcome of this is devastating. RIP all the students who died. Fly high

  20. The driver was a stupid piece of fucking shit. I mean your sitting on a railroad track and you just sit there. Especially when you have 60 kids screaming "MOVE MOVE!!" And you just fucking sit there. Clearly we need experienced bus drivers. Plus a 50 year old is not ideal for a bus driver. Even if there is a object in the way JUST FUCKING DRIVE YOU HAVE 60 KIDS IN DANGER

  21. My 2 favorite things, school buses and trains, in the same video. But in the worst way possible. Dang I feel bad ?

  22. Kid: The train is coming!
    Driver: Shut up jimmy
    Kid: (Chuckles) I'm in danger
    Train: I diagnose you with dead

  23. Dumbest thing every heard, oh I’m the driver and don’t kno wats going on ??? Ummm ? don’t make any sense

  24. Kids:GO GO GO A TRAIN

    Driver:AHHH wait what???

    Teacher: ok class what’s 1-33.


  25. Good to know that me sitting in the front isn't just a way of getting off quicker, it could save my life!

  26. How do you get confused from a train horn gates and people yelling move there’s a train coming

  27. I’m a Railfan in the next town. I’m only 13, but when I work for a railroad ( preferably Metra or UP), I will be all about safety. I kinda already am. I will do my best to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. Rest In Peace the 7 students.
    It was the bus drivers fault, but if you think about it, the kids were the ones distracting her. I’m not saying they are bad students, but they were the cause of the distracted driver. And at the same time, don’t be mean to her, she never meant for it to happen.

  28. Students: drive forward!
    Driver: what?
    Students: drive forward a train is about to hit us!
    Driver: I don’t understand
    Students: the light is green go! A train is about to hit us!
    Driver: this must be some sort of conflict within the bu-
    Bus: gets fucking hit

  29. The bus driver can’t hear 85392953829538928538196393937 kids yelling “THERES A TRAIN COMING!” Yet the bus driver can hear a very little curse at the back of the bus

  30. That bus driver is an idiot. Why didn't she move? Those kids died because she didn't want to run a red light? Doesn't seem like she was even aware of her surroundings…I hope she was punished for this

  31. Never be careless while driving a bus or any car with a lot of kids or people. Once it has happened, you can't do anything but watch.

  32. if I was that bus driver i would just go like damn I rather do that then have kids killed

  33. Engineering mistake %95 responsible. Stop blaming the driver. Punish the overplayed culprits sitting behind their desk usually not knowing a damn thing about what they are putting on paper.

  34. That bus driver has like 2 brain cells if she is was confused about them saying oh I don’t know “GO THERES A TRAIN COMING”

  35. You guys are not thinking about the bus driver. When i yell “THEIRS A TRAIN COMING GO GO” I normally mean “i am hungry can we have McDonald’s”
    Sorry about my English

  36. Driver Should Have Been Given 8 Years Per Death… W0W Still Worked and Retired !! WTF ?

  37. ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️???????????????????????????????????????????????????

  38. If I saw a train coming at me, I would've screamed at the bus driver to open the door and let me out, or just burst through an emergency exit, don't count on me staying in a tin can while another tin can if hurdling at me at over 40mph (I probably would've dragged some kids with me too)

  39. I would have immediately got up jumped out the back and run as soon as I saw the train no matter what people say

  40. This lady went from a substitute bus driver to a criminal in about a second holy Sh** did anyone notice?

  41. Bus driver should have been charged with involuntary manslaughter at the minimum! That's sad! See tracks, think train!

  42. The City of FRG (Fox River Grove) should rename Algonquin Road to 7 Angel's Road to honor those who lost their lives that day almost 25 years ago.

  43. Hehe
    Easy way to avoid death:
    Sit in the front and let the arses in the back die.

  44. This is something I've noticed about American road /railway crossings. The activate when the train is very close to them. Here in ireland the crossing arms come down 1-2 minutes or longer before the train arrives at them.

  45. ….this is a tough one, damn, been nearly thirty years later I still can't let the heartache of losing my friends I was suppose to be with as a train crashed into their car… don't forget some things in life, feels as a haunting at times love you rip Jody.Bradly, Quint

  46. Run the fucking light when you can make it if a part of your bus is 3 inches on the tracks. You’ll make it, JUST IGNORE THE SCREAMING.

  47. My goodness is this ever tragic. It just sucks cause the traffic stoplight is in a terrible spot! Does not allow very much room at all for vehicles in between the light & the tracks. But if i were her i would definitely have gone through the light or something if there were no oncoming vehicles. To ensure the safety of the bus goers or taken a right on red moment for that. Cause it just would have left me way too uncomfortable in fear the length of the bus would not clear the tracks for safety. My bus went over tracks, had to do it rather slowly due to it being bouncy & also there was a corner right after them going toward the town i lived in. But when going toward the location of school, you stopped before the tracks & my bus driver always opened the door so that the stop sign with flashers would turn on, i never really understood it, but my guess was for safety especially for other drivers. But she also always looked both ways before crossing the tracks. This is seriously such a tragedy, but when you are out of your element when driving a huge bus, plus kids freaking out, the whole panic & chaos moment i can see how it would be confusing.

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