The Future Tsunami That Could Destroy the US East Coast

This video is made possible by Skillshare Take any of their twenty thousand classes for free for two months by clicking the link in the description So I’ve made several videos already on both tsunamis and natural disasters that have already happened But I’ve never made a video about a natural disaster that hasn’t happened yet Tsunamis as I’m sure you know are some of the most devastating forces in nature But every now and then nature likes to take something that’s already scary and multiplies it This is where the rare events called mega tsunamis come in and there’s one in the future that some scientists are predicting will happen eventually The generation of mega tsunamis maybe most important to understand in the Atlantic Mostly because of the large number of active oceanic volcanic islands and the fact that some of these volcanoes are showing early signs of instability The most infamous of these is located here in the Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma It’s erupted several times in the past. Most recently in 1949 and again in 1971 But a paper written later in 1999 by a geologist Named Simon Day was the first to notice that something seemed strange. It appeared to him that the western flank of the volcano was beginning To become unstable and was in the initial stages of a collapse Several future papers written about it hypothesized that with each future eruption This flank would become even more unstable until at some Uncertain point in the future an eruption would be big enough to cause the entire chunk to come crashing down into the ocean how big of a chunk would this be? Well, a paper written back in 2005 estimates that it would be between 150 and 500 cubic kilometers worth of rock, which is a lot. In the worst-case scenario of 500 cubic kilometers it would slam into the ocean and create an initial water dome of 900 meters tall Which is taller than the Burj Khalifa is in Dubai. That would be an incredible sight to see alone but then according to this paper the really bad stuff happens next. The dome would quickly transform into a wave about 600 metres high and surge westwards at speeds up to 720 km/h about the same speed as a jet aircraft several hundred meter high titanic tsunamis will crash on the western shores of the canary islands and shortly after smaller 50 to 100 meter high waves will impact the african west coast meanwhile a solid wave 500 kilometers across Surges westwards across the Atlantic towards America since the Canary Islands acted like the Jupiter for Europe and took most of the tsunamis blow in That direction small waves between five and seven meters will impact the shores of Spain and England and caused only minor damage Finally after traveling for about nine hours The first part of the wave makes impact in the Americas. After traveling for so long The tsunami will have lost most of its size but even still 10 meter high waves will hit the coast of Newfoundland in Canada while larger 15 to 20 meter high waves impact the northern coast of South America from Brazil to Venezuela unfortunately for Florida though they will end up taking the brunt of the tsunamis power here 20 to 25 meter high waves will crash across the east coast of the state and severely damaged cities like Miami and Jacksonville the waves here will be about the same size as the waves of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in Indonesia And similar sized 10 to 25 meter high waves will crash across the rest of the US east coast Which would definitely damage cities like Charleston New York and Boston while all of that sounds pretty horrible It’s very important to take all of this with a grain of salt This is a worst-case scenario Based on a scientific paper that itself has received a pretty fair amount of criticism from other scientists for sounding too alarmist. Mega tsunamis generated from a volcanic collapse like this appear to be common on a Geological time scale as there is evidence to show that it’s happened dozens of times in the Atlantic alone over the past million years But that’s still incredibly uncommon on a human time scale The only time in recorded human history that a similar event to this has happened so far was in 1888 on Ritter Island in Papua New Guinea when a volcano Erupted and caused a five cubic kilometer chunk of rock to collapse into the ocean this did cause a relatively large tsunami 15 metres high the damage of the surrounding islands But it was hardly the gigantic size that could happen in the Cumbre Vieja scenario Further if the scenario that I just described is the worst-case scenario It’s possible that if the western flank of the island does collapse, it would be significantly less mass Which would create a significantly smaller tsunami that may not be even capable of crossing the Atlantic. Even if the worst-case scenario Does happen, it probably won’t happen at any point in any of our lifetimes? It will probably happen several thousand years from now when the eruptions cause the flame to grow even weaker So realistically you shouldn’t have to worry about this ever happening. Although it probably will happen at some point in the future That’s a problem That future humans will have hopefully figured out by then in the meantime the only reason you should ever worry about it is of a super villain sets up residence on the island and decides to Artificially turn it into an island version of the Death Star. If you are an aspiring Supervillain watching this video though You’ll need a lot of certain skills to be able to pull anything off and there’s no Better place to learn those skills than by going to Skillshare next well actually You probably shouldn’t become a supervillain because that’s bad but take that motivation and learn something productive instead from the over 20,000 classes that are offered at Skillshare You can learn stuff from experts like HTML Photography or even how to animate your own YouTube videos from the largest YouTube channel in Germany quartz Cos øx I’m taking their course to continue learning Animation tricks and you can do that yourself with anything on the site that you may be interested in They have classes on pretty much anything you can imagine that you can use to start just about any business or hobby Except maybe being an evil supervillain But it’s best of all you can try out all of these classes for free for two entire months and you sign up using the link in the description at

100 thoughts on “The Future Tsunami That Could Destroy the US East Coast

  1. Me: Terrified of natural disasters

    Also me: I’m fine I live in California

  2. Talk about the Norvegia. fjords where the mountain collapsing could mean 40 meter high waves in Central Europe

  3. And mean while Americas concern is everywhere else but not trying to find a contingency plan for this event

  4. Fuuuck! I hate Florida! Either everything is on fire, 100°f, raining, hurricanes, and now we might have a huge fuckin tsunami.

  5. Well time for me to move to the west coast, wait Yellowstone is a thing, well i shouldn't try anymore

  6. Why not remove the rock prematurely? Sure it's extremely dangerous but is the disaster waiting to happen any less?

  7. After showing my mom she said that we are moving to the appalachean mountains (I don’t know how to spell it sorry)

  8. “The threat of mega tsunami generation from collapses of oceanic island stratovolcanoes has been greatly overstated. No mega tsunamis can be expected”
    -Dr George Pararas-Carayannis

  9. you got me scared for a second i thought you would digging my grave

    mega tsunami 3 years later: *WE DID*, you don't bein' afraid?

  10. If It’s About The USA ?? Use The Imperial System We Don’t Deal With The Douchebag System

  11. I´m from the Canary Islands and I was in La Palma, Make me questions aout that


  12. Saw this on tv over 10 years ago but talked terrorists nuking the volcano and causing a tsunami. All I could think was yah, let’s give them ideas ?‍♂️

  13. Fear mongering why are you worried about stuff that hasn't happened yet one or so much crapp happening as we speak

  14. Cool video, but it was impossible to visualize what would happen with all the cubic meters and kilometers. Americans can't think in metric and since we're in it's bullseye use miles please.

  15. All of the florida men are trying to block the tsunami with their own hands right now

  16. This is so stupid. The whole mountain would have to fall into the water as one huge chunk. The mountain is riddled with fractures. It won’t fall as one chunk . It will slide into the ocean if it does collapse. It won’t cannonball in like someone cannonballing into a pool off a diving board.

    also me: literally lives in California
    also also me: watching this a year later

  18. analysis makes no sense, the closer you are to the landslide the larger the wave, further away the smaller the wave

  19. Same thing will eventually happen in The Pacific when Kilaeua collapses into the sea and heads straight toward the west coast of North America.

  20. i have never in my life ever heard of a tsunami on the east coast…..hurricanes, yes all the time – tsunamis, though??

  21. I enjoyed this, but it's too bad it's so US-centric. Even to the point of saying that "Africa will be impacted" (ok…) and mentioning how bad it will be for Florida, but no mention of any of the northern Caribbean islands, despite the graphic showing the very same wave hitting them.


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    The next day: aaaaaahhhhhh I’m running to Colorado byee

  25. Thank god New Brunswick wont be affected…

    I dont think it will anyway lol

    Edit: 2:43.. nope

  26. I live in Boston and when he said that Boston will severely damaged my heart dropped

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