The Great River Road ~ Mississippi Headwaters!

and a pleasant chilly morning from well
northern Minnesota to you all behind me out here I am here at Lake Itasca State
Park in Minnesota this is epic guys that is just a lake this right here is the
headwaters of the Mississippi River this begins the mighty Mississippi River
all the way up here in Minnesota there goes we are here I got all the way up
here to the official start of the Mississippi River here one thousand four
hundred and seventy-five feet above the ocean the mighty Mississippi begins to
flow on its winding way two thousand five hundred and fifty two miles to the
Gulf of Mexico and there it goes hard to believe that
this tiny little Brook right here in Minnesota it’s gonna ultimately be the
mighty Mississippi that we’re gonna see on Downton do you remember the Missouri
River is gonna collide with it later on down this is my fault trip this is my
themed trip I’m going to literally drive the Great River Road all the way down
from Minnesota to Louisiana Old Man River old this father of waters body of
a nation big muddy whatever you call it it’s gonna be a long 2,500 miles till we
get to the end of this guys I hope you’re around for the journey
all right let’s also point out that I am chasing 70 degrees
that doesn’t mean I’m always going to be in 70 degrees
it could be 105 degrees sometimes it could be in the teens sometimes but
technically right now I am physically chasing 70 degrees because I know it’s
south of here so how are we going to navigate the Great River Road
I’ll show you first of all important business look at that sweet-looking
magnet Mississippi headwaters Itasca oh yeah is my favorite kitty co-pilot ready
to go this was actually an accident putting my wool coat right here but I
mean he loves laying on all of my clothes that I’ve worn so is that better
than a cab bed and you may be asking yourself how in
the heck am I gonna pull this off how am I gonna do the Great River Road all the
way from northern Minnesota down to the goal how am I gonna do this well there
are a couple resources I’m going to use and I’m happy to share those with you
first of all just like route 66 in Lincoln Highway you can follow the signs
it’s gonna have each statement it’s gonna have arrows it’s gonna tell you
exactly how to navigate it’s gonna tell you when you can cross over the
Mississippi to go to the next state because obviously the Mississippi
intersects a bunch of states you can go back and forth as much as you want you
need to go to a big city you can do that too and I’m sure I will be first of all
I’m borrowing this roadtrip us a book that Suzanne let me borrow by Jamie
Jensen and it’s got a whole bunch of routes and and the Great River Road is
one of the ones listed in here and got some great stops but also this handy
dandy little Great River Road map that is made by experienced Mississippi River
comm you can email them and get a free copy of this and that’s what I did I had
this sent to South Dakota and there’s an app that goes with it to help you stay
on the real true Great River Road it’s actually very detailed it shows you
stops to make it shows you exactly where everything is at it’s two-sided all the
way down to Louisiana and this is going to be very very helpful on this trip but
we got to get on the road we got to cover some miles today the Mississippi River kind of opens up
here in Bemidji Minnesota it just depends on what creeks and rivers flew
into it I guess it’ll be smaller at times it’ll be wider longer deeper you
never know wait wait wait till the Missouri meets up with the Mississippi
here it is just absolutely crystal-clear water and I know it’s freezing no I mean
it may be 32 degrees so it’s no surprise we’re still in Paul Bunyan land here in
Minnesota right this has been in a few movies including Fargo there sometime I
may actually do a Fargo moving filming location series but I just want to cover
the Great River Road and kind of keep my focus but Paul Bunyan and babe the Blue
Ox looking good here in Bemidji Minnesota I believe I was here three
four years ago little colder this time and darn it I’m not wearing my Paul
Bunyan red flannel shirt today I’ll have to wear it tomorrow I guess there will
be more opportunities I think we’re gonna find more and new fresh Paul
Bunyan’s along the trip the visitor center in here is open and they have
some Paul Bunyan like stuff in here like Paul Bunyan’s axe it’s a monster right
full actually you guys know what that bobber is it’s a cooler I almost bought
one on eBay one time it opens in the middle and you can take it on the water
and it floats we can only fill it up half full obviously it has to open I’ll
put my hand on this you can see how big everything is in here the big pencil
back there a big bolt big Paul Bunyan later there I mean Paul Bunyan’s gotta
make phone calls from time to time right possibly authentic socks and mittens the
visitors center was awesome but they don’t sell magnets and I made a
recommendation you should probably sell magnets here I actually went across the
street to a souvenir shop just kitty-corner and got my Paul Bunyan and
babe the Blue Ox magnet to add to my collection whoo-hoo also one other note
about frequency of videos this is a chain
until Christmas 2018 I am going to be on a Monday Wednesday Friday scheduled for
uploads guys that means three videos a week that means 12 videos a month
instead of 15 a month if I were to just upload every other day randomly so every
Monday Wednesday and Friday morning at 6 a.m. Eastern there will be a new nomadic
fanatic video on the Great River Road let’s get back to the river and see
where it takes us next oh but Eric you’re not gonna find any
quirky along the Mississippi River that’s just not gonna be anything that kind of reminds me of a storefront once
from Florida Panama City if they’re even still there at the only thing though but
I’m a little surprised that they made the bar and restaurant entrance over
there instead I mean wouldn’t it just be cool D to enter through the fishes mouth
I feel like what an amazing end to an amazing start
of the Great River Road this is gorgeous are you kidding me yeah it’s a free
campground and I’m the only one here in October imagine that when it’s at its
like natural climax out here just beautiful snow changing leaves leaves on
the ground Wow nature you boondock out here too long and enjoy it you might
just have a naturegasm because that a thing I’m making it a thing I could camp
here for a week I think I would be happy enough camping here it’s a six mile lake
campground it’s a free campground apparently open year-round if you can
brave the cold and that’s the reason why I won’t be staying out here for a week
it’s because we got to move on south but we made some some good progress here
let me go back and show you my map just look at that view outside my window I
don’t have the water on this side but still I can open my door and see the
water so let’s take a quick peek at the map here guys this is the first half of
the Great River Road the other half is on the other side we started up here at
Itasca State Park and then as you can see we actually went up into momiji and
came to about right here is where we’re at right now so that’s just the way it
works and then you know the river is going down but you know we’ve got quite
a ways to go yet Minnesota Wisconsin Iowa Illinois Missouri flip it over
Arkansas Tennessee Mississippi and finally Louisiana all the way to the
Gulf okay I checked there’s no bears yeah there’s no bears it’s that crazy
out here or what some crazy smells huh are your toes cold buddy my hands are
cold your paws must be freezing then play in the snow
I didn’t actually think you’d go in there
I’m surprised okay was it worth it because the grass is greener over there
okay and remember guys if you liked the video give me a thumbs up below please
subscribe to the channel if you like this video it’s gonna be an awesome two
months as we continue on down the great river road
please follow with me from the comfort of your warm couch probably with a nice
hot cup of apple cider sounds good I’m jealous it’s a good trade-off though
guys thanks for your viewership I really appreciate each and every one of you I’m
gonna leave you with some video shots of nature and I’m gonna be quiet no music
just enjoy this and I’ll see you in a couple days
bye guys

77 thoughts on “The Great River Road ~ Mississippi Headwaters!

  1. TKS for the foliage shots , great job. When you pass by St Louis ,I suggest camping in Branson Missouri just west on Route 66 to Springfield Missouri and head south.

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  4. Hey Eric,

    Hopefully you threw a stick into the Mississippi River up there at the headwaters??
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  6. Such a beautiful drive, I'd like to do the whole thing someday. Gotta do it down & back up, so you can hit both sides. It's amazing how much different each side is. If you're there in the summer, wade across the Mississippi
    Isn't it amazing how clear the water is there & quickly turns into muddy murky water

  7. Thanks so much for the great idea Eric! I am leaving New Orleans in May and wanted to head to Minnesota, but was undecided on a route. I think I'll do this too, but going upriver! I've been full time in my Casita for over two years and have been following you since before then. Thanks so much for all the great information and ideas. Safe travels!

  8. We really enjoyed this video, Eric. A trip we would like to do one day. We are from MS, though don't live there now, so the MS River has always been important to our state and life. You videos are so good, your skills are amazing. I loved, loved the drone footage at the end of this one. Jax is so cool, would love to pet the little fat poop 🙂 Hoping these two oldies can meet up with you one day. Will be watching your Great River Road adventures. Keep on keeping on!

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  13. Great trip idea! I've mentioned Reelfoot Lake in a previous comment on an older video (lake created in 1811-12 series of earthquakes that was so powerful the river ran backwards and changed course – The New Madrid Fault). This is a very pretty area that I think you'd enjoy (cypress trees, bald eagles). There is also a town, Morgan City, Louisiana that is surrounded by levies and which would be completely flooded should they fail or there be a serious flood. Three million cubic feet of water would inundate the town in the case of a hundred-year flood – can't imagine living there.

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