The Green River on the Ashley National Forest in Utah

Hi, I’m Nanette Gale, I’m the river manager on the Ashley National Forest for the portion of the Green River that’s just below the Flaming Gorge dam. The Green River starts in southwest Wyoming, runs through the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area in Utah, to Dinosaur National Monument, and continues through some of Utah’s most rugged and remote landscape. Popular for its beautiful scenery, crystal clear water, and world class fishing, the Green River attracts people from all over the country. The “A” section of the Green River begins just below the Flaming Gorge Dam and proceeds seven miles through a narrow, breathtaking canyon to the Little Hole take out. The towering red canyon cliffs, ponderosa pine, glassy clear water, and abundant trout are what makes section “A” of the Green River world famous. The Little Hole National Recreation trail allows foot access to all seven miles of this stretch of river. Section “B” runs from Little Hole to Browns Park. It is a little more remote, but that means there are a lot less people if that’s the experience you’re looking for. Limited access in this section allows for healthy brown trout populations to thrive. There are seventeen river camps in section “B” that can be accessed only by hiking or floating in. Remember to reserve your site on the camp registration board at Little Hole before heading down river, or reserve one in advance online through Section “C” is the longest of the three sections. It meanders through the high desert valley at Browns Park to the Colorado state line. With wide open features and a lot of flat water. It’s considered the best place to catch a football sized trout on a dry fly but it is also said to be the most challenging for fishing. There are several sections of the Green River that can be rafted, kayaked, or canoed. But some areas require a permit from the National Park Service including Gates of Leodore, Whirl Pool Canyon, and Split Mountain. The Green River offers year round access for recreation and fishing. But the primary season is from early April through October with higher flows generally during late May and early June. Whether you rent a raft, use a river guide, or bring your own boat, there are a few things you need to remember. Always wear your life jacket when on the river. Bring plenty of food and drinking water with you. Plan for changing weather conditions. Wear sunblock and layered clothing to protect yourself from the elements. Leave no trace, please pack out all of your garbage. You should always have fun but remember to be safe while you enjoy the beautiful Green River. (Music)

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