The Hundred Year Flood Zones

federal emergency management agency or FEMA develops a system called the hundred-year
flood which is just a term that they use to %uh help city planners prepare infrastructure changes
so that they can kind of understand %uh you know what what might a kind of
worst-case scenario be if there were storm surges and flooding
in boston and in the other big cities so what this graphic shows you is boston some of this is back bay
so some of the big land marked areas in downtown boston commonwealth avenue newberry
street the esplanade %uh the John hancock tower that sort of area
of boston %uh and what it might look like as sea levels
rise and storm surges increase so what you see in the hatched the area the
%uh the sort of dark blue lines right now that is the hundred-year flood zone but as of course sea level rise the hundred-year
flood zones there going to rise so what you see with the projected hundred-year flood zone
in twenty one hundred is %uh very frequent %uh flooding of very substantial parts of what is now boston the sea level rise projections that were used
in this report were based on the most recent IPCC see report %uh and at that time the IPCC did not
include projections about changes projected changes in greenland melting because I don’t know why they didn’t do it too much uncertainty
so they didn’t making any projections but over the past couple of years that science
has %uh progressed and like %uh cameron indicated earlier there’s now %uh a lot of the evidence suggesting that
sea level rise will be substantially higher than the IPCC projected and so what using those new sea level rise
projections what we might expect is that what I described as a possible hundred-year
flood in twenty one hundred will actually be high tide in twenty one hundred it’s extremely unlikely that this is going to happen boston will Massachusetts will take pains to protect
the city as as best as it can and there’s a lot of
engineering solutions and other things that can be done to help protect this incredibly valuable part of the boston
landscape but I just ask you to think about if this part of boston is seeing high tides
that look at this look like this what kinds of investments will have to be made by the state of Massachusetts by the city
of boston by the people of the US to protect boston from this kind of damage so when anybody says to you oh it’s going to be
expensive to reduce our emissions and to change our energy system I want you to think about how expensive this is going to be and how what this is going to look like in
new York city which is almost as bad and what this is going to look like all up
and down the coastline of the east coast so there are tremendous costs associated
with not doing anything to reduce our emissions and we don’t talk about that very much but I think that’s a really important part
of this discussion now %uh is what kinds of expenses were talking
about to protect ourselves from a change in climate
and what will happen if we don’t

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