The incredible ibex defies gravity and climbs a dam | Forces of Nature with Brian Cox – BBC

The rock that was used to build this dam contains essential minerals that have been dissolved in water Mineral rich and the calcium that these animals need to stay strong And there’s scalar dam to get them Without these salts and minerals their bones won’t grow their nervous systems and muscles can’t function Movement and coordination can falter here by sensible There’s a strong bond between mother and kid and the kid will follow her wherever she goes The IBEX eventually make it to the prize Salt from the earth dissolved in water continues on its journey into their bodies Where it used in the nerves and muscles that control dexterous pincer-like hooves Vital ingredients carried around by a simple molecule with remarkable properties

24 thoughts on “The incredible ibex defies gravity and climbs a dam | Forces of Nature with Brian Cox – BBC

  1. If you thought that was nailbiting, what about a baby Ibex running down a near vertical mountain to escape a fox? ? ?

  2. Why don't they put salt leaks for them below the dam? This is our fault that they're forced to climb such steep terrain for their nutrients.

  3. Salt is so essential for good health, but the stupid doctors keep telling people to stay away from it.
    My dad used to consume bucket loads of it and was always really healthy; no high blood pressure, no diabetes, no nothing.
    he eventually succumbed to led poisoning from fifty plus years of being exposed to it in his job, but even then it took a heck of a long time. I also consume bucket loads of it, and in my last health exam everything came out perfect, the doctor said I looked too young for my age of mid forties.

  4. amazing….to see the baby..too…seems coming down is a snap….as they keep moving and have unreal balence..sadly i see they can fall..however.

  5. Apparently going down is a childsplay for them, at the end the ibex is litterally running over almost half of the wall down. It's not as difficult for them as the video made it look.

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