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what about my channel? welcome back to
another video! I’m Jesse e –this is Ravenclaw and you’re watching… welcome to
the joy of Christmas book tag. this book tag was originally created by Sam of
Sam’s nonsense but I was tagged by the love of my life –
noria of noria read.s as you can tell christmas is it’s my favorite time of
the year. it’s my favorite holiday. Halloween comes in clutch at like a
close second but now there’s nothing like Christmas for me. I was really
excited when Noira tagged me in the joy of Christmas tag because I didn’t know
about it and tags are some of my favorite types of videos to film on this
channel. the first question is anticipation: the Christmas excitement is
real what book or books are you anticipating? I’m going to shout out four
books that I’m highly looking forward to in 2020 because there’s just there’s no
way I can pick just one: a Phoenix must burn now. this is an anthology Wow
English okay we can do this. this is an anthology.. it still sounds
weird Jesse okay. a collection of stories by women and non-binary authors
it’s geared toward young adult readers and it’s all about black
girl magic oh my gosh people who’ve been lucky enough to receive arcs of a
Phoenix must burn have all absolutely loved it and just from the cover alone
I’m shook! then there’s we free the stars. and I don’t know if I have a right to be
excited about this book because I did not finish the first book in the series
We hunt the Flame however the reason that I didn’t finish it before it was
due back at the library is because I was reading it so slowly and the reason I
was reading it so slowly is because I was enjoying the crap out of this book!
it was such a phenomenal ride it’s a YA fantasy about this young woman who is
a hunter in her town and she’s absolutely legendary in her town for
being a hunter but women aren’t allowed to have occupations so she has to
disguise herself as a man. everybody thinks that this legendary hunter is a
man but it’s no.t the magic was so cool, the world-building was incredible, and I
absolutely… loved the protagonist. I just know in
my heart there’s no way I’m not going to love that book so I need to finish we
hunt the flame and read the sequel. the next book is another YAfantasy this
is called Song Below Water and all I know about this book besides the cover is
black mermaids. black mermaids. black mermaids! I’m so excited!
then we have Mexican gothic which is potentially the book I’m most excited
about. I believe this is an adult historical fantasy that is set in 1950s
Mexico. it’s a gothic horror suspense novel so what more could I possibly want?!
it’s about a brave socialite who goes to this Manor called high place and finds
madness and violence. also y’all they’ll cover! question number two: Christmas
songs and carols: what book or author can you not help but sing its praises? and I
don’t think this will come as a surprise to anybody but I’m gonna go with After
the flood by Kassandra Montag. I know that the cover isn’t much to look at.
this is the Arc and thankfully they… they realized that this cover was a mistake
because it’s oh honey it’s a mistake. so the finished copies of this book are
less horrendous than this cover. I’m sorry but the cover is so disappointing
and it doesn’t it all get you excited for the book. and this book is.. I have
been raving about it on Twitter. if you want to see a full review of this book
check out my latest wrap-up. this is the first book that I talked about in that
wrap-up so you won’t even have to watch it for very long if you don’t want to.
there’s no way that this book won’t make my top 10 reads of the year it’s… it’s so
it’s so good. this tag is so cute the next question is titled gingerbread
houses: what book or series has fantastic world building? I just love the way that
these questions are titled, it’s so Christmassy! I adore it! I’m definitely
going to be choosing The belles. Belles is a ya fantasy written by Dhonielle Clayton
and this book really really blew me away, I was not expecting to love it as much
as I did and I just thought that the world building was so full of fluff but
meticulous. this world is modeled after New Orleans and you definitely get that
New Orlean vibe. there’s a lot of French influences and
the magic system is very very sensitive. it’s subject to a lot of checks and
balances before magic can be performed and I was very very impressed by that. I
also really really loved the world-building in George RR Martin’s
Game of Thrones series. just the level of detail the meticulousness and the amount
of history that he put in to each of the civilizations depicted in this series
really really impressed me. it was one of my favorite parts of reading the series
was getting all of the backstory not only on the characters but on the lens
that the characters come from. you would even get back stories on civilizations
that kind of mentioned in passing and no longer really exists but have some sort
of relevancy to the characters of the story today. RR martin is fantastic
and expert world builder and i know there’s other critiques for his writing
but his world building definitely does not leave anything to be desired.
question number four is a Christmas carol: a favorite classic or one that you
really want to read. I know it’s not a Christmas story but I reread the little
prince around the holidays just because it gives you that magical holiday
atmosphere and vibe. I just actually finished my reread today and every year
I try to reread the Polar expres by Chris Van Alssburg on the 1st of January.
I’m definitely not alone and having fallen in love with this book as a kid. I
loved the dark illustrations, the way that everything on the page, the snow the
lights on the train just seemed to jump out at you. you really feel like you’re
on the Polar Express like you’re meeting Santa like you’re going on this grand
adventure and when you get to the part about the Bell and the Bell only ringing
for children and I just …every time that part of the story moves me so deeply
because I feel 100% transported to the first time that I read that book. like I
remember the bedsheet that I was sitting on I remember the pajamas that I was
wearing, how that book made me feel. rereading it every year just recaptures
that feeling for me, I will never be over my love for children’s literature! this
one isn’t going to be a classic but I have a feeling that it’s going to become
a classic. I got the Christmas spirit. I just picked this up from my library I’ve
been waiting all year to get to read it on Christmas and so excited to actually
have it just look how cute and I found out that because this book was so well
received now going to be a series! there is one where
she baked sweet potato pie. I love her afro puffs and just look at this bright
vivid illustration and that black girl joy!!!!!
I cannot! question number five is Christmas sweets: what book would you
like to receive for Christmas? I honestly don’t have any particular book that I
really want to receive for Christmas. I would be happy to get literally anything
off of my Amazon wish list. books are honestly the best gift that you can give
me so it doesn’t matter what the book is so long as it’s a book I don’t hate I’m
gonna be frickin grateful for it, you know? and I feel like that’s a sentiment
that a lot of us share on booktube. question number six is candles in the
window: what is a book that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling? now I literally just
finished my annual reread of a Boy called Christmas by Matt Haig. this is
such an amazing trilogy and it’s all about how Saint Nick as a little boy
grew up to become Santa Claus. and Matt Haig gave saint nick a horrible backstory
like this little boy went through hell and back before he got to become Santa
Claus! and I loved the audio book because it’s narrated by Stephen Fry who’s
absolutely amazing. but I’m also about to finish the Stars and the blackness
between them and this book is giving me such feels. I’m listening to this on
audio I’m also reading it as I go along but the audiobook definitely takes the
cake. it’s read by the author and Junauda provides such atmosphere, the
relationship between these two girls… watching them blossom …watching these
girls come into their own develop feelings for one another the celebration
of their own black girl magic and heritage. the themes in this book
are so so powerful. I’ve been listening to the audiobook all day as I run
errands and it’s honestly put me in the greatest mood! question number seven is
Christmas tree decorations: what are some of your favorite book covers? YALL the
names of these questions are amazing! I actually have a little stack of my
favorite book covers right here to show you. really love the cover of Gods ofJjade and shadow which I haven’t read and really hope I can get to in 2020! the
cover of Sabrina and Corina is Latinx magic and boy I love how warm the
colors are and the profile just absolutely stunnin!g I’m a really big fan
of anthologies. I know a lot of aren’t big fans of anthologies on
booktube and that’s part of the reason why I’m so excited for a Phoenix must
burn and why I’m so excited to finally get to this book. and if you don’t know
this is a collection of indigenous latino stories that Center women. the
cover for with the fire on high by Elizabeth Acevedo. this book was featured
in my 8 books that Wasted my time video but I did really enjoy certain aspects
of it and that doesn’t keep me from appreciating the cover each and every
day- the bear book naked is gorgeous! I thrive and I live for this cover. I think
that the Blues compliment this person’s skin tone so incredibly everything about
this book cover from the silhouette to the use of colors and imagery is perfect.
this is another book that is high on my TBR but I haven’t read yet and yes I did
buy this book exclusively for the cover. and probably my two favorite covers of
2019 Let’s go swimming on doomsday and Queenie. when I first saw this cover it
gave me chills the art is in nominal perfection and again we have a beautiful
silhouette and the twists and I love how her twist is wrapping around the “U”. it
took me forever to realize this. this is actually the Waterstones UK special
edition. you can only get this edition of Queenie through Waterstones and one of
my best friends was kind enough to gift this for me very recently and it’s even
freaking signed! now this was one of my favorite books of the year .this book is
incredible and you’re definitely gonna hear me talk about it in my favorites
videos. that’s why I am probably gonna be making like three or four favorites
videos because I just have so many books that I want to spotlight and finally
question number eight is Christmas joy: what are some of your favorite things
about Christmas and or your favorite Christmas memories? Wow okay the fact
that my mother would always play a Mariah Carey’s original Christmas album
when we open presents at midnight on Christmas Eve. staying up until midnight
on Christmas Eve no matter how tired I was so that we could open presents, my
mother trying and failing desperately to hit those high classic Mariah Carey notes.
just seeing my family so happy and getting along and then going to bed
knowing that in the morning …Christmas morning… my mother would make this big
amazing breakfast. my mother was a chef. she’s just the best cook in the entire
world. and knowing that when I woke up I would feel magic like as cheesy as that
sound there is a specific brand of joy that I feel on Christmas day and that
joy has never left me even as I grew up! I’m definitely going to be missing my
mother’s Christmas cooking this year but this year I’m going to be doing my own
Christmas cooking since I’m unfortunately not going to get to see
her. I’m going to be making her famous stuffed mushrooms recipe, my Abuela’s
famous enchiladas recipe, and then I’m also going to be making Morir soñado
which I’m so excited about and of course I will be rewatching Jim Carrey’s the
Grinch because we watch that every year as a family! this tag was an absolute
blast I’m gonna try and do it again next year!
thanks so much noria for tagging me in this because otherwise I wouldn’t have
even known about it! y’all I love this community. being a part of booktube has
made my life much more meaningful thank you so much for being a part of my dapper
family. I honestly cannot wait to see where bowties and books goes in 2020 and
I’m so glad to know that y’all are with me for the ride. so stay sharp and I will
see you in my next video!

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  1. There is so much shit I could say about GRRM but his worldbuilding really is fantastic. It’s honestly ruined me for a lot of Westernized high fantasy.

  2. The way the joy jumped out of your body as you described your favorite Christmas memories turned me into a puddle of happy tears.

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  4. I thought this would be you naming your favorite Christmas themed reads. I'm currently reading a black Christmas YA called Love, Secret Santa

  5. Damn!! How did I not know about A Phoenix must burn before??? adds immediately to list! You had me at black mermaids!!! Awwww. The minute the question for your favourite classic came up, I knew you were going to choose The Little Prince!!! I got the Christmas Spirit has one of the best covers ever!! OMG!!! She's so cute!! Look at her cute puffs!! Gah!!! OMG!!! I BOUGHT HOME (Housegirl for your cover) because of the cover too!!!! And also because I attended Michael Donkor's reading of the book and hearing him read, whilst looking at that cover… I knew I had to get that book!!!!

  6. A Phoenix First Must Burn is also one of my most anticipated books!! Loving your Christmas spirit! Christmas is my favorite holiday, look forward to it every year! Great video! 🙂

  7. Yesss I love hearing about children’s literature ❤️ I STILL need to read We Hunt the Flame but I’ve had my eye on it all year ?

  8. I love coming to your channel for recommendations I have often never heard of. This tag was so cute, you’re so wonderful, and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!??????

  9. Also I am always here for all the gothic novels so Mexican Gothic!! Gimmie 😀 I love the Game of Thrones world as well 🙂 The Little Prince is such a wholesome and heart-warming story <3 And The Stars and the Blackness Between them sounds lovely!! I relate to that particular brand of Christmas joy so much! And I love that you're doing all of that lovely cooking. Hope it was delicious and such a good day x

  10. Mexican Gothic sounds lit!!! Adding it to my long tbr list ? 2020 is going to be amazing

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