34 thoughts on “The Killers – Mr. Brightside (Official Music Video)

  1. Lyrics are not needed in the comments, we are all born knowing the lyrics by heart

  2. Great song but the video suffers from an Eric Roberts. Funny fact: Eric refused to attend unless the ladies were all drag queens or transsexuals. He got that from Faith No More "Easy." He thought it'd be a kick.

  3. A veces imagino un romántico y muy loco escenario.., una navidad gótica llena de fuegos artificiales, llenas de andrógina sexual y lágrimas paroxistas.

  4. First song in louis Tomlinson’s playlist : kill my mind influences ????

  5. it is hard to have jealousy but we all been there try to rise above it destiny is calling you instead.x

  6. You all know that this song is about infidelity right? Or in a better context the feeling about your partner cheating on you …

  7. ?*00212645752301* *Whatapps*?
    شــبــاب?‍♂️ لاحــظــت كـثـيـر كــومــنــتــات عــن تـكـبـيـر الــقــضــيــب وضــعــف الانــتــصــاب وســرعــة الــقــذف
    ولا يــهــمــك? تـواصـلـو مــع الــدكــتــور?‍⚕️ الــلــي نــصــحــنــي بـوصـفـة اســتــعــمــلــتــهــا كــم أسـبـوع وحــصــلــت عــلــى نـتـايـج مـذهـلـة??
    الـلـي عــايــز الــدكــتــور?‍⚕️ يــتــواصــل مـعـه الـواتـس اب *00212645752301*?

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