The King Salmon – River Monsters

I’ve come to Alaska To find out if some kind of monster fish is behind mysterious cases of fishermen vanishing without trace My first suspect is the biggest fish of the river the king salmon They have been known to drag fishermen into the water and I’m hoping to put this fish’s legendary power to the test Fish one of these bruisers is now on the end of my line big fish and heavy current Amazing I’m not straight this, God That’s quite close, I think. it’s going close pickups Yep, there we go There we go. Oh Still a lot of strength in that push wow, and that’s the male fantastic There we go, whoa Okay, we go, so this is a male king salmon the Male’s Transform as they head upriver their jaw distorts and develops Sharp canines ready for gruesome battles in the spawning grounds It swam over 160 miles to be here hasn’t fared the entire way It’s been just running on body fat so it’s been losing weight as it gets up here I’m just amazed that it has so much energy This Thirty five pounder put up an arm wrenching fight, but fish twice this size have been caught here I wonder if the king salmon could indeed be behind some of the unexplained disappearances in this part of Alaska there was a moment there where I was actually struggling to keep my balance on these boulders the strength of that fish took me a little bit by surprise Be very easy to end up in this vast water and fast water doesn’t need to be very deep to overpower you You know, knee deep or so it can knock you over I can imagine a scenario where just that desire to Go too much out into the current could spell trouble I’m in plain sight of perhaps 50 hungry tiger fish yet there were then why are they holding back? Hockman

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  1. 1:46 yeah you might be onto something except it’s Alaska and bears exist…

  2. Is it just me or is the thumbnail water significantly more blue than the actual video?

  3. So the king salmon doesn't eat anything on its 160 mile journey but conveniently it will eat a lure.

  4. I'm watching Jeremy on animal planet about the king salmon up in Alaska. I have a lot of respect and admiration for you and doing your research and finding out the facts about fishing instead of men with their myths and superstitions posing as knowledge. Thank you for the hard work that you're doing! 😎

  5. And now there is a chance that the King will be lost in the last frontier.

  6. Fishmen missing… fishing for and around grizzly bear's natural food source…

  7. I wonder how the King salmon taste like.
    I suggest that it tastes better than the regular salmon that you catch in Norway

  8. King salmon dragging fisherman into the water I don’t think so 😑

  9. it could be a pink salmon, if your just a little bit in the water they ram you on purpose while the current is against you

  10. I caught a 45 lb King salmon in the hanford reach area of the Columbia river…took almost two hours to bring in (from a boat) and when we cleaned it, there were virtually no internal organs left. His digestive tract was nearly gone and most of his insides housed two huge milt sacks.

    ……it was one of the most spiritual, for lack of a better term, experiences I've ever had and that fish fed a lot of people (so it wasn't killed in vain).

  11. Salmon don’t attack people so either someone was very intoxicated or there is a hybrid salmon

  12. Idk what this guy is talking about salmon don’t hurt people at all there main objective is to swim up river and spawn and die

  13. Broil it up, some rice, a bit of broccoli and a squirt of lemon! 😋☮️🇨🇦

  14. Pfft everyone knows the hardest part is landing the bastard, sneaky little man has a hand with a net! That's like driving with airbags, wheres the sense of adventure?

  15. Poor editing there , first he hooks the fish with a left hand wind lever then all of a sudden it’s a right handed reel 😂😂😂

  16. I love fishing for them. When they hit its like you hooked into a log and stops you dead. Then the reel starts to scream as its pulling drag. You get it close it sees the bank and rips off more line. You fight it more the drag still screams the pole bends and creeks with the strain. Your standing in the water and one slams into you almost knocking you over. The fight continues. You get it up its on its side and the water crests off its head and the colors of the fish shine bright and true. You won. You place the giant on your stringer and cast again just to do it all over as the adrenaline still soars through your veins.
    Next month I will be chasing them again and am chomping at the bit.

  17. Most likely just cardiac arrwdt or something simular, happens quite often.

  18. Can someone explain why at 0:51 this mans reel magically switched sides to the left after fighting with it on the right in the beginning and then landing with it on the right? 😂😂

  19. Now think about this… Bears are strong enough to just grab those things while they are speeding up stream… 👀

  20. Lol a chinook won’t kill anybody😂 and it Definitely isn’t 35 pounds maybe 20 to 25 at most

  21. In 1936 sport fisherman in the Sacramento River near Gridley was trolling in a row boat and landed a 57 pound King Salmon, weighed on the scale in the local market. The common method at the time was using a pitchfork in the shallows.

  22. I have never seen anyone have as much trouble as he did trying to being in a salmon 🤣🤣

  23. I'm not much of a fishermen but this show has always captivated me. Also, Salmon are my favorite fish/seafood to eat 🙂

  24. Do you eat fish Jeremy? Almost all episodes you release the fish you catch.

  25. When I was 14 I hooked onto a 50lb king salmon, and I almost did get pulled in.

  26. These king salmon are no punks. I had one once in my line at the Russian River. It put a great fight pulled the line after it was reeled in like it was nothing. Realized it was a king when it leaped out the river a few times. It was a sigh of relief when it let go of the hook as it was also not King season.

  27. King salmon don’t drag fisher men into the water … let’s all be honest…. anyone that has ought one of these would agree with me

  28. Many years ago I was taught a ancient nifty trick from a Indian chieftain, when your fishing and a fish is to powerful and starts to pull you into the river you let go of the rod so you don't get dragged in.

  29. Anyone else notice his reel handle? When he fought this fish it was on the left hand side. At 0:47 it's on the right.

  30. Thats actually not that big of a salmon. We here, and many other places, get steelhead salmon quite a bit larger just here in southern Oregon. Especially when they are on spawn runs at the end of their lives.

  31. If I could reel in and land a 35-40lb King at 10 yrs old, there's no way a full grown man could get pulled in by one bigger than that

  32. But king salmon could kill someone if they had a harness I had a king salmon break my ugly stick the only “unbreakable rod”

  33. the thumbnail looks like a combination between a fetus a blobfish and a dead bird

  34. 50 hungry tiger fish thinking …. mm thats jeremy ''chuck norris'' wade, think i will leave him alone

  35. Yea chinook salmon fight hard but you will break your pole or line before you get drug in

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