The Legend of Dead River

A lot of people wonder how Dead River got its name. Around the 1950s, I guess, the early 50s business was BOOMIN’, the cattle business was thrivin’, annnnd a lot of the ranchers were recording uh- more and more losses of calves and full grown cows even! They were dissappearin’ due to the gators What they do, they round them up twice a year all along the other side and to herd ’em to get ’em into Kissimmee closer to the- to the uh- train station and you know where they ship the cattle all around. They stopped at this creek and thought, “There is no way around it you have to come across and this is the best spot to do it.” ‘Ole gators ain’t as dumb as a lot of people think and they recognize the pattern that twice a year a herd running through here and they kind of hang out. The ‘ole cowboys, they figured uh- they figured in the summer months that the heat of the day would have the gators laid up they laid up in a deeper hole ‘cuz gators usually feed at night well they (the gators) had ’em outsmarted. There was no big problem there for a while, whilst crossin’ Running them in the heat of the day it took it’s toll on the ‘ole cowboys annnnd one of ’em decided one time he was gonna hang back ‘cuz when they cut cows across, people hang back and kinda take a lil’ dip in the pond here cool off a lil’ bit Well, the ‘ole cowboy slid off his horse and entered the water but, what they think is one of the river’s biggest gators kinda hung back… waitin’ for the perfect opportunity… Well, that was the last we heard from the cowboy… Couple- couple days later they sent a search party out lookin’ for ’em. They back tracked him right back to this spot annnnd they only thing they found was his hat and the horse’s bridle… That was the only thing left of ’em no other traces were found that said, this has been the tale of Dead River and I guarantee ya’ I not going skinny dippin’ in there!

3 thoughts on “The Legend of Dead River

  1. seems like BS to me. I hear read online that it has the name because there is barely any current. and this guy sounds like BS. he say gators just like to eat at night so they went during the day??????? no I live in florida they feed during day and mostly during the day. the other BS thing is that gators are everywhere. iv been kayaking all over florida from the swanee river to the intercostal on west and down in several of the keys… gators are everywhere, and people get killed all the time. you don't name a river or lake after someone gets killed, its not that uncommon.

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