100 thoughts on “The Lethal Stinging Stone Fish – River Monsters

  1. I’ve seen one of these while snorkeling. Ugliest, meanest barstards out there.
    Apparently there’s about 700 stings a year in Aussie

  2. Lmao hahahaha at 1:50 they’re playing the old sound from the game RUST when someone used to get wounded and downed.

  3. i'm sorry but the end of the video where the black guy steps on the stonefish and makes that crying sound was just too funny. i know im going to hell

  4. Yeah 100% true this is gonna happened in my grandfather.

  5. If you kill it .. it Will drop an item with
    Venom resistent 79+
    Poison damage 150+

  6. It was The started parts history Vietnamese followed Catholics BLK stupidly

  7. Why does Australia have all of the most dangerous animals in the world?

  8. This guy is crazy the venom could've killed him through the sandles

  9. Sometimes I think God was drunk and angry making these creatures. A fish that looks like a rock… AND… is poisonous with spikes on their back. Jesus Christ

  10. I'll be honest i jumped like Jeremy did when the stonefish puffed up even though I'm viewing it from a screen

  11. If ugliness was a fashion contest, the Stonefish would win every single one!

  12. Just another deadly thing to add to the list for Australia. LOL. I've never encountered one but as far as I'm aware they are usually found in tropical areas in the north

  13. My friend bought one of these for his aquarium yeara ago. Later we learnt how poisonous this fish is and returned its ass straight to the store

  14. "Lethal stinging stone fish."
    *picks up with hand without protection.

  15. This man just found a way to extract venom from stonefish…


  16. Hes not afraid to touch that yet I'm scared to walk t on the kitchen at night

  17. I unfortunately trod on one of these cunts in Fiji and sadly lost my leg!! Be warned……and yes I was wearing reef walkers !

  18. Me before this video oh I can't wait to go the beach me after this video um no I not going to the beach

  19. I mean, what I’ve learned is whenever at the shore or swimming in Australia, if you see any organism, it’s probably going to kill you so just get out

  20. Jeremy Says "stepping on it can be painful"
    Me " you mean people say the pain is so bad that people ask to have where they got injected amputated, I think that's a little more than just painful"

  21. Damn I wonder what Jeremy would have done if he hit the wrong spot bc he had no hand protection so a spine could have hit his thumb when he put pressure on the shoe and that would have sucked lol

  22. Warning. The following program is being conducted by professionals who specialize in fishing, fish handling, and river monsters. Do not try any of the following methods at home.

  23. 1:48 lmao he holds his knee. And where tf are they gonna carry him to?
    "Oh man, he stepped on a stonefish, let's carry him around while he convulses. Its gonna take all 3 of us though because hes 400 pounds."

  24. This video is shared in my blog https://www.seafishpool.com/stonefish-sting-poison-where-do-stonefish-live/

  25. its NO more just about river monster. should rename the show as 'Leviathon Monsters' or just 'Aqua Monster'.

  26. So the fish has evolved to protect its self from humans and not other fish ? I mean besides the camo

  27. World's most venomous fish = Handles it with the ease I handle a platy…

  28. You know how some animals look at you like they disapprove of your very existence? This thing looks like it disapproves of everything.

  29. Got stung by one when I was 16. Straight to hospital. Pain was unbearable, the swelling was huge! It felt like my hand was in a vice grip being squeezed.

  30. They are really delicious tho
    If you catch one and know how to prepare it if not take it to someone who knows how to prepare it
    One of the most tastiest fishes I've tried
    Ugly af tho lol

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