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Some rivers are big and slow, some rivers
are small and technical, and one river is the Lochsa. Its name means “rough water”
in the Nez Perce language and the 40 major rapids it holds bear equally
intimidating titles. Rapids such as Bloody Mary, the Grim Reaper, and Lochsa Falls hit one after the other for 40 miles of heart pounding adrenaline
flowing whitewater. I asked our guide the odds of staying in the raft on the Lochsa.
About 50/50 they said. Not my favorite odds but at least it’s a nice
warm swim right? Of course not. The mighty Lochsa is a free flowing
river, no dams control it. The water churning in the Lochsa is fresh from the
tap, ice-cold runoff of melting winter snow. Are you wondering why anyone would run this river? Are you wondering why anyone is even allowed to run this river? Well we’re here to tell you that not only do they allow people to run the Lochsa, but you
absolutely want to run the Lochsa. There’s a reason it was one of the
original six rivers protected by Congress in 1968 as part of the Wild and
Scenic Rivers act. This is one of the world’s greatest rafting trips. The Lochsa is crazy accessible. Other famous rivers like the Middle Fork of the
Salmon require five days to get through and rightfully cost what it takes for
you to go to Disney World for a week. But a 20-mile stretch of the Lochsa can be
run in a single day for roughly $120 a person. You’ll need to book your trip
with an outfitter like our friends at ROW adventures. They will provide you
wetsuits, wet suit jackets, fleece jackets, booties, helmets and PFDs for your trip.
So you will survive if you go for a swim. And the guides for ROW are no slouches,
they are world class outfitters that run this river year after year. They will
keep you safe, and they will make sure you have fun. The Lochsa isn’t for
everyone though. In fact, ROW adventures requires you to be at least 17 to ride
this ride and besides the age limitations and
intensity of the float, the Lochsa has a very limited season. Because it’s float
isn’t controlled by a dam, you have to go when the water is available so around
mid-may to mid-june is when you can run it. Obviously check with ROW when planning your trip. Some years the river runs into July and if it does, the later into
the season you get, the less water there is and not by much, but the rapids will
be smaller. All right enough of this voiceover let’s get into the adventure,
and where this adventure begins is River Dance Lodge in Syringa Idaho along Highway 12. So after a long day of road tripping we’ve finally made it to
River Dance Lodge along the Clearwater River. Tomorrow we’re gonna be hitting
the Lochsa. This is a beautiful spot though. This might be the entire vacation
if you just wanted to do this. Equipped with hot tubs, lounge area, a restaurant,
you don’t have to rough it out here. I think a lot of people tend to think of
Idaho outdoors as roughing it, but you can get out into adventure with all the
amenities of home if you really wanted to. I opened this standard
hotel book up and out comes this list, and they’re all yoga moves. Do
you know what any of that means? Very little but I know some of the words on here and we should definitely do it tomorrow morning before the Lochsa. Today we’re running the Lochsa River.
This is the most gear I’ve ever worn to run a river, and the reason we’re doing
that is because we’re gonna get wet. The waves are punchy, we’re gonna see
some big water. The Lochsa is pretty unique in that it is high gradient, high volume. We have good big open lines here where you can crash
through those giant waves and we have forty some rapids in a 30-mile stretch.
Okay and from the back of the boat was it clear to you that I am the better
paddler. Oh yeah. Far superior than Chad right? Clearly. Idaho has the most recreational river miles of any state in the country, so there’s
something for everyone. You can take your kids, your grandparents, there’s all
levels of water on these rivers which makes it a great place to come. I’m still
envisioning myself there, going through the Grim Reaper, this giant wave just washing up over us. It was pretty rad. Check out more adventures from in and around Idaho and
start planning your next trip today. If you have any questions for us we’d love to see it in the comment section below. Please subscribe to the channel and
follow us on social media. Hey thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time.

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