THE LOST RIVER!! | Subnautica #37

*WAPOOSH* TOP O’ THE MORNIN’ TO YA LADDIES MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE And welcome to the deep Dark Horrors of Subnautica again I’m picking up exactly where I left off Which is Down in this AB- -BISMAL Area There goes that Frickin’ Warper dude Umm- I’m getting a little hungie Soo I’m going to cook some… Bladdé-fish I think I have three of them. *worried* Please tell me I have three of them. Yeah, I have three of ’em. And I’ll make a water out of the other one Because The water goes down faster. Even though I have more of it now. Ooh! Do I have more? Oh, I do! I can make another fooooood. Those are not good sounds. In fact those are BAD sounds. Niiiiiccccce. Niceeeeee dude. Right, so- I have to use- *sigh* I have to use the frickin’ Cyclops. To get down to where the other thing is. My- Ohhh, I hate it. To get down to where my mech suit is. Because I can’t- I probably can’t swim that far. Or maybe I can. Listen to that music! *creepy orchestral sounds* Umm, excuse me? *weird Jack voice* Am I playing Subnautica or am I in a horror movie? *laughs* oh Jesus- There’s fucking everything to bang into around here. Ocean could you just go fuck yourself for a while?! Just a little while! I forget how I got over there. Aww. Do I just have to go straight down? Uhuhuhuh I’m goin’ out and I’m goin’ straight- I’m making a fuckin’ beeline for my mech suit. Go- (x4) To hell or high water. If anything wants to kill me- Like that fucking thing up there. Don’t EMP pulse. Don’t you fucking dare. What am I at? 78. 75. I can DO THIS! Hello! Ya’ reepy bastards. Oh god (x4) *getting more anxious* YEAH! Why did that open? Oh, I opened the fucking- Te-uhahahaha I HATE IT! I’m LEGIT freaking out right now. FUCK OFF! I’ll beat the shit outa ya! Come here. OH! I don’t wanna fucking grab him. WHAT ARE YA’ DOIN’ UPSIDE DOWN?! Do you think this is a fucking- party zone? Ohhh, it sucks IT FUCKING SUCKS. *Imitating squids* Come here. Come here and I’ll beat ya YEAH F’ OFF YA’ BIG SUCKBAG. STOP IT! This is by far the worst area I’ve been in the game so far. And by worst, I mean best. ‘Cause don’t get me wrong- This is fucking awesome. But it’s also terrifying. Where did I get in? I get in up there, didn’t I? *mocks squid noise* Yeah, why don’t you go whine somewhere else? *singing* I’m going deeper underground *singing* I’m going- *singing* I’M GOIN’ WOOSH FEAR ME OCEAN! Ok. Don’t fear me that much then. What the fuck- oh is that a warper? *Warper Sound* *softly* Yup (x3) Yuperino That’s a big affirmatory. On the warpy-warps there Jackaboi. You have fucking TWO OF ‘EM! Where am I and why is this so- Prevolent of enemies? WEEEE! PLOOSH Ok. Oooh, what’s down here? OH, oh! New. This looks cool. W-What is this?! Is that bad, if I jump into it? Is that gonna kill me? Everything else wants to F- Everything else wants to kill me in this game. There’s no creatures down there though. I am gettin’ like- A lot of jeebedie-heebidies up my back. This looks like a giant cavern that a giant creature carved out. Better fuckin’ not have. Yeah this-this- This doesn’t feel underwater anymore. This is weird. Can I actually bring the Cyclops down here? Would that fit down here? Probably not I would love it if it did. People also- or somebody said to make a- A growbed. *Softly* What the fuck? In my Cyclops as well- Which is not a bad idea. If I make a growbed and then I get some- HOHO If I make a growbed and then I get some, like, crops and shit. Than I can survive in my Cyclops forever. well, nothing ventured nothing gained Uh-aha OHH I’M DANGEROUSLY- I’m dangerously low. Is this more water? Is this like an underwater- I was just about to say Is this an underwater river? Is this the Lost River?! Dude! I’ve never been here! Well, obviously. But that was, like, one of the areas that I really wanted to get to. AWOOSH *singing* Spider-mech. *singing* Spider-mech. *singing* Does whatever a Spider-mech feck. Ok. I don’t know if I can actually walk in that. I might be able to but I’m also a-scared. Fuck dude. Eueaahh THIS place- Is NOT ok. Oh, is that just like a big- I’m almost 700 meters down so- I can only go 200 . “Terrain scans indicate this biome contains unusually high traces of organic, and fossilized- remains.” Fossilized? Am I gonna find some fucking dinosaurs down here. What- The- Fuck OH MY GOD IT’S A GIANT SKULL! *distant yell* That’s a new sound. Oh my god! That is the fucking coolest. I was only joking about finding dinosaurs! WHAT ARE YOU?! YOU’RE NEW. *More new sounds* Ooh, I can go down there, can’t I? Oh fuck to the yeah I can! Are you aggressive? Please don’t be. Please just be like a big jelly fish, manta ray- Kidney inside bastard. *Scared by jellyfish manta ray* GO AWAY! GO AWAY! AHH STRANGER DANGER! DIE EVERYTHING! That is fuckin’ awesome! *Creature call* *imitates call SHH! I’m trying to blend in. Please tell me that there’s gonna be a creature that big in this game at some point. ‘Cause that’s beyond cool. *more creature noises* So, is this the Lost River then? Did-did I find it? Am I in it? *More aggresive call* Imma’ take that as a yes. Thanks for reaffirming me. You’re- Uh-AHH You’re like the other things but you have, like, no outside. You’re like a fucking skeleton bones. OK. Do not- disturb the wildlife. Just fucking go along and be whichever you wanna do. Oh, I need to be careful or I’m gonna be stuck down here. *singing* Spider-mech! Oh, you’re infected. And I have heard that the infected ones are more aggressive. And if I start getting attacked- AH I’M FUCKED AHHHHHH STOP IT! I am one fish that will fight back! Mainly ’cause I’m not a fish. I’m a human boy! And I have no idea where I am in space and time. So, to get back outta’ this place- Is going to be a fucking nightmare. Being in this place- is a fucking nightmare. Just go out- that way. Ok. Got it. This is awesome though. Look at the fucking- size of this creature! This is all its’ rib cage going all the way down over there, and that’s its’ skull. Good job, developers. That’s awesome. That is cool imagery. NO! Mother of god, this is cool. THIS is the coolest area so far. I guess that’s ’cause it’s new. I’ve never found this place before. And the fact that now I’ve found it, and it has, like- GIANT skeletons in it. That’s even cooler! UP ya’ get! What are those? WHAT ARE THOO- No, dead meme. Shut up. Is this leading me back out? ‘Cause now I kinda wanna leave. OHHHH THEY’RE BACK! *EMP pulse* FUCK OFF! Yep, I’m down. MAN DOWN! MAN DOWN! S-Stop it! I WILL FUCK YOU UP. GRIND YOU INTO CALAMARI. I’m a human. We like sushi. *singing* I don’t know, where I am. *singing* Getting lost inside the big gi-butt hole. I guess we just keep exploring. Keep exploring until you can’t explore no more- and hopefully you’ll come back around in a loop. There’s blood kelp. Ohhh! Could I have actually gotten here through the Blood Kelp region? I mean- That guy, maybe says yes- ‘Scuse me! Do you have directions to the nearest, uhh, exit? No? Maybe that’s why I was seeing those dudes in the blood kelp. Subnautica’s an awesome game. I don’t think it-it gets enough credit in the gaming world, for how fucking awesome it is. And the types of things that it’s doin’. And the game’s not even out yet. It’s still early access. I know. Big things! Stick ’em up! Is this stuff I haven’t had before? This looks, like- Is it just quartz? Yeah, it’s just quartz with the light on it. I thought it was, like- A new blue goo. Or something that I could use, but- nah Just quartz, man. We have plenty of that. Safe shallows. Not this place. I’m hearin’ lots of Warpers. Go away (x3) No thanks, No, I don’t want any of it. That’s fine. Had a 2 for 1 sale on assholetry down in the-the other place. So. It’s appreciated, but no thanks. Reef backs? Can you save me? I’m stuck. I’m lost. I don’t know where I’m going-sun is setting. I’m comin’ back Maria. I didn’t forget about ya’, don’t worry. Huh. *whisper* Thank god. I’m out. I’m out, I’m good, I’m out, I’m outtie Uhhh This- depth that I’m at. Can fuck off! And I- see ya’ later. Ahhhhhhh Careful. I almost crashed into the fucking- floatin’ island. That was an interesting set of scenarios that happened just now I am- tilting I wanna go this way. I need to make more bases. I need to make a base closer to all this shit. Instead of having to come alllll the way back over there. But that’s a lot of items. I have to get like fabricat- Well, I don’t need a fabricator in the actual things, I can just- put one on this. But I wanna go back and I wanna build up my base a bit more. I wanna build up, like, a foundation underneath it. A place for my- my mech suit to stand on. Reef backs? Hello. A place for my, uhh- mech suit to stand on so it makes it easier to jump into the Cyclops every now and then. Such a bizarre game, that the entire open world is underneath the water. It’s like, no other game does that. That’s awesome Aww. You’re a big one. You’re a big Bessie. There’s lots of tiny ones around as well. You guys are the cutest. It feels good to be back in- regular places. Places I can understand. Places I can- *thump* SEE Far ahead in, I was about to say. Well, I guess not, ’cause I was smacking into all sorts of shit. it’s nice to be back in the areas I know. The areas I love. I need to get some-uhh- metal, though. ‘Cause I need to make some titanium for my bases. Is this the area with Stalkers? People were asking me, actually, to tame a stalker. Umm Like, the little shark dudes. But I’ve already tamed Stalkers… before. *creature call* God. I tamed Stalkers when I played the game ages ago Before I restarted it again- Uhh lately. And I-I don’t really see the point in taming them ’cause when I tamed them before, they didn’t do anything. They just followed you around. And I think they might’ve attacked other things. I don’t know, but- It seems kinda useless to tame them. Sally! I’m home! Don’t worry. We’re gonna make a nice little place for you. People also said to make a second moon pool. I might actually do that. So I can keep Sally and Pepper in the same place. Forever and always. Uh What did I need for a moon pool, though? I feel like I need annoying elements. Uhhh [Welcome aboard, Captain.] Thank you! Moon pool: titanium ingot, lubricant, advanced wiring kit. That’s not too bad. I can make that. Advanced wiring kit is the only kind of annoying thing. Though I didn’t put a new, uhh little Septictank, little duder down here. That would be good. That would be nice. Ok. Let me grab my elements and see what I have and then- THE FUCK! WHY ARE YOU HERE? God almighty. That happens whenever you, like, delete the file things. Can I not grab you with this? DIE! Come here. Get off the fucking roof! It’s like having kids. There. It’s dead. It’s done. It’s dead, Jim. *weird voice* An advanced wiring kit, please. I would like oneeee. Ok, what el-what else did I say I needed? Ummmm Moon pool, moon pool. Lubricant. Titanium ingot. Ewwohhh. Titanium ingots aren’t a hard to m- Oh, it’s titanium ingots, not plasteel ingots. Oh, much easier to fucking make then. ‘Cause plasteel ingots are the annoying part ’cause you have to get titanium ingots and then See, there’s one titanium ingot already. You have to get, like, titanium ingots and then lithium. So it’s just a process even longer. But this is just- titanium ingots and 4 times lubricant. So that’s- Aww god That’s like 12- It’s like 12 creep vine seed clusters. My inventory isn’t big enough for that. I have to go back and forth a lot. My feet hurt. I’m tired. I think I might actually have some in here. Simon: Welcome aboard, Captain. Thanks! Feels good to be back, Sally! I mean, I like Pepper and all but there’s a bit of a nimbleness to you. And the fact that you just float there is really nice too. Not like Pepper who’s a FATASS who keeps sinking all the time. It’s not their fault though. They are a mech suit. They’re supposed to walk. Uhhh That’s annoying, cause now my thing’s full and I have to go back with this to make titanium ingots and I have to go back to get creep vine seed clusters and then the game’s gonna fucking freeze probably crash on me And all my life is a lie and everything’s goin’ bad. Come on, I know you- c-c- come on. *Stalker noise* Not a good sound. That’s a Stalker. Can I- Can you not crash? Can you just keep going? It kept going! Great choice, Subnautica! Good choice, best choice, I’m glad ya’ stuck in there. All rightey. Now that the world is my oyster cake- Woah, it’s orange out here. Les a do dis. Can I attach a moon pool to a moon pool? Are you gonna connect? I don’t think so because you’re not in the same plane. Which is a little annoying. YA’ DO! Hush my ass and call me Judy! I’m a fuckin’ big fat liar. Uh oh. Uh oh. Uh ohhhhh. Uh ohhh, I need reinforcements! Ah shit. The whole place is gonna flood. Ah, I need a bulkhead. I-I need lots of things, ok. We’re gonna have to get rid of you for a second. FUCK. Deconstruct. Deconstruct. The whole place is sprouting water. That’s not what you want in your underground base. Your underwater base. I’m all flustered. Uh ohhh. Uh ohhhh. Repair, repair, repair Nice. Ahhh. It flooded a little, but we’re alright. Ah, you’re still fucking leaking in here. Stop it! Did I ruin it- Aww man I- Depleted reactor rod. So now I have nuclear waste. Down you go I guess. Goodbye nuclear waste! I’m helping the environment. So. I have to make more of those. That’ll come at a later time. Calm your socks. Calm your tits. We’re all gonna be good. So, I need to make a bulkhead. What do I need for a bulkhead? Interior pieces. Silicone rubber and titanium. You might as well just call this farming simulator. Hold on. Wait a Jiminy Cricket. I have those! I’m da best! I-I have two creep vine seed clusters. That makes a silicone rubber. At least, I think it does. Do you? Was it silicone rubber I needed? Silicone rubber! Dude! I had the things I needed already. I’m sorry, Subnautica. [Caution blood nutrient levels decreasing calorie intake recommended] You couldn’t just let me have the win could ya’? Can I put reinforcement on- Not that’s where the actual thing’s gonna join up. I can put it over here. Right? ‘Cause it’s all gonna act under the same loads anyway. Like everything Once I connect the other piece to this it’s all gonna be the same base. Soo I actually should just put them all in here. Yeah, let’s do that. So now my reinforcement is- Well, not now. But- When I do this. My reinforcements is 23? That should be enough. I-I say as I actually don’t know what the pressures were last time. Wait, what! You’re still breached?! Imma take one off here and put it in the actual moon pool. The fuck are you tellin’ me? [Hull integrity restored.] Yeah! [Draining systems initiated.] Thanks, Cindy. Piece of shit tryin’ to tell me what to do. Ok. Well, this is gonna be the one, then, for my thinger bobber. My… mech suit. ‘K, maximum thrust. Right from the outset. There we go. There we go. We gotta do this well. We gotta do this very liberally. There we go. That did it. Kinda. Ok. I’m gonna hang out here. Even Spiderman had to hang out every now and then. Hup Uaaaaaaaaa There we go! We’re in See, that’s why I want to put the platform underneath it. So I can stand on that and then just jump. This is cool! My base is coming along. And that adds integrity, so- If this place floods, than the place up above isn’t gonna flood. Which is always a good sign. It’s always a good thing. Always great. Alright, I think I’ll make the scanner room off this. Oh god! This thing is fucking big. Good lord- I didn’t know that. Are you gonna connect? Ok, it connected. That only brought it down by minus one. Aw, that’s awesome! Dude, what are you? Are you-you’re the cameras. Ok. I-I picked up a camera. Can I put you back in? Shit. What I do? Aww, I might of broken it. Aww, that’s coool. So it actually scans the area? What can I do with it? OH! FUCKIN’ AWESOME! OK. So is that how I put the other camera back on, then? Holy shit, what is all this? Ahh, so you scan for resources. I wanna find- None of these. Basalt chunk? Maybe I could just put it-put it down? And then it’ll be like, ohh! There’s the camera that we lost! Please. I don’t want to have broken my new toy already. Ah, there we go. Camera 2. So I can just send the cameras off then, instead of me having to do it. That’s so cool! And then, do they- Ahh, that’s what the two green blobbies are. On my-on my-on the thing in the middle of the room. So, if I just bring these guys off I can actually scan with them. That’s super cool! Ok, and then if I bring this one somewhere else- Ah, god sorry. Ah, there’s a basalt chunk. Ahhhh. Should put my-build my base are this thing, shouldn’t I? I know the Warper comes in and out of here. But build my base of the- Yeah, there he is. Build my base off this. And then I can park my Seamoth in-or my submarine in there. That’d actually be really cool. If my base was actually in here. If I could somehow put a moon pool, like, right here. My submarine could come in and park. The moon pool would be in front or something. That’d be awesome. I really wish I could do that. I should try it. Ok, you know what? I’m gonna leave this episode here. I’m gonna save that other stuff for the next episode, like- using the scanner room and upgrading that. I’ll go off and I’ll get some computer chips and stuff. That’s cool. I’ll go up and I’ll get some computer chips and stuff. So Umm When I come back I’ll just have the the upgrades necessary. And then we can really do some shit and go scannin’. I kind of- Again, I regret having my base here. It’d be ni-I might build another base somewhere else Eventually. And then I can put a scanner room there. And scan around that area and find all the stuff. Really exciting! I’m gonna have a whole network. But for now- Thank you guys so much for watching this episode. If you liked it- PUNCH THAT LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE! LIKE A BOSS! And High fives all around. *smacking noise* (x2) Thank you guys and I will see all you dudes *high-pitched voice* IN THE NEXT VIDEO! You had to bring a cat or a dog into the zoo to get in to look at animals just so they’d be fucking eaten by the lions? Ok, I just electrocuted everybody. Everybody is dying down here. *laughs* Oh, that’s awesome! I-I’m really glad we’re making some progress in this now. After all the crashes and stuff not spawning It feels like we’re really getting our-our just rewards.

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