9 thoughts on “The Making of Milwaukee: The Next Chapter | Program |

  1. Typical progressive political claptrap filled with the same cliched notions about how rotten republicans are and how Milwaukee’s plight is their fault. You’re better than this Gurda.

  2. All True, I left after 50 years in 2001, to get away from the Crime, Drugs, Gangs, and Corruption. White Flight hobbled Milw, and I am surprised it hasnt wound up like Detroit,,,, Yet !

  3. More left-wing drivel. Poor, poor blacks. They isolate themselves and destroy everything around them.

  4. They lie when they say things are changing in the Black communities in Milwaukee. It is as bad as ever to live in Milwaukee, WI if you are Black, actually. The people in the comment sections don't know what they are talking about.

  5. The End Man, balancing dark and light, felt that shit. Great complexitys. Only thing it doesn't touch is the systematic racism still in place in the city and county. It's never fair or ok to live with the expectations of hitting a glass ceiling. More needs to be done. And a lot has to do with unresolved issues of the past.

  6. Only one word can describe Milwaukee, Democrat. He pointed out how Milwaukee has been Democratic for Generations then goes on with all the problems the city has and continues to face all the while making a point that Waukesha county is Republican. Well it doesn't take a genius to figure out why there is a difference. Democrats want and need to keep the people down. It's not just a Milwaukee problem it's that way in all Democratic run cities.

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