The man who Filmed the Tsunami – Shocking footage of the Indonesian disaster

This was the moment when the Tsunami struck
the centre of Banda Aceh. The man behind the camera risks his life to
film the raging torrent, ten feet high, as it sweeps past him.
These pictures were broadcast on Indonesia’s Metro Television and then to millions around
the world. The cameraman was Hasyim, a wedding photographer
by profession. He used Banda Aceh’s Grand Mosque as a vantage point and a refuge from
the unfolding disaster which claimed 90,000 lives in this city. “Sometimes I have bad dreams, 2 or 3 months
after the tsunami, but now it is OK” 12 months on I met up again at the mosque
with Hasyim and a friend of his who had also been there when the tsunami struck. From his picture we no know about what happened
on that day Its very important because maybe a lot of
people died before they know about what happened, but Hasyim can show everything about that.
You know, a broken piece of home, a store, ant then car, you know. It’s amazing. Hasyim took me to the place which has become
the biggest memorial to Banda Aceh’s tsunami dead. Many of the victims of that day ended up here,
buried anonymously in a mass grave. In this ground here? Yes. All from there to…. There are nearly 47,000 bodies under this
earth. In the face of such loss Hasyim has found strength in his faith… Hasyim has dark memories of the trucks dumping
bodies here by the dozen. Hasyim tells story of trucks I saw many many
trucks here. After they are emptied, they go to the city and they came back… With more bodies? With more bodies. Maybe one truck: twenty
bodies. Hashyim thinks seven relatives he lost could
be among the bodies buried here, but he cant be sure. It was all very different a year ago when
Hasyim went with his family to the beach in Banda Aceh. He filmed these happy scenes just a few days
before the tsunami struck. Now the beach is almost deserted. It has also
moved The rocks mark where beach used to be. Most People are still too afraid to return
to the beach Hasyim wanted to show me where his own house
was destroyed. A year his neighbourhood shows little sign of recovery. Hasyim was unable to make the journey here
for months after the tsunami, such was the chaos. This was the house? Yes this it All that is left of his house is the floor
– and the toilet. Hasyim’s neighbour Kostanoodi is one of the
lucky few in this area. He’s rebuilding his house with a grant from the United Nations.
Like so many others Hasyim is still waiting. UN Habitat has yet to complete a single house
in Banda Aceh. Not many NGO come here. For Me and my family
we have to start again its impossible now. Even though the reconstruction has been painfully
slow some people have managed to make a new start. We went to visit a suburb of Banda
Aceh where the British charity Oxfam has a building programme, funded by donations from
the UK. They are advertising their presence with their difficult-to-miss bright green
toilets. There are some empty plots here where some
families never returned. After a number of logisitical delays, including
scarcity of builing materials. this village is now almost rebuilt. But Hashim is curious to know why people in
most areas of Banda Aceh families are still homeless. I think it’s not that everyone won’t get a
house, I just think that the process has been that bit slower than it might have been. And
also I think maybe we needed to be better at talking to people, talking to communities,
and telling them why there has been delays. Because if I say to you, Hasyim, we are sorry
that your house has been delayed, all our wood is stuck at a port in Medan maybe you
would forgive us for being slow. Its been very slow. Many people needs a house… And It’s because the rebuilding programme
has been so slow that a year on, Hasyim and ten of his extended family are still crammed
into his brother’s house…. But he’s come to accept his situation because
he believes the tsunami was a message from God God gave a chance to open up the eyes of all
the people so they can see his power, like in my picture. And all people have to believe
in God now. Hasyim considers that compared to some his
family are fortunate. At least they are still together.

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  1. Its amazing that just one city lost 30,000 more people from this tsunami than the US lost in the entire Vietnam war, yet nothing is ever mentioned about it.

  2. Without water we can't life but Water can kill us….so Love the Nature Love the water….

  3. The process needs to be slow, so time will pass and the masses forget, then the money can be syphoned off accordingly

  4. i agree tell me how many Millonaires are there in Indo why not tell them to care for their own and help out ,why is it always us ,,Sorry but this all Bullshit charity starts at home

  5. Indonesia sure has a lotta junk! It must feel good and cleansing to get rid of all that clutter.

  6. man's rational thinking is foolishness to God God's in control whether u believe it or not his purposes are always good our ways r not his best to respect and acknowledge his glory for the heavens space unknown and known declares his glory and handiwork science cannot disprove watch Nat geo history channel then ask him to reveal his self to u in Jesus Christ ur life will never be the same bless u all peace

  7. where's all the money that people donated? the locals should have received a new home. the govts probably have kept it for themselves?!

  8. I'm waiting to see if you can entitle a video without using the word "shocking". I bet you can't.

  9. This must be a very difficult place to go to. Much prayers needed in this mass grave. It will become paranormally active if the dead are not prayed for.

  10. The almighty sent a message to all the Muslims to stop there ways revert back to how they used to conduct themselves 20 years ago or pay the price…complete annihilation

  11. UN are just complete waste of time…. huge corruption in the bureaucracy as they take donations and only 10% of the monies ever get used in charitable works….. This is how the new world order will be… they will use the worlds resources to control and police humanity.

  12. Atleast Hashim didn't lose his floor and toilet. He can still go for a shit.

  13. Legend says that a few years later this tsunami arrived in the form of a financial crisis in the US …

  14. The red cross ceo makes $8-$10 million a year do not donate any money to them.

  15. cringing from the hatred towards muslims in these comments????…as an atheist i see u all pple stupid especially jews and indians??!!! fuck off religious pple nooo ur not better than muslims bcz they gave u algebra and science?

  16. When the Australian forces went in to assist these people, the local Mullah refused to allow any female personnel in because they didn't want the surviving Muslim women in the community to get ideas that they could be anything else except someones elses property.

  17. all the old people who could barely run because they were too busy looking behind them died.

  18. Those people walking casually as it approached…unbelievably stupid. Though to be fair, it looks so slow moving and doesn't hint at the power and speed a tsunami has

  19. People must understand. When a calamity is set off on a nation, none is save, if you are a mumin; you have to leave the land of the transgressors.

    These nations -harbour all kind of sex tourism. Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia should stop sexual perversion being committed in their land or another Tsunami is on the way.

    You guys are lucky Allah (swt) is warning you unlike Europe and America who justicement is with Allah (swt). Cause the are kufars.

  20. Most of NGOs r either working as Spies, Mercenaries, Religious fanatics who r acting in the guise of Charities and convert the population into Catholics. And work against Govt. Development works in the name of Climate change.

  21. Anytime people donate to the Red Cross Salvation Army Goodwill or other disaster relief charities believe it or not that is an organized corporation in this corporation you do not have a lot of volunteers on the top only the lower part volunteers make no money while the higher part of the company for example the chief financial officer makes over $1 million a year plus and then you have the lower staff which makes about a half $1 million a year in reality for every dollar you get to the Red Cross according to 60 minutes and 2020 report on television only $.10 on the dollar goes to the victims that's it so if you donate $100 the victims get 10 the rest goes to the big fat managers on top executive managers and assistant managers that's what I heard on television from the television show 60 minutes and also a television show on ABC called 2020 sad to say that's not a good ratio.

  22. This was only a year on. Are there updates since? I know the other afflicted areas seemed they had plenty of funding.

  23. MOHAMMAD HAD NO MUSLIM WITNESSES TO VERIFY HIS CLAIM THAT ALLAH APPOINTED HIM AS PROPHET AT ALL for Allah did not proclaim Mohammad as His prophet in the presence of Muslim witnesses or in the Quran!
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  24. "All people have to believe in God now.".. what he means the spiteful magic sky monkey invented in the dark ages to scare the great unwashed into obeying despotic dictators. Yeah right. ha ha ha ha ha , talk about beggar belief.

  25. Stop killing and eating cow as a first step and many bad things will come to an end

  26. btw in java im scared of the mountain about to explode cuz theres an earthquake 6,1 btw in aceh theres a masjid baiturrahman when tsunami…WOW masjid baiturrahman still standing still didnot broke at all!

  27. I went to tsunami affected area three days after boxing day and spent over a year worked with many major NGO's in rehabilitation projects. Just 10 to 5 percent of your money may reach victim's. rest of your money are pocketed by all the charities. Don't donate to them if you want to help do it personally or don't.

  28. Terrible video. I expected to see a natural disaster, and I got a British dude and a islander that cant speak english very well. How does this trash have almost 8 million views.

  29. UN are good at stealing and lying never trust them they use these NGO to collect fund for them

  30. thanks to your allah for the fucking tsunami, he took many lives with him, and altogether enforced fucking sharia law bullshit in aceh. wait for it, worse is yet to come:)

  31. That number is so large my mind cannot comprehend nor feel anything.

  32. Did it occur to him to put down the camera and try to ………..i don't know help!!!

  33. God bless these people there so Humble we could learn lessons from them..

  34. How is it that Journeyman can take subjects that are inherently interesting and make them sooo dull. That’s a special gift.

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  36. The Rockefellers own the largest charity for cancer there was. An investigation showed only 3% of the money was given to the care of cancer victims!!! 3%…??? The rest was for salaries and expenses! Go figure?
    P. S…., anyone interested in helping me start a charitable organization…???


  38. Heartbreaking. Sobering! So many bodies that mechanized labor was a necessity. It's also heartwrenching to hear a survivor act like he was on the winning team of his god's psychopathic kinetic lecture. :/

    "Yet there might still be a heaven, but it won't be perfect, and we're going to have to build it ourselves."

  39. No video of the waves at the beaches in banda aceh because they all died.90.000people died there.

  40. 90,000 people died in that city alone. Think about that. Entire families and communities wiped out. I visited Banda Aceh back in 1989 when I was backpacking through Southeast Asia. I remember that mosque well, and the fish markets that surrounded it. I went inside the mosque and admired the beauty of the building and devotion of the people. Amazing how it stood standing when all around it was wiped out. My deepest condolences to all the victims of this terrible catastrophe…..

  41. 47000 people were buried there? Id love to hear more details to help me understand how 875000 people were buried in a much smaller area in Treblinka/Birkenau.

  42. Indonesian people are very strong they recovered very quickly from that tsunami. And yes it is a message from God

  43. Someone must give to this man a job like photographer is so.sad to not have a house…I hope the situation not be the same after so many years….

  44. That looked like the blob! Scary! Great footage. So very sad! Evil people commenting here! God bless Indonesia.. Beautiful people!

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