The Mission 3 – Oli Davies Big River Carp Fishing

As much as I love fishing in the UK, it is good to get out of your comfort zone once in a while and experience something completely different in your angling sometimes there are old scores to settle, that drive you to it and three years ago my first mission down to a large public water in the south of France to meet Remy was just that in the Autumn of 2015 I drove down to the the Ebro in search of big cats and carp and to fish with my old mate Ditch This year a French river carp was on the agenda and although i fluked an amazing mirror from the Seine in Paris last year I wanted to do some proper river carping Samir is renowned for his European road trips along with his other half Claire They tackle venues big and small all across Europe doing several road trips a year to some incredible places Morning Samir Morning Mr Davies This is where all good trips start thats right, Eurotunnel, Folkstone So whats the plan? bit of wild river, down in the east of France we’re going to head down there, have a look at this swim which we have fished before which is quite nice as a starting point do a night there, get some sleep if that doesnt work out we’ll get in the boat and get on the hunt mate a bit of boy scout business and hopefully we can find a good group and get amongst some sweet, what river are we going to fish? I’d love to say but I cant! (Laughing) The Mission 3 with Claire busy, a date was put in the diary for me to join Samir for a little river carping adventure with a 6:30am crossing, we were on the road early on the other side of the channel the journey turned from motorways to countryside from countryside to small village streets and those small village streets eventually led off the beaten track We eventually arrived at a beautiful and secluded spot on the river thirsty work mate? not easy lugging boats and batteries around yeah, fair play mate yeah looks good, sun has come out now so everything feels a lot warmer that wind has just died off and we’re due a southwesterly tonight so fingers crossed what more can we do?! get some rigs tackled up and get on the water See if we can find some spots mate The plan was simple we would search the river for a couple of miles in each direction before then deciding where to plot up lets go find those big carp mate with the petrol outboard we could cover much more ground and we scoured the river with the echo in search of features, and ‘targets’ as Samir called them you have these little ridges like this bit here its like a little ledge and as the boats go past they wash anything out of the main channeland it gets caught in those areas they can be quite good better looking spot looks really nice could really fish these set of snags from boths sides there is a swim there and a swim there not only was there the river to explore but the river in this valley is flanked by numerous gravel pits in all shapes and sizes some controlled, some wild and untouched we stopped off to check them out fighting our way through the undergrowth seeya! nah not the one mate, that other lake looked better with the option of returning, we put some bait on a few spots, we would be back tomorrow to check them so we have just cover the south section of the river found about four targets, not really enough to move on so we’re going to go search the other section now hopefully we can find a nice group all stacked up together this time of year you would think they would be a little more spread out now but its been a cold winter and not a great spring too So lets continue the hunt see if we can find them We stopped back in at basecamp breifly for some supplies before heading in the opposite direction to continue the hunt but so far, there had been little to go on the river was baron and featureless and the echosounder hadnt thrown up any big groups of carp so far we’re just rolling up on a bridge after looking at this old decrepit canal looks like it should lead to Mordor or something! but we have a lot going on in this area, a few depth changes the pillars for the bridge the introduction of the old canal which is all silted up with a big drop off and there we go, target right there! so we want to have a really good look around this area, make sure we dont overlook anything cause sometimes these can throw us up a few gems Yeah this looks like a really nice area here see the carp shapes? looks carp shaped One carp! one is better than none, but where are they? we’ve had a good look now as well we’ve seen maybe a maximum of 13 targets spread out over around 4 miles somewhere they are all here, and its our job to huint them out The afternoon began to draw on, and we had a decision to make did we head to the bridge? or did we stay put and fish out of the van? Upon arriving back at the van we made one last sweep of the area low and behold we found a couple of targets on the echo and the decision to stay for the night was made at this point a stream joins the main river and there was shallow water stretching out nearly 100yards before the river bed drops off sharply, into the deep boat channel It was possible to wade out to the edge of the channel and cast our heavy leads the short distance into the deeper water it had been a long day and we had worked hard i just hoped our efforts would be rewarded Its been a busy day bro! yeah mate we’ve done some miles today we had a good look at the sector up the top and had a good look down the bottom as far as the bridge we saw about 4 or 5 echos in the whole of that top sector but we saw a few down by the bridge didnt we? got a bit of bait in yeah there was definitely fish down there thought the echo sounder doesnt tell you exactly what they are fish of undertermined species but yeah we’ll have to wait and see, we were going to move up there we probably spent a good 45mins looking round the pillars of the bridge and we saw a number of fish at different depths of different sizes and lengths like i say of undetermined species but we were just about to make the move but we thought we would have one last sweep of our own swim once we’d made the 1.5mile journey back and would you believe it! as we past over Mr. Oliver Davies’ spot there was a donkey! just sitting there amongst the weed so the decision was made to stay so if we managed to have one out of here tonight we’ll still be here in the morning cause they are just not here in numbers we threw a bit of bait in, once we had seen the donkey and the spots are primed for tomorrow and lets be fair now we’ll be a bit more organised and a bit fresher in the morning it has been a long day yeah man for sure, would have been a bit of a rush setting up there and you know what im like trying to find those spots mate! no, its got to be right, thats fair enough so tomorrow hopefully we’ll have one in the sack if not then we’ll be off, pastures new best way to start the day bit of an uneverntful night, saw one show yesterday evening been up since the crack of dawn. nothing. just swans and chevaine so even though its an absolutely lovely place to sit and be a part of me just cant sit here think we’re going to pack up and have a good look around, see if we can find them but yeah, im not really comfortable sitting here, im not really feeling it. its all about the fish isnt it yeah. we didnt drive all the way down here for nothing! got to find them with morning bite time over, it was time for us to pack up again neither of us are very good at sitting still for long especially with spots to check and carp to find forever searching buddy! what have we seen mate? yeah we have seen the best echo yet, quite low in the water just a little bit downstream from where we are fishing, but at the same depth we are fishing we’ve got a little spot on the lake that we’ve baited that we’re going to go and have a look at oh, they have put some effot in here! someone fishing? yeah boats moored up opposite so that one is dead to us for the minute we’ll obviously be checking out all the water between here and there I think we’ll quickly get a bit of bait in here now then on the way back we are going to head up the river, check the other spot we have been baiting yeah i’ve been quite giddy coming up here you know excited to see if there is more fish, less fish not very solid is it? nah! havent seen enough to move on unless there is a disco here whichI very much doubt pretty much nothing there! yeah pretty much nothing! in fact, its a bit more than pretty much, there is nothing! there is nothing! there is no party! nope. no room 2, no main arena so yeah we are just going to trickle a little bit of bait in, probably head back to where we were before. whichever has the most activity around it is where we are going to be fishing but it doesnt matter, even if we dont fish that other spot if we get back from looking at that spot, and this isnt as good as that one then we move up there. If that spot is not as good as this one then we go all the way back up there again, bait it again come back down and get our rods out here maybe save that for the last night none stop! for me its a fundamental part of this kind of angling you know, we are not going to sit in the same spot and not do anything all day there are jobs that need to be done on a daily basis and this is one of them and thats what we are doing now yeah mate, its all to play for! lets give them some food im just going to bait lightly but spread over a large area you dont want to put too much in and feed them off but at the same time any fish that are in the vicinity, more so downstream we want them to be picking up the scent of that Key Cray, L-Zero and Gary Bayes special liquids yeah they are really potent! After doing the rounds for the morning again heading both upstream and downstream to check all the potential spots we stopped back at basecamp for something to eat There wasnt much to go on elsewhere and the spot was looking good we thought we may aswel get the rods out well we were just sat here, enjyoing a cup of tea and i put a third rod out a little bit upstream, saw a couple of targets on the echo and its ripped off, it hasnt taken long Its right under those trees mate! look at him! little warrior! result mate! all that hunting on the boat and we’d snared one from right under our noses it wasnt a monster but it was a carp, a proper river character with a spikey dorsal and withered fins and where there is one, there are usually more with that, we decided to stay put for the afternoon and get the rods back out nice and early hoping there was a group of fish in front of us, not just one or two As Samir predicted, bite time came in the early hours and as it got light, we had a fish a piece waiting in the sack for photos well we could have stayed, we could have gone. But we eneded up staying and what have we got?! we’ve got two lovely wild river commons! you never know, that might change the events! yeah what a result, two fish, one for me, one for you both in the dark, about 2:30-3am for you, an hour later for me? yeahresult, no monsters mate but wild river carp! buzzing, not the biggest fish in the world but well appreciated all the same i love every single one of them mate, wild fish! its what it is all about! no names! Hows your back? killing me mate! but medicate and move on path of a soldier despite the evenings success, we still had work to do and spots to check so the rods were brought in, the gear packed away and we prepared for another day on the boat as much as we wanted to move on and against both our inclination it was looking like staying put was going to be the best option we baited yet again down by the bridge and headed back down to the swim with my fish coming in the afternoon the day before, we wanted to get the rods out earlier than we had been we unloaded the van and set about preparing for the night ahead Well, this little character decided to rattle off about 3:30 this morning it was an absolute one noter after 2 beeps spool was in meltdown and I wader out the 100yards to the edge were it drops off to 3.5m and he was snagged up underneath a rock I decided to make a couple of extra steps into the deeper water which worked well for this chap as I managed to ping the line out from under the rock but it was a step too far for me as i ended up going to bed with a wet arse and a wet leg last night! but well worth it look at him mate, the only mirror of the trip so far a character and thats what we like! river gold! Today the boat would firmly stay put there were definitely a few carp in the area and we were catching a good size of fish the average being over 20lbs with 24hours left, we felt our best chance of a really big river capr would be to sit tight this is the rig I caught the fish on last night and the reason I was using this rig is because it was already tied! and in my rig box! left over from the other week usually I would use a fang twister, with a hook kicker, quite a long hair, 2 hookbaits, size 2 with a sleeve and a loop at the end so i can use it with a quick link so i just want a big strong hook and a sharp point and a strong material so I went for 35lb Combi-link and left the skin on for that little bit more abbrasion resistance fishing over the rocks using a hard on bottom bait, extra hard hookbaits from Nash they are pretty solid stuff, we have poission chat, we have gobi’s, we have nuisance fish we really dont want them pecking the baits down to nothing they are just that little bit tougher nothing special, that is it mate. simple. and that fish was proper nailed aswell just the curve of it all, i dont need to use a kicker, its still a straight point it produced a fish, thats what we’ve got its not just that, if you do have to tie a loit of rigs, you can tie them up quickly and half the time with these sort of venues, when it is on its on you dont want to be wasting you time do you with a tarty rig, and all these special wonder rigs. nope. just do a knotless knot, kick the hair out, biog bait, in you go. fishing! the river had been good to us, and we’d worked hard for our fish I even felt perhaps we deserved more for our efforts with a quiet day and evening approaching, we began to set the traps one last time and the river seemed more alive than ever It was warmer tonight, we both slept under the starts full of anticipation In the early hours I had a violent take I jumped in the boat and got towed across the river in the darkness by the biggest fish of the trip a mega long common As i was replacing the rod, Samir had an absolute melter It was his turn to be beasted in the boat by an even bigger river monster and eventually we netted the fish some 300yards downstream proper buzzing! Thats what we came here for mate! Big battles, wild fish,beautiful environment its all to play for in the domain public mate yeah really nice way to end out little trip man yeah, we’ve had a right good run really havent we! yeah definitely a few stunners and now to end upon these two dogs perfect trip mate! yeah, thank you! thank you! at 32lbs, i had my river 30 and to brace to with Samir and a new river PB of over 38lbs I couldnt have been happier The hard work had paid off it was mission accomplished until next time

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