– Hey guys, this is Austin, and today, we’re taking a look at some of the most
dangerous tech out there. This is a Tesla Model 3, and it is a very good car. What it is not, is a self-driving car. While the sensors in self-drive
have come a long way, and they continue to
get better and better, it is not yet ready for a
full self-driving experience, something that a lot of people
should really take note of. There are several cases where people have gotten into major
accidents or straight up died because their cars either
ran into someone else, or someone ran into them, and they were just
weren’t paying attention. Even though it’s not full self-driving, auto-pilot is a legitimately
really impressive technology, and especially when you pair that with navigate on auto-pilot, which allows you to put
in the GPS coordinates and the car will essentially
drive you there, it’s cool, but you can’t fully trust it. So auto pilot is not ready for
full self-driving just yet. So especially here on
like a normal street, you really don’t want to use it, right? It’s really meant for freeways. Now there are a lot of people who think that full self-driving is here right now, and that’s just simply not true. Now there are a lot of
cars which are getting closer and closer, but the full self-driving experience is still a little ways away. That being said though, what Tesla has here is one
of the most advanced systems that you can buy. So you look at the screen here, it can easily the car in front of us, the cars to the side of us. It’s actually pretty clever with that. Okay, it’s vibrating now, it’s letting me know
that turn signal’s on. There is a car coming past me, and now it should be clear, is it clear? It is clear and we are changing lanes. Okay, that’s pretty cool. A little scary, but that worked. So this is actually a sketchy place. If I’m driving right now, I am not going to try to change lanes while I’m almost stopped and
there are cars flying around, but, okay it’s going to try to get over. Oh man, there’s cars coming pretty fast on this side. I can see them though. It’s not doing anything too stupid. K, I see there’s one more, oh God, oh God don’t do that! Nope nope nope! Okay, (laughs) yeah that was a bad idea. And that’s the thing with these systems. They are assistant tools. They’re not full self-driving, right? There’s a lot of stuff that it can do, but if you’re not paying attention, you will straight up be in a world of insurance claims, and maybe even worse. When we’re talking danger tech, one of the things that’s been doing the rounds lately is 5G. Now this one is, shall
we say, controversial. Now there is absolutely no doubt that we live in a world filled
with radio signals, cell phone towers, cell
phones in our pockets, maybe smart watches on our wrists. I mean there’s absolutely this stuff all around us every day, but the thing is, there is
really no true evidence to prove that this is actually harmful. Today though, we are on the
cusp of a brand new 5G network, which promises hugely improved speeds. I mean, you look at these
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with 5G and this thing is rocking
speeds that are a lot faster than most peoples’ home
internet connection. And this is certainly not going to be the first or last phone we see. There are lots of 5G networks which are really going to become ubiquitous over the next couple years. Now though with the dawn of 5G networks, people are again asking
the question, is 5G safe? (intense drum beat) Yeah, it’s safe. It’s fine, don’t worry about it. All it takes is a quick Google of 5G and 5G dangerous quickly shows up. But the thing is, there’s really no evidence to show that 5G is any more dangerous than
all of the wonderful networks that have come before it. (bird screech) That’s a really annoying Seagull. I think that Seagull likes 5G. Now there is absolute truth in the fact that there is some danger
when it comes to radiation, however, radiation is
absolutely everywhere around us. Now if you look at the
electro-magnetic spectrum, I mean, sure, things like x-rays and sort
of iodizing radiation is certainly not something you like, but 5G is no where near that. And in fact, even in visible
lights on the spectrum, and I’ve gotta say, I’m a
huge fan of visible light; can’t see anything without it. But simply, there is no need to fear 5G. It uses very similar frequencies to W-Fi as well as cell towers of today. Really, the most dangerous
part of your smart phone is like, dying while taking a selfie, or neck strain, or a general lack of not
having any self respect after spending all day on Twitter. But that’s probably more of
a personal issue I think. (beep) Dude, is this a Note 7? – Yeah
– What are you doing? No, no dude.
– No, it’s fine – This is literally going to explode. – Dude no, dude, it’s fine. It’s the fan edition. It’s the fan edition.
– Oh. – [Man] Someone from south Korea. – Oh. Now Samsung is in the news right now for the slight issues that
the Galaxy Fold has had. But beyond something
like a foldable phone, the real PR disaster
was the Galaxy Note 7. This still makes me uncomfortable to hold. But real talk though, this was a major PR disaster, right? I mean, you’re talking
about a huge flagship phone that the battery was
literally catching on fire. And as you’ll see in see
in a lot of these other sort of danger tech things
that we’re talking about, batteries, they’re dangerous. They straight up catch
on fire sometimes, right? I mean even plain batteries. Like, I don’t know if you
remember the Boeing 787. When it first came out
with the Dreamliner, there were issues where
the Lithium-ion batteries on board would just
catch on fire randomly. You know, no big deal
when you’re 40,000 feet and super low oxygen and
planes, air disasters. Even Apple was out here with issues. With older MacBook Pros being recalled due to battery issues, some airlines are straight
banning MacBook Pros right now. In September of 2016, Samsung officially started
recalling their Note 7. Now they were very clear
about getting this phone out of people’s hands. Not only were they offering an exchange for another Samsung phone, or getting free credit
toward another device at carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile, but when people were not still doing that, they tried to break these things. So at one point there was
a software update sent that would limit the
battery to only charge it like, 20 to 30 percent. They were literally
locked out of the network. I mean, people were treating
this like a legit bomb. (bomb explodes) Now Samsung were eventually
able to solve the problem by putting in a much, much
smaller battery inside the Note, and re-releasing it as the fan edition, but the damage was very
much done at that point. Although if you’re curious
about what the fan edition was and a little more about the Note 7, we did do a full video on
this a couple years ago when this first came out. Oh, should I get the fire extinguisher? Just in case? – We might need it though. Another dangerous piece of
technology is the USB killer. Now don’t let the looks fool you here. Now sure, on the surface this looks like a normal little USB drive, but it has a much more
nefarious purpose than that. It will legitimately kill your laptop. Basically, this uses a
series of capacitors, so when you pug it into a device, it starts charging those capacitors, and then it turns around and dumps all that power straight
back into the USB port at like, 240 Volts, which for a lot of systems
is enough to kill them. So it depends on what you plug it into, and some manufacturers
have gotten wise to this and built in protections
to kind of keep that power from sort of propagating
and killing everything that it touches, but a lot of devices it
will at the very least kill the USB port it’s on, or can even straight up
kill the entire system. In fact, recently a college
student got in trouble for using this on over 60
college campus computers, totalling over $50,000 in damage, and currently, because he did so much vandalization with this thing, he can go to prison for
up to fifteen years. Now obviously it’s not
illegal to use a USB killer on your own device, but this is straight up like
killing something right? I mean, using a USB
cable and plugging it in is no different than
taking like a baseball bat to like a laptop or something. It can absolutely kill
it jus as easily as a, I don’t know, like a fire
extinguisher or a hammer, or water. This is a laptop that we
recently had on Mystery Tech, and Ken semi-killed it with water, so let’s see if the USB
killer still has it. I normally would feel
really bad about this because we know how powerful this is, but this laptop is
essentially half dead anyway. So, you guys ready? – [Cameraman] Yeah. – [Man] A firewall is used to access a– (click) – It’s instant man! Oh, oh, oh okay well, maybe not dead, but not good. We’re going to move on, before Dangerous Tech becomes how to, oh dude it’s so warm on the bottom too. We’re gonna put this back and continue with Mystery Tech with, Dangerous Tech, whatever this is called. Put yourself in 2015. Vine is still a thing, everyone is playing The Witcher 3, and the Hoverboard is brand new. Whee. So you can imagine after a fun day of riding your shiney
new Hoverboard around, you plug it in, only to find that the battery starts to smell a little bit odd. The smoke starts to fill the room, and you realize that your awesome new toy is on fire! So back when they first
started coming out, there were a flood of
different clones on the market. And some of them were completely
safe and completely fun, but a lot of the other ones were using some very sketchy batteries that could legitimately combust. All it takes with Lithium-Ion batteries is for the chemistry
to be not quite right, maybe they had a little bit too much heat, maybe they weren’t sealed the right way, whatever the case is, they can and will catch on fire, especially when you consider
if you look at a Hoverboard, this is obviously a
newer, much safer model, this is a big device and it
has a huge battery inside. With that kind of power, it is absolutely flammable if
it is not Q.C.ed correctly. There were some horrible incidents where people literally were riding them and they would just catch on fire. Like literally just catch on
fire as you were riding it. You look down, your feet are on fire, your Hoverboard’s on fire, your life’s on fire, and you don’t even have
a USB kill to make you feel better about your life.

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