14 thoughts on “The Note Episode 2 | Eddie Palmieri: A Revolution On Harlem River Drive

  1. The Palmieri Brothers have, had and being my soul inspiration musically speaking I identify my music playing feelings identical to what they have projected, love you guys, GBY.

  2. Thank you so much Maestro Eddie Palmieri for producing the most powerful music on EARTH…!!! Can't wait to air this new production. "Harlem River Drive" on Latin Jazz Now 90.5 WICN…   God Bless You ALL…!!!

  3. Hello and thank you from Puerto Rico and previously 104th and 3rd Ave. El Barrio.

  4. The original album was so ahead of its time that it took me approximately eight years after I purchased it to really start digging it. Bought it, didn't care for it except for a few songs in spite of having the Palmieri seal, put it away and then loved it. That's how important it was.

  5. The great late Barry Rogers a Bronx born polish jew. The best trombonist in latin music ever. RIP Maestro and muchas gracias.

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