The Police Forced Me to Clean My Garage (Hoarder Eviction)

rev up your engines today due to popular
demand and some other reasons we’re gonna clean up some of the mess in my
garage definitely time to clean up its rat’s nest and of course this will be
educational for you because I’ll explain some of the stuff that’s in there if
it’s good for you if it’s not good for you it’s even gonna surprise me I’m not
gonna find stuff that I forgotten about years ago now starting out the fraud I
get my gas gun out of the way but this is one cool gas can I always hated
spilling gas when I filled stuff up but this is cool for your part and you just
push the button let’s the gas out when you’re done you let go the button it
doesn’t flow it doesn’t make a mess now as you can say a lot of stuffs in the
front cuz it’s easy to get to so rather than put my tools away I just throw on
my top of the oil jump so out they all come here’s gorilla tape I was looking
for as you can see there’s not much left it’s wide I use this gorilla tape all
the time it’s much better than normal duct tape but stronger plus it’s black
it looks better you see that silver stuff it kind of shows off you use this
on a car or something that’s black at least it blends in better here we go with more stuff man I was wondering where my starter that I use for making videos went
now I know where it is this time I’m gonna put it someplace out remember
there’s an air conditioning compressor I was gonna use for making videos that’ll
go under the shelf too oh my slide hammer I wonder what happened to that welding
helmet the pile is following is it really cool there for Toyota Lexus I
mean for all those cheap little plastic clips when you take your car apart that
break hey you can buy a box and these are like ten bucks then you notice
either hunt for them or go to auto parts store where instead of getting 280
pieces for ten bucks you’ll get like four for ten bucks plan
ahead do what was I thinking throwing all this stuff in here it’s so much of
it oh well take off start to finish here’s an alternator I use for making
videos there is some logic to this sometimes another display this is the
capless fuel system from before I’ll put that under the desk too gee I wonder
what happened to all those twist ties that I used to tie electrical
bundles together now I know during this container that was hidden under all that
crap and yes there’s more look it’s a motorcycle cylinder head I’ll put that
with the other parts and the cool thing about this light is it was meant for
mounting on a Jeep or a off-road vehicle so it’s pretty waterproof like I can
even store this outside doesn’t matter it gets wet so hey I’ll put it out here
then I need one in a pinch there it is gee I’ve been looking for these pliers so long that I bought another set that’s sitting here now I have two get this jack out of the way it’s almost like panning for gold now that giant screwdriver I’ve
been looking for for years and here’s my stanley jump starter let’s check it out and
turn it on hey still got 2/3 power not bad for sitting there for years now
I know where it is I could have to reorganize things there a spare fire
extinguisher and take it on it’s still full right now I’ve known that stuff and
there’s a fire emergency would be any good so I’m gonna put it in a more
conspicuous location like right here ah there’s a fire I’ll know where it is now
there’s something that’s all down there before I got a chance to use it it’s all
these cool grabbers stretches along then it can grab things and pull them up
everything is magnetic a lot of parts are aluminum or plastic these days this
will grab and you can pull up I’d have to stick that somewhere I gotta remember
to the old saying out of sight out of mind boy that’s fits scotty good from the bowels under that engine yes
that’s an entire engine I found the great little 10 millimeter flex head
wrench it will reach anywhere it flexes even all those years a sitting under
that engine in the grease it still works a little dirty
I can polish it off and voila polished up pretty good I gotta say these gear
wrenches they do cost more but look at this quality it’s been sitting there
years I lost it years ago I gave up bought another one well here’s this one
good as new been said now the only thing we really polished it good it’s tight a
little bit of stain here who cares it works and I’ve
founded hurrah now here’s a historical find this stuff inside here is the best
radiator sealer known to man he used to be sold here in Houston by place it was
called Charlie’s high-low which became high-low and eventually was bought out
by the o’reilly chain this stuff was made by a guy I knew in Oklahoma
he sold these things went for $2 they put this powder in the radiator and it
would seal radiators like no tomorrow well that guy is long gone he went
bankrupt ages ago but this is a great sealer for the old cars cuz it worked
with the green cooler it doesn’t work with the modern cool and so it’s kind of
useless today but back in the day this was the best radiator sealer on the
planet this has now officially become an archaeology dig we’re really getting
into the past there and what a shame I found all these fuses but as you can
see years of soaking in the rain of being filled up a flood water from
Houston I said goodbye so these fuses are going by my in the world of this
store is always put electrical things above the water line my expensive tools
and computer and analytic stuff they’re all inside the house anyway temperature
controlled with heat and air conditioning so there’s no problems but
even stuff like that start up a little higher that’s why I got a lot of stuff
hanging on the wall when I see them into they stay out of the water that way
I’ve been looking for this too it’s a magnetic broom which comes in real handy to clean up the mess that I made cleaning up the mess
all these washers spilled when I threw them out now I picked them all up extremely handy look there’s nails I couldn’t gotten flats too these things are great
these little magnetic things the sky is falling I guess the garage is grumbling at me for cleaning up and threatening me by things falling down it contracts handy
I always wondered where this thing went behind that motor hiding all these years
and while since its magnetic let’s stick it here on my press you can see
that’s nice and solid that’s why I can find it anytime I want it now this is
the right side of the garage so that’s gonna have to take later because this
might take days doing a left side over here and we’re gonna call me sent me a
cases of stuff years ago I tried it out and thought hey this works
pretty good only to find out that the stuff is crap but it doesn’t hold up
at all so yeah one of these UV pens hey don’t waste your money this stuff’s
garbage which is where this is going now these great blue driver gloves I guess
this isn’t my lucky day this one is a right-handed glove it’s also this one it
solves this one these clubs aren’t gonna do me much good all right an application
finds rippln are all four right hands where else is I finding the nook and
cranny these great crowfoot wrenches whole set of them not to blemish
considering they were partly underwater these are fantastic because they will
fit having an open end any kind of pipe fitting brake line fitting and you put a
ratchet on you can get things off in working room that you could never get
these crowfoot wrenches man they are really handy when you got limited
working space and especially if you’re dealing with any kind of hydraulic line
that otherwise you just get an open end wrench put it on its going to peen it
this at least one two three four out of the five sides are gripped instead of
just two crowfoot wrenches they’re unbelievable and they lose them again now this time in sight in mind I’ll see there they are shiny hanging on
the wall and this time I won’t be a lazy slob I’ll hang them back up there when
I’m done I won’t bore you with putting this stuff back you know poor organized
fashion something that certainly is gonna be thrown away and yes the engine is gonna stay right here it’s too heavy to move around and it makes a good
conversation piece and here’s some bonus questions and answers well here’s some
Chinese innovation for you but coronavirus started there now a Chinese car company which is a very large company there says that its footing 58
million dollars into systems that make you be protected from viruses while
you’re in the car they’re gonna have a filtration system that’s that good that
you won’t be getting a virus where you driving your car around
well it’s a Chinese car company so hey maybe they need it a lot more than we do
over here you know all these viruses just seem to be coming from they’re
using that obviously is somewhat of a sales gimmick to get people to buy their
cars in our cars our virus proof Tesla that
has his system it’s called bio weapon defense mode I
mean really if these people think that a road warrior in the future or society’s
falling apart cars gonna save you things are too far
gone by then we’re worried about it but he’s got a system too that’s gonna
purify the air to keep you from having problems on your inside the car course
the problem is you gotta come outside of the card sometime you can’t stay at it
forever filters often have some gaps in them and those gaps are certainly large
enough to let viruses get in there so tiny I know that from working on cars my
whole life filters are never perfect they’ll have little gaps here and there
they’re not manufacturer out or where they fit in there’s a tiny gap well
doesn’t that much of a gap for the virus to get in and they’re really really
think about it you gotta go in and out of a car these biological suits like I
do when they go into places eventually you got taken off but some of this stuff
is PR mode as far as I’m concerned but I find an interesting that a Chinese
company is coming out with this now thinking that they started the viruses
and trying to make a car that can help you not get it so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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