The River Why (2010): 43:44 – 45:27

You believe that stuff? I’m not sane, Gus. I believe in the rivers of living water. I believe our souls swim in that water. I believe that Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad are the savor in that water. Wish I believed that. Then why don’t you? Bait or fly. Fried or scrambled. Jesus or Muhammad. I mean, does it really make any difference? Does it really matter? Where are all these sages
and buddhas holing up now when we really need ’em? Well, would you know one if you met one? Come on, Titus. Even lzaak Walton talks about the goodness of the God of nature. I’ve never seen Him,
and I’ve fished in ten states. Whoever, whatever, wherever He is or isn’t if He really wants me to notice Him maybe He should stop being so scarce. All right.
Why can’t a duffer like me catch a fish? lsn’t the answer obvious? lsn’t it because at my present level of skill the fish would have to be so damn dumb and utterly unelusive
as to be not worth catching? And how much more elusive should a thing as wondrous as a soul be? Fishermen should be
the easiest of men to convince to search for their souls,
because fishing is nothing but the pursuit of the elusive. How can you be so patient
in searching for fish and so hasty to write off your soul because you can’t see it?

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