100 thoughts on “The Secret River Town of PUBG

  1. This town was probably the lost city of Shangri La, only seen by the chosen few who have truley reached serenity. Looks like they're letting in anyone these days

  2. The buildings were originally going to be DLC, you probably got an exclusive early access copy.

  3. I don't see why this game is so popular and stuff. Seems just as shit as dayz

  4. Hello i just downloaded scholar of the first sin and tried to adjust the formation (mine is 2560 x 1080) but it didnt Work and now I have black screen (I still have sounds, so the game Works but it doesnt show. So basically i need to get to the formation adjust thingy again (blind) so I can adjust it so I can See again. Can someone that has the game tell me how to get to it (which Buttons do I have to press and in which order so I can Set it to smth like 1960 x 1080, idk)? Please i really need help with this

  5. Well this was pre no damage run success so you didnt have enough madmans knowledge

  6. You have a split rig with an AMD processor….dont you?  {i used to have this shit happen till i upgraded to an intel 8th gen rig}

  7. Just a texture bug , the game placed a city on your area for no reason so just you can see it and you can’t interact with the houses because they don’t are really here ‘-‘

  8. This shit has happened to me too but I thought it was my pc dying… it was but still lmfao! I never got there because it was in the middle of the ocean but I wish I could go in there

  9. Playing with a hunter that has less insight than you in bloodborne

  10. Man that extra player had a an extra plane for him wtf didn’t u see?

  11. Im sorry dude , your voice like a Spiderman homecoming

    Hai om from Indonesian
    I like your video 😊

  12. what? what? what? what? hello? We're a submarine now. Wait what?

    What is going on here

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