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After 11 grueling days of fishing I’ve hooked what could be the biggest totally freshwater river monster After 11 grueling days of fishing I’ve hooked what could be the biggest totally freshwater river monster I’ve ever had on my line it feels like it has come unstuck from the bottom a couple of times But it’s it’s just a most the size just a dead weight every now and again. There’s a slight movement, it rises And then it sort of sticks down again Saasshshxu Ray’s stick themselves to the bottom. Prying them off is like pulling the plug out of the river This just feels like a dead weight a dead weight. That could be in a tree. It could be in a tree It’s using all its bulk and the flow of the river to defeat me. What I’m gonna do I’m just going to take the boat upstream a little bit… And I’m just gonna apply some pressure just from the other side because if it is in a snag possibly If I can just get a different angle on it Jose has to maneuver very precisely in the strong current. That’s a tail hitting the line, tail hitting the line With a fish like this I’m not in control. All I can do is react Three hours This is my longest battle ever, beating even the South African bull shark that took two hours and 45 minutes My back and arms are now burning That is fish I think. That is fish that is fish that is fish moving It’s back my maneuver worked. So a bit of tactics there. Nothing was happening nothing nothing nothing And I think it might have just hooked the line round a branch So we just changed the angle of the pole slightly look at that there it goes there. It goes there. It goes. That’s good That’s good I want to get it to the beach where I can handle it safely, but that means coaxing it 200 yards further downstream We’ve got literally just 10 15 feet from the bank As the creature tires I have it exactly where I want it There it is there it is there it is there it is there it is Finally after perhaps the most punishing battle I have ever had by land one of the biggest strongest and most alien freshwater fish. I’ve ever seen The thing I really want to do with this one though, is get a close up of the tail I mean obviously not too close. And to think this is a fish, that until recently I didn’t even know existed The Chucho de río is unlike any other ray I’ve come across Okay 50 Nearly 53 inches which would make it easily 250 pounds But what really makes this species standout is that it is a killer with a weapon as brutal as a medieval mace Like a club fortified with rusty nails which it drives in with its massive bulk Might have to just kneel on top of the animal. Uh… Okay That’s why I wanted to look at uh… The dead animal I saw had its tail chopped off this one has its Sting intact just your two stings on it and also by the look of it Uh you know this can come a long way on either side. It’s also very flexible So I wouldn’t wanna get anywhere near this Time to put this back in the water My arms are just aching so much. I’ve been fishing solid for 11 days. If this feels anything like I do. It’s very tired What I’m about to do now is actually very significant because this is a fish, I always like to return fish alive But this is a fish where, you know, the locals don’t give it any quarter This stingray has evolved to survive in totally fresh water. In fact it is now thought to be incapable of living in the sea Just bent over it here, I’m just not seeing the shape of the fish at all I’ve just got this, this huge broad back with this amazing pattern on it as fish it has to be one of the strangest fish there is in a river as well, and you know the size of this thing I’ve been fishing the world’s rivers now for four decades But landing a monster like this makes me wonder. What else is out there still to discover… It’s an arms war down there. Everything’s got teeth everything is eating everything else Oh crunch Oh

100 thoughts on “The Short Tailed River Stingray – River Monsters

  1. jeremy wade= the real deal bad ass… jeremy wade= NEVER CLICK BAIT LMFAO!!! really though he LITERALLY always catches the big ones!!

  2. every single fish he catches, he says that the biggest fish he's ever had on his line.

  3. Want to go swimming Timmy? Just watch out for the gigantic stingrays in the river!

  4. "I wouldn't want to get anywhere near this"
    : Holds stingray barbs 3 inches away from hand

  5. I did the math it's 4 ft and 5 inches long and it's one of the biggest Ray I ever seen and it took 2 hours and 53 minutes to take it down I think it would be smarter if you would put the Australian Ray on land early. and I know it took time for you.think but you are a brave man.

  6. 3 hours DAM I would have gave up after 15 minutes and been like screw this im tired im getting a beer lets go cut the line

  7. I Love To see Him fishing So Much power Strengthe And aguility

  8. and Santiago spent three nights catching a blue marlin with lines and his limbs on a tiny skiff riding on the Mexican gulf stream

  9. I’ve watched every single episode from River Monsters and I can’t wait to see your new shows!!

  10. It took me ONE WHOLE HOUR to find him and I’ve been watching for four years OMG THATS HUUUUGGGEEE

  11. it's actually calmed down when that guy touch it. it trust us human. sad

  12. The markings look like ripples in the sand on a river bottom or in a tidal pool. Evolution is nutty

  13. Every time I catch a stingray, it always take the bait and swims off and doesn't even know it's hooked

  14. "I wouldn't wanna get anywhere near this" – Man holding "this"

  15. I like to call Jeremy grandpa Irwin. Steve is gone but he could’ve met this guy in his life before and discover species. Too bad he died

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