100 thoughts on “The Spencer Lee Band – River Water

  1. 1. His voice is really good
    2. Great song and video
    3. Cara's acting is on point

  2. What a perfect story portrayed by my Queen Cara and song that make it incredibly pure of emotions! ?

  3. This is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard and seen among others ?

  4. I like the way that you’ve represented your story, it just touched me to the last

  5. Omg. Cara.
    2:25 . I felt the scream so real????.???
    Great job. Great song. Amazing cara ????????

  6. i saw cara and clicked.. but the song was great and deep. cara carried across the message pretty well too. love her.

  7. Can someone explain why this is beautiful? A stupid young person chose to take drugs, got addicted and wasted. No one forced, self-inflicted. Most likely to be sent to rehab which is built on Tax of hard working people. Agreed to the nice voice & guitar sound tho.

  8. Cara come back to liking men, we can't afford to lose another beautiful girl to heroin-chic hipsterism

  9. Caras acting IS on point…I live in a city packed from end to end with the homeless and Ive seen this behavior on the dailey, from the carrying of sticks and other bizarre implements to use for defense to the fits of screaming and rage..its heartbreaking and horrifying at once. The lack of human empathy is the worst part though…the city views them as a "health risk" and a "financial liability". We forget these are people.

  10. She didn't look homeless. She looked like a rich kid with a three thousand dollar haircut, trendy clothes, and an allergy problem,

  11. Lost my brother in law and a childhood friend recently, they were both addicts struggling their entire lives. I never cry, but this song just let it all loose.. miss you guys..

  12. The picture that was shown at the last which is written''' Don't believe in God You're not alone" that makes me feel sad. Almost like the song but not exactly because I'm Christian i trust him forever ?

  13. am i the only one who thinks this clip is crib to nobody`s home by Avril?

  14. Medio medio amigo, estos ingleses ni saben como es la pobreza, se vieron dos peliculas y se copiaron todas las escenas, además muy comercial todo. Mal actuado sobre todo

  15. Cara Delevingne looks like the female version of the young Sam Neill from the movie Possession in 1981

  16. I came here for Cara. Cara Delevingne's acting is on point. Im loving the song!! Wow caramyforeverlove improves her acting skills. What Cara cant do? She can sing, act, dance and shes also a model. I respect you Cara. Youre the best!!! You will always be my wife!!! Im so inloooooove with Cara! Daaaaaamn Caraaaa. Youre so gorgeous and attractive af!! I love you!! ?

  17. Wait there is a lot you haven't shown if a girl goes on a road alone ever on a road she has to face troubles to save her herself .. Sad ?
    Yet great song and a video love Cara

  18. I only clicked because if they can afford Cara Delevigne then it most be good. jajaja

  19. To the Public let me tell each and every one of you.. The young Man that is singing this most talented art is that has been able kick Ass upon the music he sings River Water.. Mr. Spencer Lee has such a beautiful voice and The honor of knowing this Fine Artist that know what we all will love his music .. Spencer Lee comes from a small town in FORT Scott Kansas I am so honnored to personally know Spencer Lee. To know him is talking to a very genuine polite Artis with a heart of Gold.. I wouldn't give MY friendship with Spencer Lee up for any new artis that ever got hits , for their short
    Expand of fame in how ever.. Spencer Lee comes from life experience in his music.. Spencer Lee Band will always number 1 band

  20. Oh God I can't even describe in words how much I love her. If I saw her being homeless I couldn't help giving her all the money I have!

  21. Everyone is talking about how good the song and cara's acting is and yes it is perfect but the story behind the song is beyond powerful. So I did some researchs and the singer of the band did an interview with People magazine and he explain that the heartfelt lyrics are about what he experienced when he left home and headed west to pursue music, leaving him intoxicated and homeless for three years

    “Sometimes, folks walk down the street and see a ‘homeless guy or girl’ and what I want people to realize is that’s a person — just like you and me — struggling to just get by,” “I was homeless in these L.A. streets when I wrote ‘River Water,'” he says in a press release about the single. “Fuck being homeless. It sucks. I want people to keep fighting the good fight. This is for all of them still out in those streets at night.”

    Let send him all the love and the recognization he and his band need ❤

  22. Couldn’t they have featured someone who was actually in this situation? It’s not like that there aren’t any people ‚round.

  23. Very beautifully written, produced, performed and casted. Princess Cara D.!!! Love everything she does. She's simply amazing.

  24. Can someone tell me whats the type of singing style is he using?I wanna practise that.

  25. Im here from the Disney film Planes????. Still I fly was a beautiful song so i wanted to see the beauty that created it. Not disappointed this is beautiful as well?.

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