The Spring River Flows East, Part Two: The Dawn (1947) (English Subtitles)

IS OVER CITY OF CHONGQING Hello? What? You’re not awake yet? Just kidding. Just kidding. Stepfather. I just bought some fresh vegetables, and I’m inviting some friends to lunch. Your stepmother says to come early or you’ll miss out on all this great food. I’ll be right there. By the way, I need to tell you I bringing your adopted son to see you. My adopted son? Who? Is it Zhang Zhongliang? Right now, my lips are sealed. You’ll see. Adopted son?
You don’t want to tell him that it’s me? Don’t want to tell him? I’m not ashamed of you. But you have to adjust to this place.
Learn their ways. You’ll rise early
and be his personal secretary. Stepfather… Ah, you’re here. Stepfather, this is your adopted son. My adopted son? My son-in-law, perhaps. Stepfather sure knows
how to vex a person. Not at all. I simply want to know
what makes him tick. Everyone, my newly appointed secretary,
Zhang Zhongliang. As this is my stepdaughter, Lizheng. This is my potential son-in-law. The Ancients say, ”No one knows
a daughter better than her father.” I have a very sharp eye. When I mentioned this in front of her,
she became quite nervous. This way, Zhongliang will prove
to be dependable. Zhongliang, you will be
close to these people. Let me introduce you. This is Manager Cui,
automotive tycoon. He runs the industry
for the whole county. – I should come to you for advice.
– Not at all, not at all. Brother Bai Zhaokun. Top authority on gold
and silver merchandise. Pleasure. This is the boss.
He controls the rice industry. Pleased to meet you, Mr. Zhang.
My pleasure. Bureau Chief Hao. He’s my good friend. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you. And last but not least,
the head of the fabric industry. Lobster! Lobster! – What is this?
– Lobster. A rarity for this momentous occasion.
Lobster aren’t indigenous to Szechwan. Transported by aeroplane? Yes, from Calcutta. One more dish, crab. Shanghai’s speciality. Large floodgate
crab from Lake Yangcheng. This crab flew a long way
for this celebration. Fighting the war can make you miss
years of discovering these delicacies. Your generation needs to learn
this cuisine. I can teach you Szechwan style. This crab is a bit fatty.
It was definitely flown in. There’s a saying in Shanghai. ”Large floodgate crabs
should fly eight feet high.” Higher, higher. Like a large flower. I understand the client is unwilling. But you’re not even trying hard. Mr. Zhang, I think you’re wrong. We worked our legs off
securing this account. You’ll still have this client. Hengtai is willing to offer this much. How about it? No deal. He sets the stakes so high. Mr. Zhang
is quite a shrewd businessman. Zhang Zhongliang is quite clever.
He had a good teacher, didn’t he? Weasel. It’s just my weasel-like nature. Why don’t you teach me manners? You couldn’t find the ivory
in a dog’s vomit. The proverb tells it well. ”An infatuated man
and a heartless woman.” Don’t be ridiculous.
Not in this lifetime, I’m afraid. I’m through.
Why not wait for the next life? Come, come on!
l, you, he, she, come! Let us come together. Come to sing, come to sing. Let us come together to sing, to sing. How lonely is that to sing alone! How joyful is that to sing as a crowd! Please don’t mind us
for singing Do, Re, Me, Fa, So. Please don’t laugh at us
for singing nonsense. Singing gives us courage. Singing makes young people cheerful. Come, come, come on! Come, children sing! Come, elders, sing! Come, young ladies, sing! Come, housewives, sing! Come, pupils, sing! Come, comrades, sing! Come, everyone, sing!
Come and sing! We sing for freedom!
We sing for victory! Let us sing,
sing at the top of our voices. We sing our hearts out,
We sing, everyone together. We all sing together. Tell him, ever since he left home,
we’ve been subjugated by invaders. Women have been blown to bits. Bodies have been found in pieces. People are dying. Our home is barren. We can’t even afford coffins
to bury our dead. We have to cover them up
with matting. The deadline has past.
Why have you not evacuated? Sir, please.
They are all homeless refugees. Shut up. This will be
the commander’s headquarters. Everyone is to vacate now! Ma, I’ll accompany the old folks
and then return. Please take my son home. – All done?
– All done. Just one more layer. – Son, give it to me.
– I’ll carry it. – It’s too heavy for you.
– I can carry it. All of you, go that way, go away! Go over there,
what are you waiting for? Is that rice? What are you doing? Kneel! Kneel! Kneel down! ”To Lizhen and Zhongliang,
congratulations on your new home!” ”From Uncle Pang Hao.” Congratulations. Congratulations. I heard you were
with the ambulance corps. I went to the office to find you,
and there were two letters for you. They’re asking you to bring troops.
They’re letters from home. Both letters were sent
three years ago. They were sent
during the occupation. Don’t tell anyone about this. If Lizheng finds out, it’d be a big mess. WE MISS YOU. FROM MOTHER,
SUFEN AND SON WITH TEARS. Zhongliang, where did you run off to? What have you got there? A letter. It’s nothing. Let me see. It’s nothing. The villagers want
to borrow some money. Give it to me. There’s nothing to see. What are you up to? Madam, don’t misunderstand. It’s just a letter asking for money. You’re lying to me. Me? If I’m lying,
I’m a sorry bastard. Come on. May I have your attention,
everyone? I’d like to propose that Brother Zhang
and Mrs. Lizheng perform a… Tango. A tango! A tango! – I’m not that good a dancer.
– Go on and cut a rug! I can’t stand this.
We can’t live like this. Don’t fuss.
If they see you, they’ll kill you. Our lives are worth no more
than a dog’s. My death would be nothing. My legs can’t move. I would rather die of starvation. AUGUST 1 945 – JAPAN
SURRENDERS TO THE ALLlES We weren’t able to finish
this matter till now. Can they really favour me? Are you planning to go
to Shanghai right away? I certainly have a lot
of important business there. Whatever the reason,
I think all flights lead to Shanghai. Very well. I think business
has become unmanageable. I think it would be in your best interests
if I were to accompany you. Okay. That’s fine. What about me? You? Take it easy. A woman has no place
sitting on an aeroplane. Living in this place for so long,
I’ve had it. I want to go. I’m only looking out for you. Why do you need to worry
about this now? Now, I’ve prepared
all the material for this trip… There they go again! Let me go first. Get this one ticket.
You live a good life. Aren’t you happy? No. The fact is, you won’t be able
to leave right away. Look, you’ll have to deal
with this yourself. Tonight, write a telegram
to your cousin. When I arrive in Shanghai,
I’ll stay with her. Wishful thinking. So what am I supposed to do? – I’m not sure about this.
– What’s bothering you, darling? Shanghai is full of temptations,
and I am not watching you… I’m running a proper business,
not fooling around, my dear! Right now, there are many resources
left behind from the war. I’d just as soon
jump out from the plane. What’s eating you, anyway? You buy me
expensive coats, mingle with my friends. Dear, I believe you’re wrong. Who wouldn’t say that I’ve always been
my wife’s faithful disciple? Try not to be too flippant, okay? Oh, come now! Everyone around town is saying
the Japanese surrendered. We are now at peace. Is it true? People are whispering about it. I heard someone say
they heard it on the radio. Thank the day. Thank the earth. If we are at peace, then all is well. I didn’t think of this. Hurry, hurry! We still have one more cupboard. – May I help you?
– I’m here to see Manager Wen. The intelligence from outside
is still hush-hush. I need to leave the country,
hide out for a while. – Our day is done.
– What use is a bodyguard to me now? Go. Go. The maids are waiting outside. Tell them to get the hell out of here. Telegram. News of a huge celebration. Oh, Zhongliang is accompanying
the boss to Shanghai. We should invite them over.
Can you arrange this? Manager Wen, I’m sorry. Those devils finally surrendered. Finally surrendered! We shall celebrate this day. We had no idea this day would arrive. Grandma, can you walk outside now? Once the fighting is over
and those devils have surrendered, I can feel the strength
returning to my legs. I can walk. I’ll come outside. I think Zhongliang doesn’t know
we live here. We’ll send word to the troops. They should be able
to get the word out to him. But he hasn’t written in a while. Perhaps the mail
can’t get out of Shanghai. A lot of people I talked to
told me their mail was confiscated. Maybe I can head in his direction. No one can stop me now. You wear your father’s clothes well. I am Papa. I just got off my flight. How do you do? Good child, wait for father to return. We don’t want to suffer hardship again. You must be Wenyan. Brother-in-law! I received your letter
and your telegram. I came here three times to find you. I’m sorry. Brother-in-law, you’ve gained weight. I should call you ”cousin”. We are all brothers and sisters here. Sorry to trouble you. Oh, so polite. But we’re family. – Zhongliang, have you…?
– I’ll be staying at Manager Wen’s home. Let me introduce you.
This is He Wenyan, Lizheng’s cousin. Pang Haogong,
of the Daxing Trading Company. – Nice to meet you.
– Mrs. Wen. – How is Mr. Wen?
– Very well, thank you. – Brother-in-law is tipsy.
– I’m not. I’m not. Cousin, remember eight years ago
when I arrived, I donated a cotton vest? I had no idea I end up here today. I’m so glad you’re here. You’re stinking drunk.
Get some sleep. Cousin, I can really drink. Life is too short to stay sober. You have no idea
how saddened I am. This never occurred to you? Ah Yan, you’re here. Who was that woman?
Who is she? Tell me, tell me. Don’t get excited. She’s no one.
I beg you, okay? I come all this way,
tired and exhausted. And you still lie to me. Have you taken up
with that shameless hussy? Have you no conscience? Don’t be like this. Come on.
I’m in prison. I am a prisoner. Then why did you break the law,
you creep? You son of a bitch! You think I’m blind. Putting up with you cheating on me. Fine. Fine. I’d rather die
than listen to you bitching at me. Oh, so it’s my fault? No, I’m wrong.
It’s my fault, all right? What did Pang Haogong
and Zhang Zhongliang say? Did you get a lawyer for me? You still need me
to get you a lawyer? Why not ask that wench for a lawyer? Damn, you spoke
at Lao Tze’s last year. You have enough money!
You’re being unreasonable! You wait for your execution,
and I’ll never have to see you again. Madam, please. Damn me. This is horrible. Pang Haogong is the CEO,
so he has the authority. This is his writing. He changed the names
on his customers’ accounts. I guess he then transferred it
over to you. Great, all their funds are in here now. – Where should we put it?
– Give it to me. Very well. This is my insurance. But Lizheng wants to come
to Shanghai too. Her methods are quite cruel. Letting an old man like Mr. Pang
be her guardian. I have no access to her. Simpleton. The answer is easy. I couldn’t tell you. You were sneaking
around the Japanese with her. Now you’re sneaking
around for other reasons. Did your letter go out to Zhongliang? – It was sent, but never reached him.
– Why not? Postage has risen 900 percent. 900? Yes, so it didn’t go out. I had to return half the money. Amazing that the price
to seal the letter hasn’t risen. I’m not forcing you.
But it’s the best way. Your rent is two months late. It’s hard enough for me
to make my rent. I’m sorry.
It’s because I’ve been so broke. Look at this one house. One by one,
it could be worth a gold bar. Together, the money adds up. My son will deliver you the money. I’ve heard enough of that! Mama, please eat. Ma, you haven’t eaten. You need to eat. I’m going to grab something later. I’m thinking of becoming a maid. A maid? There’s no other choice. Don’t fret. How would it feel if it got out, that the daughter-in-law
of Zhang Jia is a maid? How can Zhongliang show his face
here again? I thought of that. Don’t say his name. Ma, I’ll find someone
to come back to help you. – Sir, please. I need work.
– Thanks but no thanks. Sir, I’m a good worker. You are a bit thin. They have plenty of food at the home. Putting flesh on her bones
is no mean feat. She seems fit. Try her out. Fine. Send her in. Has Madam awakened? She just got up. Take this. And this. You drunken fiend. Let’s go upstairs to see Madam. Madam, the new servant has arrived. This is the madam. Madam. Where are you from? I’m local. And your husband? In the country. What’s your husband’s family name? It’s Liu. So from now on,
I’ll call you Sister Liu. You’ll do the laundry.
And if time allows, help in the kitchen. Yes, ma’am. When you work here,
you’re expected to follow the rules. We forbid busybodies,
you know what I mean? I understand. – Take her to the kitchen.
– Yes, ma’am. Dismissed. These mundane affairs
are really bothersome. – Sleeping in again?
– I should get up. All of those maids before
were a bunch of gossips. Exasperating. Who says you’re any better? As if you’re a saint yourself! Certainly. These clothes need to be washed
in hot water. Yes, I know. Come on, come on! Lizheng! Lizheng! Zhongliang. Cousin, I’m here. Oh, you’ll be the death of me. Two flights were scheduled to arrive.
No one was on the first flight. My stepfather sent a telegram,
but I came right here. We also waited a long time. It felt like we had
ten connecting flights. Cousin, you’ve become so beautiful
in the past eight years. Is it that many years? Zhongliang, look at her. Wouldn’t you say
she’s become more beautiful? Certainly, more beautiful. Brother-in-law has a mouth,
but not for the truth. I’m much older. In fact, I’m the one
with the beautiful cousin. Zhongliang, I heard you were here
and that you have an automobile. Business has been good.
Five promotions. I can’t talk business now. – This is Miss He Wenyan.
– My cousin. Sorry, I have to go.
I live on 1 00 Street. I’ll see you later. This has nothing to do
with my husband. Don’t fret. Is Shanghai still noisy as before? Change comes quickly.
But it’s hard to see from here. – There’s a midnight curfew in effect.
– Midnight? That puts a damper on things. Evening paper, mister.
Evening paper! The price of gold has gone way up. This is your cousin’s main room. See how tidy it is. This is fantastic. We have a good sister. Otherwise, we’d end up
on the bad side of town. You see what a gift you have in me? You’re very fortunate. Not so different from you. Oh, stop. Tomorrow there will be
a celebration. The city of Shanghai
is planning a festival. We want to invite you
to a cocktail party. – Terrific!
– What good timing. I’ll have the help prepare
some dessert for you. – Oh, that’s too much trouble.
– Not at all. You might want to take some home. This is all the latest rage in Shanghai. The material flatters your figure. Quite good. This coat has eight pieces.
I handle all fashion affairs here. Very good. I like this western outfit. My dear, I couldn’t wear that. I’d look inferior
next to your brilliance. Listen to you. Rather than say
that your love is beautiful. Words are just parlance. A world-class person in Shanghai
must dress the part. Fine, fine. Say no more. Come and sit down.
I want to ask your opinion. Tell me honestly. You didn’t come to Shanghai
just for business. Oh, for God’s sake. Look at all this. Every day, I’m busy working. I swear. Who invited you to come? It was raining really hard
when you got off the plane. What a mess.
Call the maid to wash them. What are you looking at? Wait. Take these to be washed. Clothes washed yesterday.
All pressed. You rinsed them thoroughly? Yes. Disgusting. The wife has arrived
and he’s already celebrating. Watch them. It’s scandalous. Frankly, I think they’re all hedonists. Mama, look. Sit down. Sit down. I got knocked off my bicycle. Knocked down?
This might sting a bit. I’ve been hurting for an hour. It’s okay. This should do it. I’ll bind your leg,
but from now on, be careful. Does thinking of your mother
make you sad? I do. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Father will come back.
You don’t need to fret. Father, come back! Father, come back. Yes, he’ll come back.
You’ll be okay. Don’t cry, dear. Welcome, sir. Come in, come in. Ladies and gentlemen,
the governor has arrived. Please have a seat. May I have your attention, please? Our governor has prepared a speech. Today is a great day
in the history of our nation, and it is my honour to celebrate
in the city of Shanghai. This is the day we celebrate
the end of the war with Japan. Our victory. I’m truly happy. I’d like to propose a toast.
Let’s raise our glasses. Cheers! I’d also like to propose a toast, that all our hard-working brothers
and sisters raise a glass to our illustrious governor,
Pang Haogong. And a toast
to our clever, good, wise and beautiful hostess,
Miss He Wenyan. Cheers! I’m very flattered, everyone.
It’s such an honour. But I would also like
to propose a toast. This is for my cousin
and her husband. She has come home for him,
a shining example of conjugal love. Certainly, an affectionate and
righteous husband and wife! Sir, my mother and child
have no food to eat. Can you give me the cooked rice? Sure. Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. Wait. Thank you. Thank you. The crescent moon is shining
over all the lands. Some families are joyful,
some families are sad. How many couples are able to enjoy the
company of both husband and wife? How many families are displaced
and have to wander about? If you sleep, you’ll catch your death.
Get up. I’m tired. Quickly, go home. Take this rice and pig bone
to your grandma. Boil it and eat it. Eat rice? Sister Liu! Sister Liu! I’m coming!
Go on. Grandma! Grandma! Ah, you’re back. Oh, so much rice. And there’s still meat on the bone.
We haven’t eaten meat in a long time. Smells great. Try some. Good. You’re catching a cold.
You’re hungry. Grandma will boil you
some rice soup right away. Put down a piece
and boil the bone, okay? Tomorrow, I’ll pick up
some vegetables. We can have food
to last several days. This is to die for. Shanghai is Shanghai, after all. Look at you. One taste of high society
and you forget everything. Has anyone asked you to dance? No. You won’t dance? What a gentleman! If you don’t believe me,
ask your cousin. He’s just a country bumpkin
compared to them. Sister, trust me. Really? Over there. Everyone, come and have some fruit. For you two sweethearts. Your cousin’s making a joke. Is it a joke? You have to dance a tango. You two simply must tango. Fine. Fine. You’re a real card. I’m a card?
There’s no pleasing you. Mr. Pang, won’t you agree that on this festive occasion
in Shanghai, that her two proudest citizens
should get up and dance. Sure, sure. Mr. Pang has approved. – Can you give a speech?
– Me? – Ladies and gentlemen…
– Ladies and gentlemen… Tonight,
on this rare festive occasion… On this festive occasion… …we have a fascinating act. A fascinating act! No one can do
without a fascinating act. Hey, I’m not a ventriloquist.
So let me perform this by myself. You’re a funny guy. Everyone knows that
Miss Wang is an expert dancer. But her mate Zhang Zhongliang,
it goes without saying, is a famous dancing contender.
Agreed? They’re especially close.
Very close. But I digress. Their expertise only gets
better and better. Now let’s give a round of applause… …to Mister Zhang and his wife
Miss Wang as they perform the tango. What’s the matter? Zhongliang! What is it? – Wait.
– What’s going on? Are you okay?
What is wrong with you? Are you ill? No… I’m not ill. Who is she to you? Tell me. I ask you,
why’d you make me lose face? Why did you stumble? You’ve only been here for two days.
I feel sorry for you, really. Who is he to you?
Tell me. He… He is my… Okay, Zhongliang,
what sort of cheap trick is this? He’s your what? Quickly, answer me! Tell me now! He’s my husband. What? Your husband? You are clearly deranged. I’m not crazy. So you are trying to blackmail him
for money? – I don’t understand.
– You don’t understand? Don’t say anymore. Take her outside. Why are you standing in my way? Come, take her. Slowly. You’re clearly sane. Clearly. Zhongliang is what to you, exactly? You cannot falsely accuse
a good citizen. I’m not accusing anyone. He’s my husband. We’ve been married for ten years. We have a nine-year-old child. Oh, dear cousin… I could kill you! I could kill you! Come on. Sufen… What exactly do you want? I don’t want anything. I thought you were dead. Dead… Death would be better. I’m leaving. I’m leaving. – Sufen! Sufen!
– Zhongliang, don’t go. I have to go. You can’t know how I feel,
how I have suffered so. Don’t go?
I had no idea this would happen. What for? It wasn’t your fault. I didn’t even ask her about Mother. I must go after her. Zhongliang! Zhongliang! Lizheng’s fainted.
Where’s Zhongliang? He just left. He’s back. What’s the matter? Lizheng has fainted.
Go upstairs quickly. No! Why won’t you go upstairs? Heavens! I just want my life back. Lizheng? Lizheng!
Wake up. Wake up. Stepfather,
I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you. I finally got what I deserved. I want you to choose for me. Otherwise, I don’t want to live. Promise me. Promise me. Sure….sure. Wang Lizheng is no lady! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! Curfew will be imposed soon.
Let’s go. Yes, let’s go. Lizheng, please rest well. I’ll come by some other time.
Let me visit. Don’t be nervous. You handled the young lady well. You think so? Stop. Where are you going? I’m going home. There’s a curfew, you know.
Get going! Lizheng, I’m not a man. I’m a beast. I’m a dog. Please forgive me, Lizheng. “Sufen, my only wish is
that we can be together forever.” “Share our good times and bad.” “And generation after generation
will be just as happy…” Lizheng, don’t be like this. You want me to give you everything. So that we could be together forever? I will give you… …the key to my heart. Okay, okay. You were married
to that kind of woman? If I could take it all back… If you could take it all back,
and be willing to give her up? I would loathe to give you up. – Would you divorce her right away?
– Certainly. Right away. It’s your choice! I’ll either divorce her right away…
or die a natural death. Grandma, Uncle sent a letter. Oh, Uncle sent a letter? It looks like him.
I know this is certainly his picture. There’s his picture. This is Uncle and Wanhua’s photo. What did he write? He writes about Mama, Elder Brother, his wife and his son, that’s me! He still thinks of me. They look like good friends. These two are married. Grandma, what’s ”married”? – It means to come together in a union.
– Oh, I get it. I don’t remember Aunty. When you last saw her,
you suckled at her breast. Nature is blind. She taught your uncle
how to fight in the countryside. They were forced atop a hill
and had to use guerrilla warfare. They’ve been good friends
since childhood. If they’re married, that’s a good thing. Uncle smiles happily
and Aunty smiles happily. They are certainly married. You understand. Good. Oh, you’re back. Mama, Uncle sent a letter
with a picture. Are you feeling okay? I haven’t slept a whole lot
since last evening. Can you tell if they’ve got married? They’re married. – Married.
– Married. What does the letter say? Give it to me. ”Dear Mother,
Sister-in-law and son, ”We are leaving our home town. ”We’ve got married, Mother, Brother. ”This is certainly happy news.” I’m happy they’re happy. If only your father could’ve
seen this in his lifetime. He’d be very happy. ”We don’t mean to be ungrateful
to elder brother ”for receiving the benefits
of a proud nation. ”We have always lived
under harsh circumstances. ”Battling the enemy,
we’ve sacrificed many villages. ”The former governor
has fallen in combat.” Ah, the former governor is dead. Yes. ”We heard the happy news. ”Give a victory cheer. ”Mama, we’ve lived
through eight bitter years, ”and now finally,
we can live in peace.” Who wouldn’t think so? ”We are still teaching. ”We have all types of students,
young and old, boys and girls. ”Ma, someday your grandson
can study alongside them.” – Really?
– Uncle can teach us. ”We settled down on empty farmland,
raising vegetables. ”We have a cow and four sheep, ”plus a lot of chickens and ducks. ”Don’t worry about me. ”I don’t know if Elder Brother
has made it to Shanghai. ”We are all concerned for him.
Bless him. ”We love you Mama,
Elder Brother and son. ”The war is over. ”We want to go back to Shanghai…” If we knew Zhongliang were in Shanghai,
we need not suffer so. No, Mother! He’s living in Shanghai! What? He’s living in Shanghai? So he’s not able to find us? No, he doesn’t want to find us. He’s forgotten all about us! What are you saying? Tell me. Have you seen him? Mama, does Papa really
live in Shanghai? He’s been in Shanghai
for more than a month. He was celebrating.
He’s married another woman. And while in Shanghai,
he’s seduced a woman’s landlord. He’s changed. Not only has he forgotten us, he believed we were already dead. Child, I’m sorry for you. No, it can’t be. Zhongliang is my son. I raised him right. My child has always been
honest and considerate. How can he have become
such a person? My child… our life is bitter. So where is he? Come on,
we’ll go and pay him a visit. You see and understand? Mama, don’t be sad. Ma, I’m going too. The state of the world today,
I don’t believe it! – How? Did you let them up?
– No, they’re waiting downstairs. Tell them I’ll be right down. Lizheng? Lizheng? Mother… Zhongliang. Mother, please sit down. Please sit down, Mother. I tried to find you. Is this Kangsheng? He’s grown so big. Child, this is your father.
He thinks of you every day. Kangsheng, come here. Zhongliang, are you going
to abandon your wife and child? Have you forgotten us? Ma, it’s not like that at all. These past few years
have been crazy. From the countryside to the hinterland, all I heard was that
Father was dead. And that you were dead as well.
I was so heartbroken. It goes without saying.
I understand now. You can talk me to death. I thought I’d raised you better. So I ask you, why did you
abandon Sufen and your child? Sufen has been a good and wise
daughter-in-law these past eight years. You’ve only sent us
a few hundred dollars. She fed your mother. She fed your little child. She has endured all sorts of hardship. And she has never once complained. She is more of a person than you. She is more grateful
than you’ve ever been. But you have the audacity
to abandon her now. To toss her aside like
so much rubbish. This is the truth. Tell this to your child. Tell him you’re sorry. He goes hungry all the time,
through wind and rain. He sells newspapers in the street. He almost got hit
by an automobile once. He is a good boy. You abandoned him! You made him an orphan
during your lifetime. Well, well… You’re crying.
You’re the one who’s done wrong. Why didn’t you talk to your wife? You idiot! You forgot
what you told me this morning. You said you would divorce her!
Why don’t you tell her now? You’d already cheated on me
for four years. You want to cheat on me again? This is difficult. I can’t tell her now. You’re full of shit!
Crying your crocodile tears. You think I’m stupid, don’t you? You’ll regret this. I’ll kill you, you son of a bitch! Do you think you’re some kind of hero? You are what you were
when you came here. A filthy beggar, with dirty lucre! Tell me, where does your wealth
come from, you ungrateful bastard? Lizheng, please don’t.
I fear for you. You fear for me, or for this woman
who dares to take my place, who dares to favour him over me? And you worked your way over here. Don’t even think of coming back here,
you shameless louse of a maid! Who calls who shameless?
Who calls her a louse? It’s more difficult to use restraint. You have no manners. I am not talking to you, you old bag! Don’t be unreasonable. Really? You’re the unreasonable one! You brought this upon yourself. You have no conscience. Wang Lizheng was blind to you! You are a revolting beast. I die inside when I see you! Lizheng, stop. Don’t be like this. Mama, where are you going? Where are you going? Ma, why did you come here? Why did you come here? Don’t look at me. Don’t listen to me. Ma, let’s go back. Oh, my dear child. You have to learn
the ways of the world. Listen to your grandma’s words. Don’t learn from your father. Learn from your uncle. Ma, what are you saying?
I’m scared. Kangsheng, Mama hasn’t eaten
since yesterday. Go and buy her a big round cake. You haven’t eaten. I have money. I’ll buy. I’ll go. Just show me where. Ma, what’s wrong? Kangsheng, please go. One cake, please. Emergency! Someone went in!
Save her! Save her! – I saw them go that way.
– Have they gone home? No, they’d have said so. You should return home at once. He’s here.
Child, where’s your mother. Mama jumped in the river. What? Are you telling me the truth? It’s true. She wrote this. – Wrote what?
– Let me see. ”Grandma,
Kangsheng is grown up now. ”I want him to be like his uncle. ”Grandma. Please take care
of Kangsheng. ”These are my last words.” Take me to where she jumped.
Take me there! Do evil things
and justice will be served. And so it goes. How awful! They don’t know. I’d better tell them. So tragic. So good and wise. Now she’s left us,
an old woman and a small child. How can we go on? A good man lives but briefly. A bad man lives a thousand years. – Come down.
– What for? It’s not our affair. We’d hoped you’d come back. A son can bring comfort and ease,
a day of peace. But now,
it all seems like a dream. A miserable, miserable dream. A woman died today.
How did this happen? She killed herself.
We didn’t touch her. Perhaps Zhongliang’s
had a change of heart. Him? I remember
what my stepfather told me. He lived a dog’s life. Your father gave his life,
hanged by the devils on a tree. Death was all around us. All the villagers cried. Now Sufen is dead because of you! Tell the driver to turn around. Pity we have no more dead. It all comes back to us
again and again. Endless, endless suffering. Heaven, why this madness? Why this madness? Mother… Mother! HOW MUCH SORROW

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