19 thoughts on “The Tea Party – The River

  1. This is a great warm up! Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow night in Saskatoon!

  2. Love waking up and finding notification for Tea Party!! Saw them in Sudbury! Concert goers are in for a treat ! Great Show!!

  3. I really dig this tune , just heard it on a show called Bad Blood on Netflix . never heard of this band but now i will be checking them out . wish I would have discovered them sooner .

  4. I just heard this track on that Netflix show called Bad Blood…

  5. I grew up listening to this track and the band and I'm now 20 years old and since I'm Canadian and The Tea Party is one of the more popular bands to come out of Canada and if I remember they started off in downtown Montreal at Metropolis and other venues. I've seen them live twice and they put on a great show every time.

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