“The Time I found a Cave in a Graveyard” Creepypasta Original

I was hired to help repair damaged
cemeteries in my County now I’m not an engineer or anything I’m just a regular
guy with a somewhat regular job the County inmates maintain the graveyards
around here they do all the mowing the trimming and miscellanea like that but
when the ground over the graves start caving in and the headstones start
shunting to the side they call me I’m self-employed and own my own
earth-moving equipment you know dump truck lowboy backhoe front-end loader
bobcat and a boat a farm tractor dug graves for residents since I was 17 and
I even helped relocate an entire graveyard to make way for part of the
interstate around here to say the least well I’m not squeamish around the graves
or dead people and I’ve seen some strange things and I’ve seen some rather
disturbing things in my 30 years in the business but nothing could have prepared
me for what I saw and experienced three years ago now I grew up in the mountains
so I was accustomed to hearing all the folk tales and ghost stories sure there
are many things that go bump in the night but for me there’s always a
logical explanation or at least it was until three years ago that was the year
of the missing kids the whole community was stressed and
scared kids normally allowed to run free were restricted to their front yards or
by their parents sides and there were not allowed out after dark not even to
take out the trash the men started carrying handguns whether or not they
had permits and more women that ever took the firearm safety course and
brought their own handguns it started in the spring of 2016 with the
disappearance of a seven-year-old girl who was walking the 300 yards between
her parents house and her grandmother’s house now there was nothing but a big
feel than a small graveyard between the two houses but mountains
rose up all around the perimeter of the land but it was a wide clear shot
between the houses the mother and grandmother could stand on their porches
and wave to each other and that girl had made that trip hundreds of times alone
just as others in the family had done countless times but this time she didn’t
make it to her grandmother’s house she vanished without a trace
now the County banded together and it seemed that everyone joined the team’s
looking for little Breanna round-the-clock for two weeks
bloodhounds lost her scent at the top of the cemetery thinking that she’d
wandered to the woods the search team scoured every foot of
the mountains on that side all the way to the top or an old property line fence
had been put into place probably a hundred years ago there was no way the
little girl could have climbed over it gone under even around it and in spring
turned to summer two boys six and nine went missing in the same week one was
playing at the edge of his backyard and the other was playing ball with friends
at dusk in the field that butted up against another graveyard and all told
there were nine kids who went missing from our town in as many months I know
that by the standards of big cities that’s not a mind-boggling number but
for a community of only 3600 people it’s an everybody knows everybody kind of
place outside help was brought in to help with the searches after every
square foot of the community had been searched there was nothing else to do
but to wait and hope of course the affected families still
searched some of them became completely dysfunctional lost their jobs and were
going crazy with the grief and stress of just not knowing what had happened to
their kids my wife’s cousin was one of the families with the missing
and we were hip-deep in all the searching putting up fliers and
petitioning for more help than it did no good not a bit of good and so when the
job offer came in I was kind of glad to have something to take me away from all
that for a few hours every day I felt bad for the families though and actually
quite guilty to have a small escape from the sadness each day he’ll work is all
I’ve ever known though and that’s how I cope with all the stresses of my life I
work the first graveyard wasn’t an all that
bad of shape there were two toppled stones and once
something grave nothing that could take more than a few hours at most I walked
the cemetery checking the oldest graves first and worked my way around to the
newer ones and so on no other problems I fixed the problems and was finished
well before lunch the second cemetery however was in much
worse shape and it was the one where the first little girl had gone missing I
didn’t really want to work there but well I figured I would get it finished
and move on as quickly as possible as I worked through the older section I
noticed that all the graves were in pretty good shape
it was the newer ones that were singing some had fallen in so badly that the
edges of the vaults were visible one of the headstones are a big double stone
had fallen completely into the hole that would be a real bitch to get out I was
going to meet a dump truck load of dirt at the very least the fill in all the
holes a chain and a hoist to lift the gravestones that had fallen into them
and probably a second set of hands I didn’t really recall the graveyard being
in such bad shape when we’re all out that way helping look for a little
Briana just a few months before there had been very little rain so that didn’t
cause the damage either quite honestly I was stumped for an
explanation I love to get all the things I would need except that second set of
hands the bill was on another job and he’s my go-to guy with stuff like that I
worked with the dirt and a shovel for hours before I knew it
suppertime had arrived I left the wheelbarrow and went home to grab a
sandwich meaning to finish when I returned I could work after dark if I
needed to I have a set of spotlights rigged on the other side at the dump bed
of the truck I just wanted to be read of the dirt I had already dumped at the end
of the cemetery now returned to the cemetery something had changed just felt
different the woods loomed darker behind me the houses on either side seemed
farther away and everything was too still too quiet
the Sun wasn’t set but it was close enough that it caused long creeping
shadows among the tombstones my skin prickle then I tried to whistle to break
the eerie silence with the floodlights on and I can only see the area where I
worked without shielding my eyes the feeling that someone or something was
lurking close by unnerved me but every time I stopped the check I saw nothing
heard nothing and then as I was filling in a plot that didn’t need much dirt I
heard something behind me that sounded like dirt filtering on to an empty
cardboard box I spun around shoveled poised to swing out whatever it was and
I saw nothing yeah first and then the sound came again
I stepped toward it shovels still raised it was another Cayden happening right in
front of me now I lowered the shovel and watched as the ground sank over grave
that was only a year old the grass shuddered at first and then it went
several feet down into the dark hole a lean-to look in it was as if the whole
belched out chunks of concrete and bit of debris that smelled like death
backing away I coughed smell gagged me I turned holding and bile until I could
get away from the grave and I hurled between two small headstones at the edge
of the cemetery after I calmed my insides a little I walked back to that
grave and looked down into the hole with my shirt pulled over my nose the stench
lingered hung in the air like a thick moveless fog the hole was so deep that I
couldn’t see the bottom I got a flashlight from my truck and returned
shining the bright beam down and around there was no vault visible and I
couldn’t make out what I was seeing if I was seeing the bottom it seemed
impossibly far down to the earth or maybe it was a trick of the light and I
got on my knees and leaned farther into the hole searching for the vault that
should have been there and I saw no vault or coffin It was as if they had
both simply disappeared the spot lights winked out leaving me in the dark except
for the flashlight I looked over my shoulder at the truck in the ground gave
way under me it collapsed before I could register what was happening I found the
vault and the coffin the vault lid had been demolished in the coffin lid was
obliterated by the force beyond my reckoning debris lay everywhere as I
scrambled out of the mess and into a cave at that point I wasn’t freaked out
as he might think I mean yeah the situation was bad
but I thought it explained why the graves were in such bad shape up top I
didn’t know there was a cave system there my bet was that other people
didn’t know it either now shining my light around I was cutting arcs through
the pitch-black I searched for a way out I certainly wasn’t getting out the way
I’d gotten in two tunnels led away in different directions and I chose the one
I could stand up in after several pieces and to the tunnel I realized that there
had been no body in the broken coffin not that I had stuck around and looked
for one deciding it wasn’t the time nor the place to think about it
I hastened my steps cold air whirled past me setting a chill over my skin and
ruffling my hair there was stealthy movement at the air
hidden movement I turned to see nothing but a feeling of foreboding settled into
my bones I knew something bad something evil was in that place with me I tried
to run but my legs wouldn’t cooperate and I stumbled into the wall several
times the sound of my own panic only made things worse the chamber I was
stumbling into was how do I even describe it it was like an antechamber
to hell the rotting and chewed corpses laying
helter-skelter and piles bones what bits of flesh strewn over the floor gobs of
hair that looked like gory wigs and to the right side was a pile of jewelry the
gold silver and precious stones were piled high as my knee I’d forgotten to
breathe as my eyes played over the whores and when I did take a breath
I wrenched between my feet scuttling from the tunnel spun around me so fast I
almost fell into a heap of bodies something moved steadily toward me down
that tunnel and I had no choice but to cross the room of bodies to the other
tunnel and hope it was a way out my brain kept telling me it was just
Halloween decorations not dead and mutilated bodies I was stepping over now
I made it to the other tunnel actually a few steps into it that could smells
fresh cool air on my face my thoughts latched on to the freedom that lay
somewhere ahead and I did run that time but not fast enough the thing following
me had caught up it let out a bone-jarring scream stop in my heart for
a moment and I felt its claws raked down my back like red-hot iron I lost my
footing on a slight rise at the small exit hole and beasts clamped a cold long
fingered hand around my ankle it dragged me swiftly through the tunnel and back
to the room of corpses and I clawed at the dirt and wall as it dragged me
mercilessly into its chamber and flung me like a rag doll onto a pile of bodies
the flashlight flew from my hand and spun the beam of light stopping on the
monster it was pale talking gray except for the black pits of its eyes and the
yellow of its teeth it was about six feet tall and bony the ropey muscles
flex Thunder its skin as it let loose with another one of those screams
I was completely frozen paralyzed with fear but slowly I rolled to my side and
staked my hand out for the light shined it in the creatures eyes it squealed and
pain and threw up its arm to shield its face I was halfway down the tunnel again
before I realized that I had even moved I didn’t lose my footing and clawed my
way out of that hole only to find that I was inside the woods pitching toward the
direction I thought would lead me out I stumbled and rebounded off trees until I
fell out of the woods and onto a little clearing just above the graveyard
and I could see my truck now I can’t even begin to tell you how much relief I
felt that the sight of that old thing but there was another light in the
cemetery and I couldn’t make sense of it at first and then I screamed to alert
whoever it was that I needed help the light swung toward me and my wife
called out my name she stood only a few feet from the hole
I’d fallen into I was trying to tell her to get into the truck or her car you
know anything to get her away from that hole my boys cracked and my brain reeled
she lowered her light and I continued to stumble over the uneven ground motioning
toward the vehicles then her eyes widened her mouth dropped and suddenly
she was gone with only a squawk of shock reaching the hole I call only a glimpse
of her horror stricken face as she disappeared into the darkness
I screamed her name and pounded the dirt there was no response except the sounds
of crunching bones and ripping flesh I cursed the monster and threw every
threat imaginable at it as I stalked back to my truck pulling the shotgun in
a rope from behind the seat I walked back to the hole I tied the rope around
a heavy tombstone dialed 9-1-1 on my cell phone in toss the farther up the
cemetery and I ready to climb back down to that hole my wife’s tremulous voice
called to me barely above a whisper she moved near my beam of light but
shied from it when I moved it closer Henry helped me get me out of here
before it comes back please it was her voice but there was something
very wrong with her movements I’m coming Margaret I’m bad are you hurt
I started repelling as quickly as I could she whimpered and hit on the other
side of the broken vault until I was standing in front of her then one part
of me wishes I’d never gone back in that hole but the other part of me is damn
glad margaret shambled around that vault and I could immediately see she looked
like a stretch suit being worn by someone far too large in the black
soulless pits where her beautiful bright green eyes had been told me all I needed
to know the thing I was looking at was no longer Margaret somehow nothing had
killed her and was wearing her with tears doubling and troubling my vision I
raised the shotgun and pulled the trigger Margaret’s body crumbled like a
discarded latex mask above me the night was alive with warbling red and blue
lights if there were sirens I couldn’t hear them above my own screams

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