The toughest outdoor solar light around.

Hi, I’m Sean. CEO here at First Light
Technologies. A question we get all the time from people is “How tough are your lights?” When we got into this business, We knew that our lights were going to be
subjected to all kinds of different climates All kinds of different abuse from people. Because our lights always go out into public spaces. So it all starts with attention to detail, and that begins at the base plate. We have a cast aluminum base plate here that’s designed to robustly mount the light to a footer. And the post itself is a marine grade aluminum extrusion that we’ve designed. And the most important part, from a robustness perspective Is this solar module. This is where we get our energy – it’s very
critical that this functions well. You’ll notice that there’s no edge on this
solar module. It seamlessly integrates into our casting. It sheets off rain. It self-cleans really well. So again, there is no way for water – in any way – through flooding, sprinklers, rain, snow, hail, There’s no way that anything is going to
get in here To compromise the performance of the light. Here’s a good example of something we can we can speak to specifically. Our lithium battery here is really robust. Batteries that have exposed terminals in a corrosive environment? They’re going to fall off within a number of months potentially. So we’ve eliminated terminals on our battery design. If you don’t choose the right connector? Again, it can – in a corrosive environment – Any wet environment, any submersion… So here, it’s a sealed keyed connector, and
it can handle being immersed in water Due to floods, due to sprinklers, due to whatever might be happening. And it’s gonna stand the test of time against the environment. Toughness comes in the form of
robustness Against what the environment can dish out to our lights. And also what people might be able to dish out to our lights. So I’ve got this bat here And I feel pretty good about the fact that I can smash these things But I think I’m going to bring in somebody else who can help me. So this is Jason. I think we all agree that he can probably do a better job of smashing than I can. Here you go, Jay. Thank you, sir. Wow! Half of it’s here. Other half’s over there. Jay, buddy. I think you might have scuffed
the paint. That’ll buff out. Sick! Oh, my god. WLB and a golf club walk into an alley. WLB won. Are you kidding me? Like, a little there. And a tiny… Wow, that’s unreal. So Jay, you know what? I think it’s time for a toast. Do ‘er! The light’s just fine. Great job, Jason. I think this really shows how tough our lights are.

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