100 thoughts on “The Turkeys Should Be Pardoning Trump

  1. when i worked at IBM we would do a potluck, and it looked nothing like this. we threw it the hell down.

  2. A yellow belly no good draft dodging CHICKEN has pardoned a Turkey… a chicken gave a Turkey a pass! Hmmm…

  3. I know some of us love our uncles but maaan, sometimes we wish to send them directly to the moon. I bet they'd still be screaming the earth is flat in front of our well-rounded planet, though.

  4. Jezus, what a nightmare the thought of sitting next to the uncle for a longer than five minutes is…

  5. Because the earth dropped her mouth as she couldn’t believe how stupid Americans could be!

  6. that might be the first time in history where a turkey managed to pardon a turkey, later on i think the turkey will try to pardon itself as well

  7. at ken, we have been learning they: Puppy
    in the translator that is: a little less, Moron (of the beaten icon as two days ago)
    the house cease with the pentagon
    – How, she must be Ivanka Trump?!?

  8. In Australia we had a Prime Minister whose first act as Prime Minister was to deliver a formal apology to the children of the indigenous Australian families deemed unfit parents [for the simple reason that they were not western enough]. We call these people, the stolen generation in Australia. My question is, if Donald Trump, or any other president, instead of just pardoning the turkeys, had taken this or any thanksgiving as an opportunity to apologize to the American Indians that were killed upon the arrival of the British settlers to Plymouth colony, would that make them a better president? You in America talk about the importance of advocating for the rights of “we the people,“ but what do the people actually want?

  9. Trump has NEVER provided proof that he WASN'T born in Kenya to orangutan parents and raised as a Rosicrucian snake handler. Just sayin' . . .

  10. They didn't even doctor the earth quake chart correctly. It's gone way up after the election ?

  11. still it's the trumpskin, Initiative Strategic Defense plagues with stellar names
    then All to the moon electrify the boys and girls, this way ——–>

  12. Even the earth was holding it's breath for the election, HOPING FOR HILLARY, which is why the lack of earthquakes. Which is why it SKYROCKETED during Trump's Term.

  13. I’m going to be honest, Jimmy Kimmel would be so much more enjoying to watch if it wasn’t so political. What happened to pure entertainment?

  14. Watching religious idiots ,work so hard to force their views on you and be willing to break their own commandments to do so….The hypocrisy is so rich.

  15. "I went home with a waitress,
    The way I always do…
    How was I to know
    She was with the Russians, too?"
    -Warren Zevon

  16. Part of the problem is the poll questions themselves. "Do you think Trump should be impeached" and "Do you think Trump withheld aid for dirt on Biden" are two TOTALLY different points. Many people know and agree he's guilty… they just don't care.

  17. Since when did talk shows become political?
    lol i hope trump wins the next votes

  18. Notice how the earthquakes have sharply risen since DJT has been in power? The 2016 dip was God in shock!

  19. Melania looks like she's enjoying Trump's display of a man losing his mind on national TV .

  20. Donnie Boy Cadet Bone Spurs Mein Trumpf only agreed to pardon the turkeys if they promised to do him a favor first! Donnie Boy only let the press the photographers and the film crews in the White House Garden after the turkeys agreed to the quid pro quo!

  21. The turkey was pardoned because it announced an investigation into Hunter Biden

  22. 12:10 –
    What is he trying to, say?

    “… You tofurkey [tofu-turkey] eating nipple sucker.”
    I figured it out a minute after posting my question. I can’t stop laughing now that I figured it out.

  23. Did the old uncle said "O.J. killed Jeffrey Epstein" and visa vasa ??? ✌?????

  24. What u talking about Jimmy
    I'm from turkey!
    Whats ur problem?

    Ur Ignorance destroys the world!
    TRUMP stops the war in Syria
    What did Obama do for ur country and the world?
    Only war war war!
    U sit there in Los Angeles, u have no idea what's really goes on in the world!

    Jimmy u are a war driver! Nothing else!!!!

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