40 thoughts on “The Universe in Infrared: The Legacy of the Spitzer Space Telescope

  1. Los graficos de la play 3 son mejores q toda esta animacion que cuesta millones de dolares jajajaa

  2. You would think with such a well developed government agency they would have better audio equipment..

  3. Great info, more pics would be a bonus. (Saturn ring) Enjoying the presentation. Thx

  4. Marina Jurica-Preston… I have a huge crush on you. I hope you have a wonderful day beautiful

  5. It would be nice to see webb in space too…. I mean i'm waiting so long for that and i can't wait to see the photos.

  6. 53:42
    360° Infrared view of our Milky Way Galaxy
    Thanks for share. ♥

  7. j'ai vu le direct , et je le repasse , de si belles images on ne s'en lasse pas , encore MERCI

  8. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this. You guys are answering the biggest questions.

  9. Hi to all other science enthusiasts around the world. We are the future, if our species wants to survive.

  10. what the heckkkkk are you hiding from us nasa tell me about the alien life

  11. LOL ! animations is what we get.
    what the foook nasa show us some real pics and vids

  12. Looks like a great feat of humans that should inspire to work together instead of fighting over ancient thoughts. Good work fellow humans, lets keep this rolling.

  13. Y yo me atrevo a decirles a los de la NASA que todo es mentira. Los rayos de van halen no deja salir nadie fuera del planeta. Todo es echo por ordenador

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