93 thoughts on “The West 2019 Part 16: Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and Valley of Fire

  1. Never fails. as soon as I get anything new,something happens to it. I can't have anything nice.

  2. Thanks for another great video Robert. We actually stumbled on your videos on Amazon Prime and have been binge watching on YouTube since. Stay free (in your RV)

  3. I’ve never had an interest in visiting Hoover Dam until watching your very in depth look of this must see American marvel. Thank you for sharing and sorry to hear you dinged the Colorado. Saludos de Miami ☀️🌴

  4. Thanks for this great trip.  It's wonderful to take the walks and se the territory! great colors! Your fun take on it. Thanks again!

  5. I heard through the rumor Vine that Las Vegas starting in 2021 is going to be clearing a gigantic parcel of land to build an enormous freshwater lake for swimming and Condominiums to be built around it with a grand restaurant overlooking the water the water will come from a d salination plant and be pumped in ending the Water Crisis for Las Vegas at the same time creating luxury like Resort atmosphere

  6. . Nice chilling with you Robert always loved the scenery you capture

  7. Next time you're in Southern California, try to visit ANZA-BORREGO Desert State Park.

  8. sometimes I see spots in your videos that just look interessting …. I wish you had something like a minimap so I could figure out where that spot is. Knowing you are aroud this city or that interstate doesnt really help lol.

  9. I'm addicted to your videos. I'm an armchair traveler. I live in AZ and the West is so amazing with it's beautiful landscapes! You capture them well!

  10. Awesome as usual Robert thanks for sharing. Safe travels my friend. 😎👍

  11. Nice video by the way. Great views and very informative.

  12. Check out Echo Bay, next time at Lake Meade, cool r.v. parks and close to Valley of Fire.

  13. thats what I love about Las Vegas, one minute you are neck deep in a tourist trap then the next out in the beautiful desert.

  14. Hoover Dam footage was spectacular! 👍

    Low level of Lake Mead is rather shocking 😱 …especially when compared to your 2013 footage.

    Very unique part of the country.

  15. Music is to loud, it's too distracting crank it down a few notches. Another great travel log though.

  16. I always enjoys your videos. Thank you for taing us along.

  17. Thx Robert! Best birthday ever! My Jen Almighty on #JimmyKimmellive 05/30/2019! -K.Almighty WKBW #BruceAlmighty #FriendsTvShow S.2S.10 LAST EP's Mr and mrs Weinberg since 1995! Welcome fellow #TIME100 honoree's –"KurtsDay" 4/23-5/94 '2' present! Kurt Weinberg Fb #Oscars #NASAOrion S.442 1K+year HISTORY!

  18. Very good my friend! After listening to you in the last few video, it wouldn't surprise me if you relocated! lol It's not warm enough for you though I think. It is amazing how that world wide floor about 4000 years ago formed all these canyons you are visiting.Thanks again, take care.

  19. I was at Hoover dam 2 weeks ago. I go each year and still in awe of it. Great vid.

  20. Love the shots of the Hoover Dam just spectacular and the different hues out west is mind boggling. Pull up a chair to just sit and go ah and ooh, such beauty out there.

  21. Hey Robert, who put that rock in your way? That must've been one of those "mysterious moving" rocks from that Badwater basin! This might be a new name for your truck…Colorocko!!

  22. Great video. Fabulous landscape. The rock formation in Valley of Fire are incredible.It's more beautiful than Cappadocia Turkey. Congrats and keep going…>>>

  23. Holly crap. Welcome back to Vegas man. I keep watching your vids and cant wait to one day own my own RV.

  24. Good video to prepare my trip to LV and the close area… Thanks for sharing your video that will help me out..

  25. hello I won the prize and membership is pending at Klaykowski Kruisers thanks!

  26. I so look forward to Sunday's these days, when you publish another great video!

  27. I hope there wasn’t to big of a damage to the Colorado. Sorry that happened.

  28. Robert, I love your videos. I live in Las Vegas – when were you actually here?

  29. Hi Robert, great Sunday afternoon drive. Las Vegas and your 11.00 beer at the beer park, looked good though. 😃Lake Mead, Hoover Dam all were very interesting & fun to see. Valley of fire hike was so beautiful too. Thank you again for a fun filled trip. See ya on the adventure. Your friend, Larry, Santa Rosa, CA

  30. That was absolutely brilliant. Well done …Thank you for taking us with you

  31. Two places I never want to visit that opposes popular opinion…. California… the liberal, democrat, sjw, npc, blm infested sanctuary rats nest hellhole where people poo in the streets and the real Sin City Las Vegas Nevada, a literal money vacuum. Lets not forget 3 others Chicongo, DC the District of Congo and Destroyed oh I mean Detroit. Then again I'm politically Incorrect and love it so no wonder I hate anywhere there are PC followers.

  32. Christ's Sake…. looks way lower than 2013 level.
    I did not realize that these videos you post are from like 3 to 4 months ago.> Explains the jacket and cold comments in Death Valley.

  33. elephant rock at 28:27 …. looks more like a Picaso than Monet.
    at Valley of Fire…. How many Star Trek episodes were filmed there?
    SINCE you like this type of barren rocky topography/landscapes, then you should, if not already done so, go visit CRATERS OF THE MOON Nat. Monument. It is also where the Atom Bomb and Nuc. Energy was developed. North of Twin Falls Idaho. Crazy strange hiking in there. Really feel as if on another world.

  34. 40:50… like another planet! You and I agree there's almost nothing like The West! Thanks for another gem. When is the San Antonio meetup and the info on it? I'm in Dallas.

  35. I love you and your micro mini RV
    Thank you for the peaceful scenes my friend 🌻

  36. Love it love it love it!! Wish I was there. Thank u Robert!! 🤗

  37. Robert, your music is really evolving nicely in these videos. I have to say the beauty of this latest video is one of my all time favorite.

  38. another great video Robert — thanks for capturing some beautiful scenery for us

  39. Thank you so much. You are extremely talented and make your videos so nice to view.

  40. Robert love your videos just subscribed been following you for a year and a half. You inspired me not to wait until I retired to start my RV adventures. On Friday picked up my Gran Design Imagine XLS 19RLE and camped in it near by. You’re production and video skills are the best on You Tube as you work to choreograph your music to the story. If you don’t have fitting music then you create it. I hope to meet you one day to personally say thanks.

  41. Love the fountains… but still… can't beat the quiet of the desert. Had no idea Vegas was so… so… Insane! LOL
    Btw.. at the Hoover Dam… were you in Arivada? Or… Nevazona?

  42. Hi Robert wat was that dancer lady Vegas doing. I hope ur wife didn't see that. Just kidding. The Google interupt u again. I love the rocks when u drive around it. Those eagles statues were awesome. That floor of eagle with the American flag very nice. I enjoy your video. Thanks keep it up. 😁

  43. I like your nature/scenic videos a lot. Robert get a brim hat for your hikes

  44. The second video saying zion national park at the beginning,and no zion national park in the video!Will you ever get there?Before long these videos are going to be from a year ago.

  45. You do some excellent Video Narrations !!! Awesome quality as well !! Really enjoy your videos

  46. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is near Las Vegas, it’s as impressive as well

  47. Robert, your travel vlogs ROCK!!! I don't even drive, and your RV travels make me want to learn!

  48. Hola Robert!
    For your next trip to Las Vegas you should research "Red Rock" is about 30mins away from Vegas and my other favorite place near Las Vegas is Nelson, Nevada (ghost town) is about 30 min's away from Las Vegas as well, 😉 check it out!
    Saludos desde Houston, Texas ✌️

  49. I really enjoy your traveling videos. I can't drive anymore due to a vision problem. But now I can sit on the couch with a cold beer and see our beautiful Country. Safe travels, and thank you.

  50. Great video editing. You are a pro. Love your trips in the desert. That scrub brush you were in, is classic Mojave rattlesnake habitat. Stay safe buddy !

  51. There's a huge arcade in the basement of the Excalibur. Excalibur and Circus Circus are 2 of the more "family friendly" hotels. I took 2 young teen girls to Vegas several times and they loved it. They loved that arcade in the Excalibur. Another hotel I recommend if you have kids is The Orleans. The Orleans has a daycare center and they will babysit them for a fee. They have video games, movies, and tubes to crawl through, etc. for their amusement. My daughter loved it, she thought she would hate it but she asked to go back every night. Just remember to bring their shot records. You will need them. Then on the same floor as the daycare center is an arcade and a movie theater.

  52. Good evening, Robert.  I love this video a lot about Arizona and Nevada!  The good thing that you show us these nice places since I cannot travel at this point now but it is like you are taking me their with you!  Thank you!

  53. That giant light atop Luxor attracts millions upon millions of bugs at night. From below you can watch dozens and dozens of birds diving through, feeding on them. Eerie sight.

  54. Robert, you should secure all " rights " to your song……. " Because I'm free in my RV " because I think it is pretty awesome. Really enjoy your travels !!!!

  55. As a Vegas resident I must say, we don't go to the strip often. Not often at all!

  56. 1:53 I walked exactly where you were walking and stayed in the palazzo tower. Great video as always. Your videos have helped me learn so much about the United States and you have showed me and so many viewers amazing landscapes and places in the U.S. Thank You!

  57. Robert you do a good job on your videos I've been watching you since you were down there in Florida and all by for about a year and a half or so because I'm getting ready to go RV in myself full time I do enjoy your videos this is the first time I've commented but I was planning on coming to Vegas and Reno in those places and I like it when you guys go ahead and show people around

  58. Great videos of the Lake Mead area and Hoover Dam! Kathy and I look forward to Sunday when you post a new video.

  59. Valley of Fire is a hidden gem & a must see!! Planned to camp one night, but ended up staying two nights. We'll definitely return.

  60. Hallo, Robert! Greetings from Indonesia!
    Glad I found ur channel.. feed my home missing. Thank you!

  61. I’m picking up my first RV next week, a Nucamp teardrop, so I’m rewatching many of your videos this week. This is one of my favorites.

  62. I just love your videos and just bought the national parks pass,I'm heading out west for my next trek in a few weeks and find your videos very helpful.I wiil be hitting up Zion,the valley of fire this time the west Rim of The Grand Canyon then Yosemeti.

  63. Again Thank You Robert for taking me to Las Vegas…I like you doing the driving…

  64. Hey Mr Robert. I have a brother that lives in Vegas. He took me to a park not sure if it was the state park but he took me to a place that they shot scenes from Star Trek. It was interesting to see

  65. I love how you said if you park in one side you have to pay ten bucks but if you park on the other side it's free, your welcome lol that was cute. I bet those people are mad after paying for parking then finding out they could have saved their money. It is sad the water levels are so low worried in a few years it may or may not be there

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