The World’s Most Extreme Fishermen – River Monsters

gncfFirst thing any fisherman does when he goes to a new place is to go and check out the river But nowhere else in the world would you expect to be greeted by a sight Anything at all like this This massive river is second only in flow and area to the Amazon Draining a huge swathe of Africa half the size of the U.S. That’s the Congo River To reach this point it has run nearly 3,000 miles Crossed the equator twice and narrow from ten miles at its widest to around a mile here Where it splits the two war ravaged capital cities of Kinshasa and Brazzaville From here it plummets nearly 1,000 feet in a series of rapids to the Atlantic Ocean Almost 300 miles away And wherever there is a river there are humans hardwired to seek out its fish It’s hard to believe but many species of fish can survive fast flowing rapids like these Weather is one of only a handful of fishermen who choose to fish these waters I’m seeing what the the local guys use here. I am slightly embarrassed using such, you know, gear which is sort of very expensive in comparison well actually thing you know this will stand a chance of getting out large fish from here which the Bamboo and light line doesn’t do perhaps The creature I’m pursuing is a voracious predator That not only attacks the small fish these fishermen are after But will also take a chunk out of a crocodile It’s the Goliath Tigerfish Not just one of the top predators here, but among the most ferocious freshwater predators in all the world’s rivers Goliath Tigerfish are said to grow six feet long, and weigh in excess of 100 pounds they have jaws packed with razor sharp interlocking teeth and with their streamlined body and huge tail they are capable of incredible bursts of speed when striking prey Their ferocity when hunting is legendary The fishermen tell me there’s someone I should meet who has a unique way of fishing these waters This is Filly Tenten He fishes these rapids with a net. That is the scale of a Goliath Tigerfish which he caught the day before yesterday. Probably under kilo (Man speaks in another language) 70 Pounds, here, that’s a big old Tigerfish. Teeth on it probably like that you know so um You know just the thought of that kind of fish in this kind of water, it don’t get much more extreme than that He’s about to check his nets So you’ve got cable, where it’s going over the rocks and here we go here’s the net coming in As would be expected, fishing with nets in such turbulent water Is not without its problems The net’s actually it’s stuck I’ve no idea what he plans to do about it But I wasn’t expecting that Jumping into these waters Is nothing short of suicidal, but I realize now that this is something he must do on a daily basis If people call me an extreme fisherman, what does that make him? I know he knows what he’s doing but to me it just looks like the most insanely dangerous way to make a living Swimming in this sort of synthesized washing machine type water With a net which is you know, designed to catch things All this effort and there’s actually nothing in this net so, we’re just going to redeploy a fresh net And it is just uh, just mind boggling you know you just wouldn’t get me doing that That kind of fishing seems very reckless to me but this is a country where people are forced to go to extreme lengths Simply to survive.

23 thoughts on “The World’s Most Extreme Fishermen – River Monsters

  1. I'd have a hard time leaving places like this with any money or my gear…I know all these poor people have kids and loved ones to feed and I'd feel bad not giving them stuff to make life easier. I'd be curious to find out if the River Monster's crew pays all the locals in their videos.

  2. This river can feed more than 30% of Congolese people if the country has the leadership.

  3. Those locals are probably wondering how anyone could ever have the spare money to buy such nice fishing gear. I would honestly feel like a dick using that kind of gear around them lol Just think how their lives could change for the better if someone just gave them a pole and reel of that quality?? !!! they even have some cheaper rigs that are much better than what they have currently at places like walmart. Someone needs to start a charity for it!!

  4. He's great! You want to put him down because you couldn't swim a ring around him. Give him his props.

  5. I'd be angry as a Goliath tiger fish if I had no lips covering my jagged teeth.

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