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hi viewers in this video, we are going to explore boating in tenmala dam tenmala is located in kollam district of kerala tenmala is India’s first planned eco-tourism by eco tourism they are providing tourism without affecting nature and also for the purpose conserving the nature the fare for boating is currently 275 per head the condition and quality of boat is so good inside the boat, it is having a bus-like structure the seat is soft and comfort it has large windows for perfect sightseeing thenmala dam the total capacity of this boat is 25 persons alternatively, 12 seater boat is also available but as of now, they are using these boats for boating due to high inflow of water in dams you have to take a ticket at tenmala ecotourism information center which is 2km from here please refer description for boating ticket location this boat also has a provision for sightseeing the nature while you are sailing captain is ready everyday we travel to a place either by bike or car the possibility for traveling in a boat is too low for that reason, we must visit tenmala whenever we have holidays or on weekends to reach tenmala you can reach tenmala from tirunelveli by train everyday kollam passenger train is running from tirunelveli junction you can also reach tenmala from tenkasi by bus this area is perfect area for kids particularly boating boating through the dams will give a new experience for nature lovers we often sail through seas and oceans that kind of boating will have a stop at the island in some other dam boating also there is a waterfall deep inside the dam but this type of boating is non stop and it gives an idea about the environment and nature inside the dam thenmala dam is second largest irrigation dam in kerala it has a total area of 29km but boating is up to 8km only inside the dam and return to the shore the forest you see in either side of the dam is shendurney wildlife sanctuary the mountain range you see in the background is western ghats particularly agasthiyar malai or podhigai malai is located here captain now we are deep inside the dam as we can see mountain range at short distance due to good monsoon rains, the dam is fully filled with water look the trees are getting submerged in water this year monsoon started at lag but rainfall is better than the previous year this kind of sceneries is not seen everywhere but watching those sceneries inside the boat will cool your mind now look at the color of the water which is fully blue in color and so clean but in some other dams it may be greenish blue in the video also there is a slight variation in color of the water but at reality it is fully blue definitely, this place will heal you a lot now comes the turing point from this point, we make a u-turn and start returning to the shore the area you see is catchment area sailing deep inside there will be risky wow what a view the total area of the dam is 29km as i previously said as of now, we covered 8km and it took half an hour the return journey also takes half an hour so the total run time for boating is one hour our boating gets sharply at 2.00pm so 2.00pm to 3.00pm is runtime for our boating slot they also provide boating in a slot with one hour gap between each slot the first slot starts from 10.00 am onwards and the final slot is 4.00pm for boating, they need a minimum count of 8 numbers now look at the waves of water the waves are dancing according to the movement of boat on the left side, we can watch shendurney forest at less distance during the summer season the water gets dried so there is a possibility for elephant crossing from one end to another small end but as of now, there is no chance due to high water level our boating slot is so free and there is a total count of only 10 due to previous week heavy rainfall inside the boat, there is one guide and captain both of them are saying about dam history, water inflow & outflow, and several flora and faunas the right side spot is the one which providing water outflow to palaruvi falls check cards for palaruvi waterfalls then the white coloured taller tree is sambrani tree this tree is also very similar to rubber trees finally, we reached a dam front side water outflow area look the dam is fully filled you can feel the height at this point we have always looked dam from frontside but now we are looking the frontside inside from the dam this is the final viewpoint this type of boating will gain you some knowledge about dams construction, nature and mountains surrounding the dam it is really worth for nature lovers, it is like one-hour short film about dams and nature this boating is definitely loved by kids there are also several other spots in tenmala but you have to walk a lot for other spots but for boating, you have an advantage of watching greeneries and environment for one hour we will cover the all other spots in upcoming videos in thenmala ecotourism,dam boating and adventure zone are worth adventure zone is perfect for friends get together and have a lot of fun don’t miss boating in tenmala it is also worth and try adventure zone also at least once during your visit choice is yours like share comment subscribe places clicks

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