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Hi Guys, this is Akhil and this is Shubham and you are watching NOMADIC ENGINEER So, we are around 60 kms from district Kollam of Kerala and then name of the place is then…Thenmala [The name is bit confusing] You would have seen till now, how good the climate is! When I was coming here (by train), I saw so many good places. The train has come through hills and so many caves. Since it was a night time, so I couldn’t capture video. So when you com here, try to come during day time so that you can enjoy it fully and capture videos. Now, this was about how I came. But, the main thing is that why I came here? This is a hill station type area, but the main reason to come here is to visit THENMALA DAM. The dam is around 1.5 – 2 Kms away from here. So, now we will start for Thenmala Dam First thing is, the place is full of greenery and then weather is also good. Although it’s about to rain, but at present, the weather is awesome. So, dam is 1.5 kms from here. We can either walk or we can go by Auto/Cab. But I think we can walk for this much distance and enjoy some nice view on the way because Auto rickshaw won’t stop in the mid. Step Farming Instead of getting up, the way is getting down. It may be possible that it will go to some height but only half km is left and it is still getting down. may be possible…. Let’s see While coming back, it will be tough because slope is also more. I think it will get down throughout the way and I will have to put whole efforts while returning back. Thenmala Ecotourism is on the right side and the dam is on the left. “KALLADA IRRIGATION PROJECT” The ticket counter will start at 9AM The train came early and I came here instead of waiting at the station. What’s the time now? It’s 7:30AM. Let’s wait till 9 AM and then we will proceed. It’s 9 now and we have got the tickets, which costs 10Rs/person Entry is done, we need to go straight and follow the lower side path. The dam is somewhat visible now. This is the power station of the Dam. While coming from railway station, we got down. But, here starts the climbing part. Bags we have kept in security room. Otherwise it would have been somewhat difficult to climb because the slope is more. Let’s see how much time it will take for us to climb. It will be max 1.5 kms, not more than that. From here, now we are able to see the dam completely. Let’s go further. We need to climb on the top on this. We have to go there, on the top. It took us 20 mins to reach till here. Now, we have a plane road, which will go straight over the dam. Finally we have reached here, over the dam. The TOP VIEW is awesome. So, this is Thenmala Dam, which is built over the river Kallada. This is the second largest irrigation project and longest reservoir of Kerala. It’s height, length and total capacity are 85.35m, 335m and 50million m cubes respectively. This is one of the best eco-friendly projects. Oct-Jan is the best time to visit this place. So, this is the top view. We came from the back side and exit is on the opposite side. So, the Dam part ends here. There is nothing more for dam, but apart from the dam, there are so many things in this area I will show you with the help of a poster. First is Adventure Zone. Those who love to play adventure games like Elevated Walkway, mountain biking, river crossing, valley crossing, rock climbing, must try this place. It’s price is almost 1000Rs per person. And then, Leisure Zone is also there, which has hanging bridge, sculpture garden river sidewalk and pathway. One more is there, Prappar Dam. 3rd is Culture Zone, for butterfly safari, etc, etc… So, there are so many places to roam. You can plan accordingly according to your time. Those who love to do adventures, they can go to adventure zone, leisure zone, or in wildlife sanctuary. Deer park you can go. Means, easily at least full day you can invest here. You can even go for Boating. The place is really good. So, as of now we have covered the dam and now we will go LEISURE ZONE.

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  1. This is really a beautiful place.. Video is so energetic n i was having fun watching d vd..Lg rha tha ki dekhte hi rhe … waiting for the next✌️

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