They Delivered on the Monsters – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/29/19

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Savage project I’m will I’m AB and I’m norm hello welcome back
thank you wait give me ston we had continuity last week we had continuity
some what what don’t fake a shit don’t vacation I don’t like to tell people
when I’m leaving town yeah cuz I don’t want you know some gang of Paris Hilton
jewelry thieves to come rob my house oh I can totally see that Easy’s but my lovely brilliant amazing
wife wrapped up her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy
congratulation weeks ago took the certification test passed it she’s now a
licensed Marriage and Family Therapist well I have some business for her and as
we had planned for actually I think the better part of a year we hightailed it
out of town I think four days five days after she passed the test
I had wrapped up a bunch of projects as well so we just spent two weeks in Spain
and Italy on a wonderful super relaxing amazing vacation as I say amazing twice
that’s fine you’re allowed to say amazing twice you want to amazing places
we spent let’s see we flew in to Barcelona you know of course we get to Barcelona
and the first thing we wanted to do after we’d we’d spent a day wandering
around we watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona
it’s the perfect thing to do it’s in the name of the movie it is almost
unwatchable so I would Alan yeah it’s Woody Allen it’s Javier Bardem Penelope
Cruz Scarlett Johansson and a bunch of wonderful bit players everyone in it’s
just fine it’s really funny to see like Scarlett Johansson yeah I think she’s
become a much better actress over the years and I love her performances she
it’s very funny to see this movie where I like Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz
are so amazing and they have the chemistry then they have so much
chemistry that actually Scarlett Johansson ends up a little bit like
overshadowed by them which is kind of impressive to see I don’t know that I’ve
ever actually seen that movie oh it’s it’s worth seeing okay it’s worth seeing
like like I said the characters are great we stayed right in the middle of
the gothic quarter it is I I’m gonna start posting some of
the photos on Instagram because you can’t take a bad picture Barcelona is an
amazing city it is I felt super at home I felt the saturation of English
speakers is wonderful but also everyone’s really great about you trying
Spanish and they’re really supportive and they’ll talk slower I just I love my
city yeah that’s wonderful so if you’re in like these two places you two major
places right it was Italy inspired so I’m this is the thing is we spent four
days in Barcelona two days in Granada then we drove from Granada to Seville
which was been two and a half hour drive we stopped at a wonderful little city
called antique Wetty which has like a 5000 year old burial
ground on the outskirts of town and then we so we spent 12 let’s see 10 days in
in Spain and then three days in Rome what is your vacation strategy when
you’re like blocking like how did is four days is is it a very impacted four
days is it peaks and valleys they have to say we show yeah this is a really
good question we structured this vacation
incredibly well this was pulled well a heavily planned heavily because lots of
times when you go on vacation it’s kind of like let’s get where we’re going and
see how it goes well what we did was we had a friend who travels a lot and she
uses a travel agent and the travel agent makes arrangements for you based on the
things that you’re interested in so we gave her we said look we’re gonna get
into Barcelona we’re gonna not do anything for two days while we still try
and recover from jetlag on the third day we’d love a guide to take us around the
city we will on a visit the Casa miel a the famous apartment building the
Sagrada família I mean which is completely jaw-dropping as everyone says
and seeing the gaudi architecture up close as its unparalleled and we had a
wonderful guide for two days for the second in the last two days in barcelona Mallick ross the EU you get a special
certification as a tour guide it actually allows you to cut past all
these lines and have front access to tickets and it just it greased the
wheels so that we were seeing things rather than waiting to see fit that’s
awesome and it made it much like so the travel agent we worked with charged us a
really reasonable fee as a couple to just make all these arrangements for us
she’s been doing this for a long time so we we said here’s the kind of hotels we
like here’s the amount of money we’d like to spend across the trip on the
hotels here’s the amount we’d like to spend on food here’s the places we’d
like to see so in Seville for instance we spent an entire day with a
bird-watching guide on a national park on the west coast of Spain bird-watching
that’s amazing which was fantastic we spend an entire day with that same guide
walking through the old quarter of Seville visiting monasteries and ceramic
artists and little shops that were bookbinders and like all sorts of
wonderful little treasures that’s lovely the food was in general really great we
got caught out at a couple of Fisherman’s warf type steak houses by
here in avoid the Planet Hollywood I hear ya
yeah either you didn’t leave feeling with travel foam oh right not at all and
in fact Rome we stayed at this wonderful deadly artisti Hotel in the sort of
northern Rome just at just like right at the Spanish Steps we we actually so the
best thing that we paid for and it wasn’t cheap but it was really
significant was early access to the Sistine Chapel we hired a guide who like a car picks us
up at the hotel takes us to the takes us to the guide who takes us to the line
and we were like the first three people to walk into the Sistine Chapel that Wow
and then literally you walk in you look around and then 5,000 people show up
yeah that five minutes oh yeah no it’s real it is totally incredible and the
guides have all of this wonderful history we spent in Grenada we went to
the what was it a big castle over there the the Alejandra in Grenada is
incredible because it’s literally been lights been there since the 12th century
and you get to see like all of these buildings that got built up it was a
Roman fort right I mean like the amount of history going on in Spain was it was
super thrilling and the guides are all amazing at telling you the stories about
what this room we stood in a room in which Queen Isabella of Spain received
Christopher Columbus in Chains because he’d been arrested for his poor
treatment of the colonies Wow we stood in that room like that was incredible
what when the Sistine Chapel was empty what did it sound like does it have a
weird room tone like sometimes old old reflectivity in the room book on the
thing that is the most surprising about the Sistine Chapel is
the illusion of depth is so much more convincing than you think it’s possible
to be in the art world oh yeah in the art so on the big wall that that
Michelangelo painted in his 60s on the back wall there’s a figure over top that
literally looks like it’s carved and sitting out from the wall and as you
look up and you see the nine panels of the three different God creating the
earth Adam and Eve and then Noah and the flood three panels for each as you stand
at each cross over if you’re directly underneath it the perspective works for
you right there and only there and the other stuff looks slightly farther away
but then as you get underneath each one the perspective has this effect of kind
of making all the colors pop because the shadows are all in the right place Wow
so the optical illusion works as you move through the Sistine Chapel it
augments your experience of the panel’s how the hell did you do that always
laying on his back 40 feet off the ground on a space like 33 years old yeah
right that’s incredible it’s totally incredible it’s one of those things that
you can’t ever experience unless you’re there because in the textbook or on the
computer screen you lose all of that and listen there were also there’s we’ve got
to see a whole bunch of tours that people do where you go with a tour group
there’s like 20 of you and the tour guide has like a flag and they’re
talking into a microphone and you’re all wearing little little little radios yes
this is really cool because it means that the guides aren’t yelling yeah so
it’s a very very quiet way to go through these spaces and we went to the Saint
the Basilica and this room holds like 16,000 people and it wasn’t crazy over
noises others love it was really really nice
from the murmuring yeah information yeah I mean I remember yeah yeah I when I
worked on Capitol Hill at one of my job’s is to give tours to people who
came by the office and like you would when you crushed into another tour
it would just be a massive yelling yeah and hoping you got all the people that
were in your group back with you when you went to the next stuff and like the
yeah the radios it’s a good change yeah it’s a really nice change the I
I can’t gush enough I had never been to Spain
I can’t gush enough about how much I loved Spain and the people of Spain I
just I want to go back we’re already talking about going back next year we
just had the loveliest time and the food in in Barcelona specifically was
fantastic I mean in all over Barcelona when you go into various places whether
they sell pastries or groceries they’ve constantly selling these little bullet
sandwiches with the the Coppa and the other kinds of like the slice meat and
they’re like a dollar fifty for one of these sandwiches we just made sure we
had a fresh one every night because when jetlag woke us up at 2:00 in the morning
we wanted to chew on something what’s what is insulting me we bought all sorts
of wonderful me do you leave a trip like that I mean you return from a trip like
that with physical objects or just the photos and the memories and stories um
we bought a couple of things we went to in Seville we went to the wait wait wait
where was it no my apologies in Barcelona we went to the Picasso Museum
where I actually bought a little Picasso terracotta bird which we brought home we
also the men in Spain in Rome dressed fantastically you come back with suits I
didn’t come back with suits but I came back with a lot of really beautifully
cut shirts which hat did you take I I took the big cowboy hat okay which was a
mistake America yeah it’s at one point Julius spotted a group
of drunk Spaniards see my hat and she was like take your hat off right now and I so I also I always travel with the
red NASA baseball cap as well so I wore that for a while and then in in Sevilla
I went to the fancy hat store where like you go for your church hats and I bought
a beauty but I bought a beautiful very very classic Spanish the brim flat as a
razor oh wow gorgeous hat it’s my new favorite hat like a Spanish Inquisition
hat no no no no yeah Isis pain really moved
me how much I loved it and Barcelona is an
incredibly walkable city we probably walked five miles a day every single day
I mean we just with every we walked everywhere
and Google Maps make sense so freaking easy especially being able to see where
you’re pointed yeah again I hadn’t traveled on such a wandering kind of
like let’s explore the city let’s go to this and then walk all the way home the
three miles home and Google Maps made that all relatively trivial I envy all
the college students who’d go on there you know overseas summer trips now with
the smart phones I never had that Jeff and it’s oh yeah
we haven’t I have mentioned it on the podcast but my son just started college
this fall was in Europe over the summer and he was leaving Berlin on his way to
to actually visit Laura Kampf hmm yes yeah and he was he’d left the hospital
he was on the train to go to the train station to take the train out of Berlin
and he’s looking at his phone and just as the doors go Bing bong someone grabs
his phone and bolts out the door and he’s sitting there with all of his
luggage and there’s nothing he can do yeah you’re don’t you’re boned yep you
came to find the Apple store to go buy a new phone nope so he called us yeah in
the middle of the night he called us and we were like okay well maybe you can get
it and which basically it ended up he only had three days left on the trip
anyway so he ended up changing his ticket and flying home a couple days
early oh that stinks though ya know it was bearable it’s look it also it’s like
part of that is welcome to the world yeah this as a parent you’ll find as
your kids get older that it’s kind of delightful when they get stressed out
because that’s the world the world is stressful yeah so for some reason
teenagers getting really stressed out is something I find deeply pleasurable it’s
because you’re so scared of them a little bit right it’s funny my my
daughter is in first grade now and like the thing we’ve realized is that they
have either feelings that are all the way or none at all so like there’s no
in-between on disappointment or scare it’s either a hundred percent or like so
yeah learning so that was the trip madam photos will be posted I’ll be posting
photos over the next couple of weeks on Instagram and Twitter of some it’s all
tall thin wonderful Mediterranean stream say twelve hundred year old avenues and
wide enough for a donkey oh my god it’s amazing how well cars move in these
ridiculously thin tiny streets because one thing Americans don’t have is good
car proprioception no no one knows how wide their car is if there’s a bicyclist
they just stop yeah and in Europe the roads are half as wide and everyone’s
driving no thanks yeah it was amazing I think we should
just change the cities to know that beep cars at all that’s my that’s my plan
so I’ve also I’ve driven in Scotland I’ve driven in England I’ve driven
actually in Australia and New Zealand mm-hmm I found Spain to be the easiest
country I’ve ever driven in I you find some places you go you understand the
rhythm and in Spain the rhythm was really easy to grok and the way Spanish
people drive was really like it was something I just gelled with I would
never want to drive in Rome ever no Rome was terrifying that whole sequence from
night on earth where Roberto Benigni is plowing through the streets of Rome in
the middle of night that’s what driving in Rome is like all the time and the cab
driver is singing it was quite oh ok just right before we move on from the
as we’re flying from Spain we spent like a week and a half in Spain we love Spain
now we get on a plane with Vueling Airlines to go from Spain to Rome and
we’re on this plane with a crap ton of Italians yeah and the Italians are all
like they dress crazy wonderful like sundresses with combat boots and like
everyone looks great everyone’s beautiful it was awesome and
we’re on this plane and we’re just about to take off and then the pilot comes out
and he says in Italian and then in English we’re having problem with
Marseilles a airspace and we’re going to be delayed for 90 minutes and the second
they hear that the entire Plane full of Italians stands up and starts talking to
each other really fast like a movie about your about your central casting of
what Italian people would be like and nobody’s stressed out they’re just all
like each other it was an instant cocktail party it was so much fun Jule
we’re just watching this like gobsmacked by such a different cultural reaction to
a flight to light they don’t happy about it but they’re like our gays yeah let’s
let’s all talk Wow so that was that was absolutely lovely I’m fantastic on the
flight back I watched a whole crap ton of movie said I don’t even remember but
I did watch there’s a mark of a good film Godzilla king of the monsters
oh yes oh here’s my question is there anyone who’s not in that movie when
every bit player was a fantastic act those movies have a ton of people in my
head I had no idea how deep and wide the cast was I did you watch Skull Island
yes yeah yeah right right yeah packed with wonderful actor I mean as a
globe-trotting movie right it had very there Amelia and 11 from stranger things
daughter yeah but this main central family and then they travel the world
come on sirs are coming from all around the world yeah still included I I will
say it’s so hard to make a thing the movie I think was flawed in its plot
specifically because there’s literally no resting time in that movie
it starts at 90 goes 200 and stays at a hundred for like two solid hours I feel
like is a response to because it’s a sequel to the gareth edwards godzilla
which took like a very similar build to godzilla finding the same monster
essentially three times and i really felt like i like how quickly you got to
see Godzilla go great this is the movie that we’re in we’re seeing monsters
right away i don’t show up to a Godzilla movie for intense character studies and
self reflection on the meaning of life in a world filled with monsters but look
remember that joss whedon fought so hard for the farmhouse scene and the avengers
in the second one yeah cuz you needed the breath to go to Clint’s farm from in
the middle of all this crazy action the studio kept trying to cut that scene cut
that scene and it turned out to be a really important breath I felt that
God’s the Godzilla film and I don’t know if this is on the cutting room floor
needed a few breaths like that because every frame of that movie is beautiful
the monster battles in the citywide stuff was in it’s just surpassingly
beautiful gorgeous there just was no space right and you watch it on one of
the small screens possible what’s that wasn’t on the airplane I was the the I I
thought that I liked look I don’t expect a perfectly constructed movie when I go
see a Godzilla movie I expect to see a busted weird movie with a lot of giant
monsters fighting each other and then some humans getting stomped and maybe
winning but maybe not who knows no no it was very
enjoyable yeah I tried to watch the lego movie part 2 which turned out I’d
already watched it and I love to crap out of it again I it’s funny that movie
I liked more on multiple watching so I think we talked about it after I saw it
the first time in the theaters with my daughter and it didn’t land on lose me
at all and then of course it came out on video at home and I’ve watched it 60
times since then yeah and each time it gets a little bit
better you guys aren’t succession heads are you know know everybody in the world
has told me I should watch a succession it’s an acquired taste I found it a
little too upsetting to watch so I had to I watched the first season slowly
because I find the emotional damage of all the characters to be a little bit
grueling but holy hell the second season finish is delightful and everyone and
it’s everyone in it is just killing at their roles so I should learn to trust
HBO at this point like feels like everything they put out is leftovers
yeah that stuck its landing and speaking of leftovers yes yeah oh this is this is
when we finish this podcast I’m going home to watch Watchmen I’ve watched
Watchmen I think two times made it maybe two and a half point yeah really first
episode out came up this past weekend or buy time you listen list the second
episode will be out already right right but I wasn’t super enthused about before
came out like I do we need this you know I don’t I didn’t think we needed that
Yeah right and then after watching the first
episode I feel like we do need it so so the thing that and Damon Lindelof is the
executive producer is the show are Regina King who is also in the leftovers
and Damon Lindelof loved working with her so much on the leftovers he I think
has a good personal rule not to work with the same actors again between
projects when he can because yes and he’s a showrunner now but he chose to
work with her specifically on this is sheriff Don Johnson is a sheriff is Don
Johnson oh he’s having kind of a renaissance right now and deservedly
sees a wonderful actor um Regina King I met her at Comic Con last year it was
one of my favorite sightings she was talking to a Isha Tyler who’s a good
friend and so I felt okay about through interspersing myself just to tell her
how much I loved her I’ve loved her ever since Jerry Maguire
she played Jerry Maguire Gooding jr. why yeah I majored in marketing Jerry I came
to play she’s so amazing so I can’t wait to see how certain this so this this her
performance in this first episode was enough that I was like man I should go
back and watch the leftovers because I never I never finished that huh I’m
worth watching this the thing that I didn’t expect
so this watching this first episode made me wonder if this is what the Watchmen
graphic novel made people feel like in 1984 by the hour they’re 100 waiting for
that plot wise it is not connected to the graphic novel as much as some people
would like it’s not a retelling of that it’s not like your origin stories or any
bunk like that it’s just it is a whole new story in that world which is an
alternate reality of course we’re you know Nixon was president for 30 years
and if you read the graphic novel you will understand that world more where it
comes from but you can watch it fresh and it’s its own take has its own right
has own thing to say well and and it’s it opens like the cold open is the the
black wall street riots in Tulsa that is getting some real play because people
did people don’t know that’s some shit that they don’t teach people in the
school in the southeast is by design it is really it is such this is a story
about white people getting so mad about an affluent black community that they
flew planes over and drop fire bombs and just destroyed an entire fucking killed
hundreds of people oh my god destroyed a bunch of businesses yeah brand people
out of yeah it’s super and and like it’s it was it’s such a contentious choice to
start with that Tulsa riots and it’s not a riot yeah no well it’s a it some
people are rioting but it’s not it’s not the right implies not is not in the case
yeah yeah it’s it’s I found it utterly transfixing it’s shot in a way that is
feels more cinematic than television which is not uncommon not you know I
didn’t really know about what’s the show is trying to do in the fuel of watchmen
is it’s telling a piece of history true history that a lot of people don’t
about and the frame in which are telling this because it is not about superheroes
initially what’s about the Thark area is Amanda Jewell antes right and fascism
but you see the lens of that event through a mother and father saving their
son and sending their son off to be saved which is the Superman story and
that is quintessential Watchmen Oh interesting
okay I also just remembered I watched the new Hellboy on the plane I haven’t
seen that you haven’t seen that yes or no oh you should check for the audio
listeners it is hard to make a thing it is hard to make that movie with the
budget they were given yeah because they clearly weren’t given enough I love
David Harbor I love Ian McShane the casting is in general terrific it just
the whole the totality of it doesn’t hold doesn’t feel like it holds together
as much as I wanted to do and I could see how much they were leaning into the
Mineola comic but where Guillermo was doing something wholly different I mean
it’s obviously taking from Mineola but he had such a specific vision that was
adjacent to Mineola vision that if you love the comic books the first two
Hellboy movies they’re a little bit different than you like no more fantasy
and this one’s moving way fantasy comic style of the filmmaking but still they
took time to do all this origin story stuff repeating literally entire scenes
from the first homeboy of now if there’s anything Spider Man has taught us is
that everybody loves a good origin story I hope that we end up like just not
having any more origin stories for a while I you know speaking of origin
stories and superheroes we haven’t talked about the the Coppola and and oh
we want to do it about it you know yeah old man yells of cloud it was a really
good vulture article about it is what I was gonna
me what it was on this so just to be clear but podcast listeners Francis Ford
Coppola said last week that he found the Marvel films not just bad he found them
despicable bad well this was followed on Scorsese singing and didn’t think there
was a park rides yeah there were theme park rides and
that cinemas supposed to transform you and they didn’t transform him which is
totally reasonable takes a fair reaction completely there’s nothing unfair about
that reaction it’s just you can’t shit on other people’s fandom that this
there’s no there’s no I’m just that’s verboten to me this is it splits the
14-year only you don’t like it but don’t tell me that it’s not worth liking yeah
that’s it that’s that’s all I want to say about that like don’t be an idiot
there’s room for both there is when can sixties guys with young filmmakers their
films were too violent and the old guard didn’t like their films and they were
dissonant they’ve become the thing that right and
well and their friends are responsible for the creation of this thing Spielberg
and Lucas are responsible for this entire like it this starts with jaws and
Star Wars like you don’t have Tony Stark and the reason we love Scorsese and
Coppola is because of their incredible brains and their incredible creativity
and their specific opinions about how things should be yeah obviously we are
better as a culture for them expressing that but again don’t shit on my fan
don’t don’t pulp the ladder on me what I’m gonna or not gonna get from this
because one of the things that I’d also watched in the plane was an end game for
like the seventh time and it’s just as much oh my god on a completely unrelated
note there’s a new si Shen Lu book that came out in the United States called
supernova supernova Age supernova Age I’m so excited
Noba era sorry okay is there an audiobook I don’t know I haven’t looked
at the premise is really good I just read the blurb because I there’s been a
few books have come out and I some of them I picked up and some of them not so
much have you read ball lightning I have not read ball lightning yet so
I should be ball lightning this this the idea is that there’s a supernova
relatively close to us and everyone under the a over the age of 13 is going
to die like that’s that’s the age at which people unclear why they survive
under 13 and Donut over 13 don’t know why I just read the blurb the blue cells
or something yeah whatever maybe they choose to put the the maybe
they’re like we have room for two million people and the bunkers that will
survive the radiation so we put them all in the bunkers and it’s about dumping as
much of humanity’s knowledge into these 13-year olds as you can before in the
time that you have before the first wave hits while I was on my I can’t wait to
read that I’m gonna go to dog-eared and buy it tomorrow while I was on vacation
I read the new Haruki Murakami book cooling Commendatore a cow is it good
it’s so good I finished it and just started reading it again uh-huh
is it like 1q84 Denson Denson yes scale yes a lot more simpler in its allegory
okay so 1q84 I have read twice and I still don’t understand it right like it
still has all this depth to it that like escapes me it’s structure and felt like
I read that I felt like I read two different books one community for it
feels like two books when you’re reading well it’s and you read it a second time
it’ll be four books okay because it’s like it’s so dead
this is the bit with the well there’s the bit with going for the father it’s
there’s a lot happening that killing commendatory is like I’ve it’s about a
painter and it’s about finding the truth of a paint finding the truth of a
creative enterprise and it’s about coming to terms with the secrets that
you’ve held on to and the things that you wished were different oh there’s a
point at which and this is not a spoiler for the book even though it’s a little
bit of a spoiler it doesn’t change it won’t change your reading of the book at
all there’s a point at which a character is confronted by someone who shows up
out of thin air and they’re like a perfect simulacrum of a human being
there 1/3 the size they’re 2 feet tall and
they say what are you and the person says well I’ve taken this form but I’m
just an idea and like you’re off to the races how many books feel like they were
written by by someone who you described the Platonic ideal of a book 2 of a
story and then they were just like okay I got this without ever having actually
heard another story it’s there they all feel as unique as that so as I’ve read
kaylynn commendatory now one and a half times we ended up shipping it back
because we shipped a bunch of clothes back half way through so you don’t have
to traipse around with stuff wrote some and then I came home and picked up wild
sheep chase which was my first Murakami book I think it was his first big hit
and it’s very much a chandler book through and through it’s like he’s
deeply channelling Raymond Chandler and Marlowe and so I’m right in the middle
of my haruki murakami love affair again it’s funny because it’s funny watching
the evolution of an author and seeing which way they choose to go because like
Michael Chabon started out writing books that he clearly loved about topics that
he clearly loved and then just went further and further into things like
things that he loved mashing them together in interesting fun ways yeah
and and Murakami I think is just getting weirder and weirder the further along
the ghats well so I don’t know if you caught this but there’s a whole bit to
1q84 that is about the page numbering yeah yeah and what he’s talking about
the other the other book and the moon stuff right there but and and there’s
subsets of page numbering that alt that that I don’t even know why they’re
different wait the page numbering in the physical
book is different uh-huh we just read it on a kid so I didn’t know that which
pages have numbers actually matters in the plot like how the hell do you
translate that it’s hard to explain it’s just that do you put the secret
decoder page over the pages so that the words you think only the words
it’s kind of like you start to realize that even though the book proceeds
linearly that actually there’s a whole separate thing happening on the left
page than the right page as you’re reading the book Wow yeah you’d never
have liked having read that on a earier I strongly recommend so the other thing
about Murakami and this is real for me when I when I’m confronted by writers
who’s who don’t write in English yeah is am i reading the translation that I
should be reading the see Shen Lu situation dark forest the translation
for that is not anywhere near as as lyrical as the one is for the for the
the first I can’t read the name of the person spoken yeah no I agree and so for
like I’ve quoted letters to a young poet by Rilke and there’s three different
translations that I know of and one of them is three times as good as the other
two in my opinion in the way that it’s written Murakami actually speaks English
so he goes over his translation Oh after they’ve been done and I think I don’t
know whether he what the full process is but I know that that the translation
gets is okay oh that’s fascinating and I yeah oh I it it’s very plausible that
just off the top of my head that Schaben and Murakami are my two favorite writers
of all time Doge Chabon is definitely my one of my favorites I actually just
bought because I kept giving it away I just bought another copy of Yiddish
policeman genie because I want to read it again I want to go back to Sitka I’m
gonna talk about the verb overed mafia have you have you read China Mieville
Mayville macaron I have three seconds of an explosion I ever read that one and
the city in the city given to me recently recently a couple years ago
what I have not read that three moments from an explosion something like that
yeah the city in the city is is very much your business it’s like a it’s very
yudish policeman’s Union in ways that I want to get into but it’s it’s science
fiction man it’s like it’s like it’s far enough future science fiction that it’s
fantasy if you know what I mean like it’s yeah and it’s about two cities that
are completely distinct from each other complete completely separate from each
other but geographically exactly overlapping with
each other so people in one city don’t interact with people in the other city
even though they’re sharing the same space and it’s an it’s a Chandler s kind
of detective story that happens in that in that space very good love it yeah Wow Oh TV recommendations does a new season
of abstract flicks abstract is a fantastic show my friend Scott de Touch
former editor-in-chief of Wired magazine of Jeffrey day Dutch is one of the
executive producers is a beautiful deep dive into the creative process that is
my doorbell it is a beautiful deep dive into the creative process of each of the
creators and each episode is different depending on who it’s covering so it is
very cinematic and the directors of each episode put their own yeah style on it
totally amazing and so answer that excuse me yeah pause that for one second okay sorry about that all right that’s
okay I’m just wrapping it up any you know if you lose the phone call just as
you’re saying goodbye you have to call back just to say goodbye
that’s what just hey thanks thanks so yeah highly recommended there was an
episode on Ruth Carter who was the costume designer not only almost
recently Black Panther but also so many of Spike Lee’s movies Spike Lee’s all
the all of his movies and a look at her work how she became costume designer
that’s my my favorite episode so far Dave Chang friend of tested has a new
Netflix show as well breakfast lunch and dinner it’s just like it’s not ugly
delicious it’s a little bit more like the chef show or him and slippery
friends kind of go around eat a lot of food talk about cooking nothing I like
more than watching famous again and some awesome stuff there movie
recommendations a lot of great stuff coming out for the end of the year I
know you’re seeing Jojo rabbits just about to make a trip to another show
that that we like and we’ve we’re going to go on set again hmm there are early
screenings of knives out happening the other one that’s knives outs the Rian
Johnson movie yeah I really want to see that I’m going to try Ryan Ryan we’re
gonna try and get you on the podcast while you’re here he’s coming up for
wire 25 going to try and the children I want to show Chris my cat costume yeah
his shield is right here come on over buddy it’s America’s ass
and I want to give the highest recommendations to movie parasite it’s
not you know so excited about going to see that yeah oh also I’m Carina
Longworth you must remember this has back now it’s been on hiatus since
January and it’s I think like a seven part series on Disney’s Song of the
South Wow the protests that happened when it was released in the 40s really
ya know she’s going deep the first episodes out and it’s fantastic I’m so
happy that podcast is back I we had a the most wonderful conversation
about movies at South by Southwest when I yet I did 15 years ago when I had note
we were sitting at a bar on sixth Street just casually it was like Oh what do you
do I do a podcast my movies what do you do I make computer stuff and we just
chatted about movies for 20 minutes while we drink a beer dozens and dozens
and dozens of hours of you must remember this it is one of the best podcasts that
is such dense scholarship so much information oh my god so worth listening
norm parasite parasite that’s all I can say is I don’t watch the trailer just
watch it it’s playing in San Francisco at the horror movie it’s a thriller it’s
a psychological thriller there are no it’s not supernatural horror if you
don’t like jump scares okay it’s not the thing it’s not about body horror it’s
good it is a commentary and it’s yeah it’s good wrap string okay awesome
sounds like a good place to wrap it up yes what’s on the site this week norm by
the time you watch this week we’ve one day build your friend ante Kovacs come
to town and you did a collaboration with him yeah with lots of space stuff so
yeah that’s the next thing on the site we talked about monitors screen casts is
tech pod Brad will made a tech pot it said tech pod content down there you go
Tech pod content Allen yeah I love it okay see

42 thoughts on “They Delivered on the Monsters – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/29/19

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  6. Books mentioned in the podcast:
    Killing Commendatore by Haruki Murakami:
    Supernova Era by Cixin Liu:
    1Q84 by Haruki Murakami:
    A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami:
    The Yiddish Policemen's Union by Michael Chabon:
    Three Moments of an Explosion by China Miéville:
    The City and the City by China Miéville:

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  16. The 2014 Godzilla was patterned after the original Godzilla movie, which was very slow-paced and you barely saw the monster. It’s very different from the whacky shit that came later. (It’s also where the oxygen destroyer bomb and names like Serizawa in the 2019 movie came from.) Definitely give the original, Raymond Burr-free version a try, bearing in mind that Japan was very much a post-apocalyptic society at the time. Well worth watching.

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    The only problem was that I have no idea why Anguirus (a kaiju that's completely unnecessary in the movie) can island hop. Godzilla's amphibious (duh), but does the same go for a gigantic ankylosaur? In 1955, did Paleontologists believe that ankylosaurs swam around like crocodiles and alligators? While Godzilla needed an adversary to draw it to the archipelago, they could've instead made the monster face a pteranodon who flies as Godzilla tries reaching it, before the violence escalate to fire breath and incendiary mayhem.

  20. Marvel films are entertaining for sure, but I can see having some hesitancy about them if I was someone deeply invested in cinema culture. They're not deep movies, not movies trying to push any limit, question any idea, think any new thought. They're cotton-candy for adults and teens. It's fine for that to be a thing that exists, but it's a genuine shame if they're all people consume in cinema, and because of that they muscle out other medium budget movies, which is even more of a shame.

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    Railsea … OK. Perdido Street Station I though suffered from some clunky construction, but had some great parts. Both still worth the read.

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