Things to do in Kampot – Kampot River Sunset & Fireflies Boat Cruise Tour

Hi guys… I am Sankalpita and today I am taking you to the Kampot River Fireflies and Sunset tour so thats our boat.. you can see that right now! Now Kampot is a very sleepy town in the country of Cambodia and while we were there we were told that sunset boat tour is a must do thing and hence here I am bringing to you guys my experience of the sunset boat cruise in the picturesque Kampot river Now unlike many tours in Siem Reap which are comparitively on the higher side Kampot is a relatively cheaper place Now this particular deal came as a part of a bundled tour which cost us 12 USD per person and which included breakfast, lunch a 4 to 5 hours visit to the hill station Bokor National Park and a sunset and fireflies river cruise in the evening Now, thats quite a lot right! the river cruise takes almost 2.5 to 3 hours and offers a beautiful view of the Kampot river and of the nearby mountains The Kampot river too is alluring and serene The boats are comfortable and quite informal with sitting areas both upstairs and downstairs Almost all the resorts can be spotted from the river and ours too was one of them After the sun goes down, we are taken to the interior mangroove area to spot the fireflies Now, we were not very lucky that day as we did not see the “entire trees full of fireflies” as we were promised. we did see quite a lot of them though but I could not film them because of the low light conditions The only tip I want to give you guys is carry your mosquito repellants because it gets really ugly in the evening apart from that, the river cruise is a must recommended one so thats it from me guys, if you wanna check some of my memories.. please continue watching and if you liked this video, don’t forget to hit like, subscribe and comment bye (speaking in Hindi)

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  1. I really loved the sunset cruise. Though I was a bit unhappy because I couldn't see any glow worms, it was a pleasant experience.

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