Things To Do In Singapore: River Boat Tour & Marina Bay Sands Hotel

So now we’re checking out a fun little area
called Clarke Quay. It appears to be boats, restaurants. Just
your typical inner harbor, bay, harbor type place. Except in Singapore. I might have to have a Singapore sling with
dinner. Look at it. Lychee ice cream sesame. Ooo,
I like lychee. Ned your cone matches your shirt! It really
does doesn’t it. All right so this is the Hokkaido ice cream
and this is how it is served. And this is black sesame which is not the prettiest one,
but it’s a really cool flavor. Oh yes yes. Love it. Better than American ice cream. So I guess they do this love lock thing everywhere,
I thought it was just Paris. Ok so we’re gonna try jelly fish. Growing
up I was taught to fear jelly fish like crazy because they’re in the ocean and they sting
you. I didn’t even know if was food. Oh my gosh I’m scared. Ok here we go. It tastes like seaweed salad! It’s the rice
vinegar. It’s good! All right here we have it, the signature dish
of Singapore- Chili Crab! We’re not in Maryland anymore. And I’ve had so much seafood, I’m going
all gourmet vegetarian with my, uh spinach tofu. So I’ve got to keep you informed on what
I’m drinking. This country has a lot of lagers, Tiger beer is a big one. But I’ve
been craving something strong and robust, you know I like my IPAs and stuff so I’ve
got Baron’s Strong Brew, it’s super good, 8.9%. I like it. Her and I could definitely be friends. Here’s a wild ride, this thing slings you
up into the air. I would do it, I would do it, but you know,
what.. I’m on a boat. Here’s the famous Merlion, which is a classic
symbol of Singapore. Besides of course the other classic symbol
of Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel which is the world’s most expensive building. Probably because of that surfboard casually
resting on top of it. We’ve got some new AMaeTV fans! All right guys, well if that wasn’t a taste
of Singapore, I don’t know what would be. Thank you so much for watching. Subscribe
to the YouTube channel, follow on Instagram at @AMaeTV, Twitter @AliciaMaeWebb and be
sure to check out the other videos I’m shooting out here in Asia, there’s a lot of them. Bye guys

11 thoughts on “Things To Do In Singapore: River Boat Tour & Marina Bay Sands Hotel

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  2. Great video! We love Singapore!! And thanks that we are in the video at the end!! 🙂
    Love from the Netherlands

  3. Right on, that was awesome, good job! Are you traveling around Asia at the moment? I'm off to Hawaii in a couple weeks, seriously can't wait! Waikiki here I come!!

  4. There's no surfing beach in Singapore, yet it has the biggest surfboard in the world. Amazing!

  5. I love Singapore.Clarky is most beautiful place to visit.Nice video dear Alicia.oops! I forgot I already left a comment on this vlog.There is no option to see your old videos because you are not uploading new one.

  6. Great video making us look forward to our trip in November. Would you recommend anything else not shared within the video? Thanks.

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