This Is What Happens When You Drink a Coffee on an Empty Stomach

You might think drinking coffee in the morning
is a great idea. You may even think it’s a great way to get yourself going in the morning. But you’d be surprised to learn that drinking
coffee first thing in the morning- especially on an empty stomach- is a terrible idea. Why? Let’s take a look at a few reasons. 1. Stomach Acid Your stomach has hydrochloric acid, which,
at the right level, helps your body digest food properly. When your stomach is empty,
this acid doesn’t have much to work with, so it can slosh around and hurt your stomach. Drinking a cup of coffee on that empty stomach
adds to the problem by putting more acid in your body. Always having too much stomach acid will harm
your stomach and digestive tract, leading to problems like heartburn, irritable bowel
syndrome, and stomach ulcers. 2. Bad Digestion Having caffeine on an empty stomach ruins
digestion, leading to a bloated feeling and other signs of irritable bowel syndrome, like
pain and irregularity. How? Caffeine acts like your adrenal glands, which
create stress hormones called cortisol and adrenaline. When these hormones flood your body, they
raise your heart rate and blood pressure, and your liver starts letting out blood sugar
to give energy to muscles so that you can run away. Your digestive system also shuts down to send
energy to where it is needed most. 3. Anxiety When you go through your morning on an empty
stomach, you lower your brain’s power to properly break down serotonin. Serotonin is the “happy, calm hormone”.
When your brain is unable to break down this hormone properly, it causes anxiety and depression. Throwing a cup of coffee on top of that empty
stomach causes anxiety by boosting your body’s cortisol and adrenaline levels. That will leave you feeling shaky, nervous,
and weak. 4. Dehydration Drinking coffee on empty stomach raises the
amount of fluid that your body passes, and can cause dehydration. If you’re like most people, you’ll likely
answer to that dehydration by reaching for yet another cup of coffee, making things even
worse for yourself. 5. Low Levels of Serotonin Very few people know about this, but coffee
will make you feel less hungry. People who drink coffee right away in the
morning sometimes end up skipping breakfast. Skipping your first meal of the day can ruin
your body’s power to make serotonin, a neurotransmitter in charge of making you feel happy and calm. Also, serotonin is very important for a good
night’s sleep. Your body changes serotonin into melatonin
at night. Low levels of melatonin usually lead to insomnia
problems. If you like drinking coffee, make sure to
always have it after breakfast. If you like the video, give it a thumbs up
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100 thoughts on “This Is What Happens When You Drink a Coffee on an Empty Stomach

  1. This channel needs to be censored!!! Because it helps people. Jk that’s the usually what I see online theses days. Education especially health improvement is almost forbidden these days. Just look at all the holistic docs that have been killed off recently. Dangerous occupation.

  2. Thanks a lot for this educational and details on this video , I can’t thank you enough , this is more then what your family physician can tell you , God Bless you

  3. just saw a video saying it's good to drink coffee on an empty stomach before working out but now I'm seeing this. I am confused

  4. I did this and the next thing was sitting at the bathroom last 2 hours.

  5. i am 150 years old…sharp as a knife…i can deadlift 600 pounds and i drink 18 cups of coffee a day

  6. Hi my name is Kyle, I’m 19, and addicted to drinking coffee on a empty stomach.

  7. Ok so question. I drink 24-32 oz of water first thing when i wake up. I practice intermittent fasting so all i consume is the water first then I drink my black coffee. 12-20 oz depending on cold brew or what not. Do these same aspects apply even though i drank water first?

  8. I don't drink a lot off coffe, but all these fact are half true. She doesn't have all the facts

  9. Oh! the uneducated people in the comment section are scary. Every body is different, reason why one should leave medical and biological information to experts.

  10. I have all of these problems an I drink a coffee when the sun rises till the sun sets ,so I should try to eat 1st an see what happens. ..

  11. 🙁 having irrtable bowels because of that small cup of coffee on empty stomach. I didnt folloe up witj food after the drink.. how do i make it go down?

  12. 92 years old here. Coffee in the morning has helped me shit every morning on the hour for 65 years. If I go without, I will not shit. And sounds like this lady is full of shit herself and needs to drink a whole pot!

  13. Yes this is true about coffee I always eat my breakfast with a cup of tea after one hour I drink a cup of coffee because if I drink coffee on a empty stomach I will get palpitations thanks for your information God bless ?

  14. Its 8:08 PM and I haven't eaten all day I just drank a cup of caramel coffee and my stomach hurts… Fuck.

  15. I am a medical doctor, and I gotta say that whenever I drink coffee very early in the morning, and specially when I haven't eaten anything, my gastritis worsens, and I also get loose stools (irregularity in my stools). Every time I watch videos like this I always doubt myself to totally believe everything they say because i don't know their source of information. There are not a lot of actual scientific studies out there to prove that coffee is as harmful as this video states. I still love coffee though, don't get me wrong. I wish it didn't mess with my peristalsis.

  16. Skipping breakfast or doing intermittent fasting is great dor your body.

  17. Skipping breakfast for everyone should be essential for everyone.


  19. aap chutiya ho ye apko pata hai #kaha likha be digestion problem hota hai iske ekk he disadvangage hai coffe me caffine hota hai aur ye addictive hota hai bas yahi iski disadvantage hai madharchodo apane se rule na pela karo pls ?

  20. NEVER do this. I almost died from drinking 440z of coffee, sugar and creamer. It only took an hour till I got a severe headache, uncontrollable shaking, sweating, and rapid heartbeat.

    Sadly, it was at the time I didn't have PE at school so I was basically sitting in class. It took me 3 hours for my body to calm down but for a month, I had to take pain relievers for my chest pains. In addition, the mental trauma of the whole event basically ruined my likeness for coffee only.

  21. So misleading information, unfortunately.
    And when I've heard skipping breakfast is bad for seratonin, I knew it's bs.

  22. "medical experts" say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. also, eating frequently and getting fat is the healthy way to live 🙂

  23. I love to drink coffee in late afternoon, when I'm starting to feel sleepy and tired from the day, but must keep going for some more hours before going to bed. So some shaky energy dose fits just right for those moments.

  24. As far as I am aware Hydrochloric acid doesn't just sit sloshing around in the stomach. If it did it would burn a hole! Hydrochloric Acid is produced IN RESPONSE to food or drink entering the stomach.

  25. Then why is it that I haven't had break fast in years just one cup of coffee everyone morning before work and I'm fine…?

  26. I'm drinking coffee on empty stomach right now…. ok, I'll make a toast with butter

  27. Darn right, i was so hungry and weak this morning since i drank coffee for breakfast even with 2 small choco bread. Never been a big coffee guy, i started liking it but not much.

  28. Coffee I think empties my stomach. I am one of those who should not partake in coffee, as it is the number one cause of severe diarrhoea with me. (No it is not bloody, but looks like milk coffee in the toilet (or my clothing, or floor , or shower, or bed! It is the most stimulant for me and ALWAYS gives me that urgent calling that can and does occasionally turn out rather embarrassing! Chocolate is another culprit to me but fortunately not as severe. I am from Switzerland (we make the BEST chocolate on the planet!) Belgium is number two. We as Swiss are VERY impartial to our chocolate. Thus to me it is worth the little diarrhoea attacks I get as side effects. I would not be caught dead without my Swiss chocolate — diarrhoea or no diarrhoea! So those are basically the two foodstuffs that turn my organic plumbing system into a 'Shinkansen' (high-speed train).

  29. Dang, and I've been drinking coffee with an empty stomach for years…I guess I'll stop doing that and eat something first.

  30. I’m watching this at four in the morning after pulling an all nighter (I wake up at 5 am for the 5:23 bus) and drinking a shit load of Cuban espressos on an empty stomach for approximately six hours. :’)

  31. I once vomited from drinking coffee on an empty stomach, it feels brutal. Eat before drinking coffee

  32. I have that right now. On a empty stomach. It feels like i have food poisoning. I cant get of the toilet. I cant stop farting and burping And i feel really anxious. I am not going to drink coffee again. Thanks for the video and i really hope this passes soon.

  33. yes I had heartburn problem from yesterday as I took black coffee on an empty stomach , but the problem is I am doing this from long time but got this problem from yesterday

  34. So many in the comments trying to justify or completely ignoring their addictions.

  35. Some real misinformation as to what happens in the body when in a fasted state ("when skipping breakfast"). This is outdated and not factual.

  36. So what's a good alternative , as I do intermittent fasting and don't eat in the morning?

  37. I use to drink soda first thing in the morning for about 10 years and picked up alot of weight. I switched soda for black coffee, and I've lost close to 10 lbs over the last year. Also never had any of the effects she speaks of.

  38. I drank a lot of coffee today. People say you can’t get high on coffee. But I GOT high, I couldn’t even walk. Now I feel SOOOO six I feel like I’m about to throw up

  39. What does breakfast have to do with serotonin if you don't have chocolate for breakfast?

  40. I have been having chest pain all fucking f**** week because I've been drinking like coffee 4 day

  41. After a third cup of coffee with flavor milk I have to go take a shit … why is that ?

  42. All these experts here lol.. it's personal, some have weaker stomach some can drink 10 cups no problem. Everybody is different, so if you don't get any symptoms good for you.

  43. I can have one cup of coffee on an empty stomach adding a second cup causes jitters and an upset stmach. If I eat too many foods that are acidic I will have stomach problems for days.

  44. But intermittent fasting suggests to have a cup of coffee during fast. Now you are saying not to take coffee on empty stomach. I am confused now.

  45. I have been on the OMAD meal plane drink coffee everyday on an empty stomach never had a problem

  46. I have no problems, I drink black coffee during the day when I’m intermittent fasting and I feel amazing.

  47. My grandma drank coffee every morning and lived to be 95.

  48. i love coffee but damn thinking about the pain they were giving me nah not worth it

  49. Thank you for this I know am late to comment on this video but I did drink coffee this morning without eating and now I know ?

  50. coffee gives me terrible nausea that lasts all day long. I'm trying to cut back but i need to purchase something so I can sit and use free wifi at Chick Filet to do my job and I really don't want fast food or soda. I do drink it after breakfast, but its usually like 4 or 5 hours later. And then I end up skipping lunch! By about 2pm I feel nausea that follows me for the rest of the day and evening. Sometimes into the next day even! If I try to exercise after work it often ends in dry-heaves in the bathroom and then I have to go home and eat something. Before I started this job I had a job where there were no coffee breaks and I honestly felt alot better, but also had a lot less energy!

  51. Black coffee on an empty stomach followed by 20 ounces of organic lemon and water helps me eliminate in 20 minutes! I feel amazing afterwards!

  52. I drink coffee this morning with an empty stomach and I literally felt nervous because I haven't eaten a breakfast. And it was a nightmare… I regret doing it..

  53. I just watched a video that informed me on the benefits of black coffee ☕️ fuck me

  54. So much generalization in this video, if it were talking about minorities, it'd be considered racist! ?????

  55. I always drink coffee on an empty stomach in the morning and sometimes I’m sick with it too.

  56. I fucking threw up for 2 days everytime i drink coffee on a empty stomach ??

  57. I’ve been drinking two cups of coffee first thing in the morning for over 30 years and I’ve never had a problem and I’ve always been regular. No IBS and I sleep through the night. So this is not accurate.

  58. I just drank 1 cup of coffee today so I can wake up at my class to learn and I did not eat and that a good thing because I don't want to poop at class

  59. Cant speak for everyone, but the other day i had two cups at a friends house on an empty stomach and had my first meal until lunch time. hour or so later I literally thought i was going to have a heart attack, got terrible anxiety, palpitations and numb face and feeling. I usually have low blood pressure and anxiety problems so i do not know if there is a correlation. either way for some it might be fine but for others always try to eat something first before you drink two cups of coffee straight.

  60. do you all realize this person haven't answered your questions???sighhhh SMH.

  61. I think the best thing is to speak to your doctor and do your research.

  62. Tired of "experts" telling me when or what I shouldn't drink or eat. Everyone nowadays has something negative to say about what we eat or drink. If I followed all the do's and dont's that people put out there, I would need all the walls in my house to post them. Moderation is the key. Enjoy your food and enjoy your drink.

  63. Solution: Pound water, literally before and after, this helps a fuck ton.

  64. Literally watching this Rn because I drank coffee and didn’t eat and I have the worst stomach pain I’ve ever had in my life

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