This Star Wars Theory Could Confirm Bendemption in Episode 9! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

– [Amy] A new Star Wars theory could confirm Kylo Ren’s redemption! We’re about two weeks
out from this year’s D23, the fan expo and convention
about all things Disney. We are sure to get all sorts
of details from what’s going on in “High School Musical:
The Musical: The Series” to whatever else is going
on in the world of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Disney+. But one thing that fans are
waiting with bated breath to learn more about is December’s “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.” Ever since we got the first
teaser trailer for Episode IX, back in April at Star Wars Celebration, fans have been on the edge of their seats theorizing about how the
sequel trilogy’s story will wrap up, specifically in regards to one Kylo Ren, esquire. Most fans fall into two
camps on the matter. Either Kylo Ren will be redeemed and return to being Ben Solo,
or he will die a villain and many have taken a fine-toothed comb and sifted through every piece of dialogue across the entire Star
Wars saga for any evidence that supports their stance
one way or the other. Now, the concept of Kylo Ren
turning back to the light because he was secretly a
double agent the whole time or maybe the power of Rey’s love snaps him out of his emo phase, Reylo confirmed, is not a new concept. These ideas have been floating around since the release of
Episode VII back in 2015. But now, a new theory might’ve
blown the lid off the case. The idea behind this theory supposes that the key to Kylo Ren’s #Bendemption is based on an exchange from
1977’s “Star Wars: A New Hope” and was brought to life on
Reddit by user ThatSoodooGuy. In his post, ThatSoodooGuy
asks us to remember the exchange between Luke Skywalker’s aunt Beru and uncle Owen,
may they rest in peace, when Beru tells Owen, – There’s too much of his father in him. – And Uncle Owen replies, – That’s what I’m afraid of. – [Amy] While this exchange
was originally meant to highlight Luke’s brash nature and hint at his upcoming struggle with
resisting the Dark Side in the original trilogy that mirrored his father Anakin’s fall into darkness, this exchange can be viewed in new light when contrasted with
how people talk about, or talk to, Kylo Ren
in the sequel trilogy. The first bit of evidence
comes from “The Force Awakens.” Before Han Solo, Chewbacca,
and Finn go off on some damn fool idealistic crusade to save Rey and help
destroy Starkiller Base, Han has a heart-to-heart with
General Leia about their son, the artist formerly known as Ben Solo. Han basically says that
they lost their son forever because he had too much Vader in him. This completely echoes
what was said about Luke. But, as we all know, this didn’t lead to Luke
falling to the Dark Side. In fact, even Anakin Skywalker himself ended up a good guy Force
ghost at the end of the day. So, does having too much Vader in him spell certain doom for Kylo? Not necessarily. Kylo’s lineage has been
brought up as a defense for his goodness throughout
the sequel trilogy. “The Force Awakens” basically
opens with this notion, with Max Von Sydow’s fan
favorite character Lor San Tekka claiming “the First Order
rose from the Dark Side. “You did not.” Also, Supreme Leader Snoke digs at Kylo in “The Last Jedi,” saying, “You have too much of your
father’s heart in you, “young Solo.” However, Luke brings up
Kylo’s mighty Skywalker blood as his original impetus to train him. But that blood also came from Vader. So, choosing which side of the
family to honor is definitely something Kylo will continue
to struggle with in Episode IX. Using Star Wars lore to predict
or foreshadow plot points is nothing new for the
galaxy far, far away. And we know that no one
loves honoring Star Wars past more than J. J. Abrams. So, if Kylo Ren does turn good, it would be a cool way
to connect and mirror Luke and Kylo’s character arcs. Of course, it wasn’t just
this new Bendemption theory that has fans in full-on speculation mode. This week, Lucasfilm has
just debuted a teaser for a new series called
“Star Wars Rollout” where every character is shaped like BB-8 and in its teaser, one character
is not explicitly named. If you’ll notice, he’s
smaller, more baby-like, but dressed like Han Solo, and has a little tuft of black hair. Fans are speculating that this is bouncing baby Ben Solo in the flesh. Another reminder of Ben Solo comes from the new Kylo Ren comic by Charles Soule, which will document the rise of Kylo and the Knights of Ren who
tweeted the news with a caption, “From Ben to Ren.” So, with all of this Ben
Solo content on the horizon, it seems like Lucasfilm is priming us to remember the concept of a good Ben from before he turned into Kylo. That way, audiences are
ready to see Ben Solo redeemed in the end. – Maybe. – However, this is all
just speculation for now. We’ll have to wait and see if Kylo Ren does get redeemed come December. But, what do you folks think? Do you wanna see Kylo Ren
get redemption in Episode IX? Do you think this theory could be valid? And, what’s your wildest
Episode IX theory? Let’s discuss. Thanks for watching! If you like what you saw, why not give us a like and subscribe. If you wanna get notified every
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100 thoughts on “This Star Wars Theory Could Confirm Bendemption in Episode 9! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

  1. I cannot think of anything more satisfying than Ben coming to terms with himself, his past (family) and the light. The only ones wanting this to end with Ben Solo dead or unredeemed, are the ones who already hate the sequel trilogy and want to see it fail. It’s weird how art imitates life. Or visa versa.

  2. Oh F "Bendemption". Anakin went darkside after the loss of his mother. Kylo was darkside already and killed his father. Two entirely different scenario's where one could be redeemed and the other can go rot in hell. Where this entire trilogy belongs.

  3. HE KILLED HAN!!! THERE IS NO REDEMPTION. Star wars is a dumpster fire. Fans won't return in numbers that matter until they are assured that Rian Johnson will never direct another Star Wars film.

  4. BenPoe FTW!
    Poe will redeem him with love!

    I will die on the hill that says Rey is a Luke's Daughter! Ep VIII is non-canon! That was BS fanfiction from a shit postmodernist SJW director

  5. What if Rey is an attempt at a long line of clones with Anakin's DNA (midi-chlorians, whatever). Which is why she was dumped onto Jakku. Which reflects in The Last Jedi when she sees many reflections of herself. But she didn't start the chain, she was around the middle. The same could be said about her cloning. Maybe her "father" is Anakin Skywalker in the same sense that Jango was Boba's father. Which is why Anakin's lightsaber calls to her in The Force Awakens.

    Let me know what you all think.

  6. I just wish the Wars would go back to their roots before the Mouse ruined it…this trilogy needs more senate votes, trade law and yousa in big doo doo

  7. Dumb theory, but hey, it's a slow geek news day. Also, "Bendemption" is dumb. It makes no sense as a version of "redemption." Especially when the character's name is Kylo Ren, giving you Ren, which shares the same first letters as "redemption." #Rendemption would make more sense, though still not a lot, but "Bendemption" is just…dumb.

  8. All it would do it confirm the new 3 movies are just copies of the last 3 lol

  9. Ben, Ren, and back again.

    The only way he could be redeemed after killing Han and billions of others is to sacrifice himself to wipe out the ENTIRE First Order.

  10. Luke took a choice that Ben didn't even knew he had he should've just watched over him because someone's future is never really set in stone

  11. I'm not sure a story about how someone is "good" or "evil" based on their bloodline is something the world needs.

  12. I think most people stopped theorizing about star wars ever since Disney approved of letting a prick tell everyone "your snoke theory sucks" so we don't bother anymore `_(·¬·)_/´

  13. I believe he will be redeemed like Leia said "there is still Light in him I know it." To the point where in the Last Jedi where Leia and Luke have there last conversation "I know my son is gone." "No one's really gone." And the last thing that Luke said before he died "See you around kid." Could that mean Luke will be waiting for him in the Force when becomes Ben Solo again? Does that mean we get a Reylo wedding?

  14. "No one's ever really gone."

    I'm so ready Bendemption ? It's time to finish what his grandfather started.

  15. That would be the most boring vanilla ending to a boring vanilla trilogy.

  16. On the one hand I would love to see a (Lucas/Abrams) continue their love of recycling plots (sticking with tradition) on the other "cut off" hand knowing Disney he'll probably redeem himself & end the series as a good guy. Oh wait that also falls into the recycling story arcs. Lol

  17. There can be no redemption for Ben Solo: he murdered Han! He needs to die. Slowly. And then eaten by Ewoks and pooped out of their hairy butts and used as food for dung-beetles. #noredemption

  18. All this fan fiction means totally shit, when the next Disney director decide to go his or her own fuck way and turn lore into further crap shit that is Disney's STAR WARS right now. There is NO fucking way back. STAR WARS is dead, lets move on, people. Just like GOT, it died with the crap finale. Let it die, move on. Who's to blame? i blame it on the lack of a cohesive over-arcing backstory. That was Disney's main Job. and they dropped the ball. Well, it is shattered now, and Humpty Dumpty cannot be put back together, no matter how many american dollars you paste on it.

  19. Who actually even gives a FUCK about this shitty sequel series. Its so fucking bad. Only a simpleton with 6 total brain cells could be interested enough in this garbage to care.

  20. Who cares? Worst Disney Princess ever. Kylo just wallows in lame.

  21. I don't like the new presenter. She's seems fake, I am aware all of them reading from the prompter, but it seems like she's got no interest in things she is reading making lots of fake impressions.

  22. According to MSW
    Leaks this is correct. He teams up with Rey because of Palpatine but full redemption might be at the end? Still some uncertain things and I think he might live but that has never been confirmed.

  23. I feel like there hasn't really been enough focus on Kylo Ren in the first two movies for me to even care about any possible redemption for him. Or at least nothing hopeful. If anything, they've only shown his descent further to the dark side. It definitely seems like Rey is more in focus for being something much bigger than the daughter of some "drunk nobody's". I will be pretty disappointed if she doesn't have some significant lineage, because she's absolutely been the hero of the sequel trilogy so far, and I refuse to believe that she just represents "the hero in all of us".

  24. Anakin did worse he slaughtered younglings and yet he was redeemed he did far worse. The only difference is we saw the original trilogy before the prequel but if it was the other way around you know people wouldn't care for his redemption nor want it. I think it's a little easier for kylo ren's redemption. people act like because he killed his dad that's irredeemable but vader also betrayed his friends and family and killed most of them with no remorse. He was willing to let Luke die even and turn leia.

  25. This theory is reaching hardcore. This is not a theory. This is an idea.

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  27. My therory is Luke and anakin come back to life turn Kylo good and defeat the first order

  28. Redeem does NOT mean he will not face the consequences for all the bad shit and killing he has done. Also, any idea about Reylo suffers from total brain fuck.

  29. To be honest. I enjoy The idea of how he wants the Sith and Jedi to died. I would like him to stick with that. and even see a more warp version of it during the new movie. Although I do enjoy Luke saying no ones ever really lost ether. So who knows

  30. My theory for episode 9: Abrams recon's ALL of episode of 8 and instead just does a remake. We never speak of episode 8 again, and order is restored in the universe.

  31. There is not enough chobot in this video, I have a bad feeling about this.

  32. You are giving these slock writers for the new Star Wars series WAAAAAAY too much credit.

  33. i seriously doubt JJ would pull anything from the first 6 movies. Doubt he has even seen them…

  34. No redemption, just reylo. That would be a better ending. Taking it way back to having dark and light merge and being one with the force, creating balance.

  35. no, none of this weak ass everybody gets redeemed bs, I wanna see him get shishkabobbed

  36. Knowing Disney, it seems like they'd want Kylo to be redeemed in some fashion. I'd personally want for him to stay a villain till the end, as cynical as that might sound.

  37. We're given then answer right in the movie's title. The prequels were about the fall of Anakin. Kylo has already fallen, now it's time for this Skywalker to Rise. In other words, much like his grandfather did at the end of Jedi, find redemption.

  38. Redemption? He killed his father, Han Solo. The only slither of hope now is giving his life to save the galaxy.

  39. Oh…so it's a reboot of ROTJ with him being redeemed like Vader?! Gotcha…JJ Abrams does it again…reboot ANH and call it TFA and now this. No surprise

  40. I mean it makes sense either way they do it either staying bad for continuing the Kylo Ren from The Last Jedi where he told Rey to let the past day bury it if you have to which he obviously did with killing his father and making Luke weak enough that Luke became one with the force. Or they could continue with the mission Rey presented in The Last Jedi with wanting to redeem Ben. (Personally I agree with everyone on leave Kylo Ren evil) we won’t really know for sure until December.

  41. Whiny Ren should get a saber through the heart then split between the ears as he falls.

  42. Dont want to see him redeemed. I saw Vader redeemed. Why do I need the same themes twice?

  43. Too much Vader? Muthafuka has zero Vader in him at all. Nothing about his character is anything like an Anakin or Vader in the slightest….

  44. Kylo redemption makes sense ep 9 will prob just a a remake of the last jedi like force awakens was of the original star wars

  45. Begone, Amy Vorpahl. You are an irritant and unwatchable. Maude Garrett has renewed my faith in Nerdist.

  46. Here is why dismissing the sky walker blood as being special in the future is going to end the franchise 1 two steps:

    1- When we have a special lineage, we can imagine our selfs as part of it (anyone can do that, no arbitrary “gate keeping”) and imagine our selfs as the powerful heroes or just appreciate powerful heroes (flaws and light/dark struggles included) and you have reason to cheer them on .. there are your idealised self.

    But … -2

    When everyone is/can be special … no one is.

    Just your ordinary everyday reality check.

    There .. the end of fantasy .. and of Star Wars.

  47. To all the people who say that if Kylo is redeemed, it would be a copy of Vader in ROTJ: Vader and Kylo are completely different characters in temperament, drive and generational goals. Stories are different when characters are different. Look under the surface.

    maybe…….when Palpatine got thrown down the chasm in ROTJ, his spirit
    lived on till he found a host. snoke died at some point after episode 6
    (hence why his body is battered and broken) and palpaine enters snokes
    body and we have been looking at
    palpatine thru 7, and 8 as snoke. Now Kylo has killed Snoke, Palpatine
    will need a new host, a body will be used in episode 9 (matt smith) it
    has to be a body of pure darkness, so kylo can not be used yet, as there
    is still light in him. are you getting it so far?. Palpatine sees kylo
    as his enemy, as he killed snokes body earlier. so rey and kylo will
    team up to take down palpatine, he succeds, as he has skywalker blood in
    him, and destroys the sith completing the prophesy. they say in doing
    so he sacrifices himself saving rey, and turns to the light just b4 his
    death, just like vader did. but the thing that got me is that the ghost
    of luke enters kylos body and lives on in ben, so the skywalker rises.
    at first i thought ow god dont do that, but the more i think about it,
    its definetly star wars poetry

  49. Why would Kylo be emo for being of the dark side I ask as mohammed? Why, a woman being light might be a lot gayer and more asexual than you think. For a man and woman to take the same form in their soul is a homosexual or lesbian relationship. according to the yin yang the man is black and the woman is white. So you as the female newscaster identifying with only the light suggests to Buddhism you want a lesbian relationship with men and I as Mohammed say the resistance is Roman Catholic and the empire is Islam.

  50. The Judiac God set up the movie as a warning to me as the yet fully awakened Mohammed to see what the Roman Catholic church wanted to do to me and to never call myself Christian again even though formerly I did it as a non trinitarian.

  51. Why would the Roman Catholic church wish to destroy me in America, because they are adamant Jesus is the last prophet or otherwise the last testament in the Bible, and Mohammed came after him, and also Jesus they adamantly also say is the one and only son of God, but what you were censored from knowing is as Mohammed I was also Adam and therefore a son of God myself.

  52. Furthermore most lights as you know it fools come from negative charged currents, this is female, at this point I would say as a male I am a flame, which Catholic women of the light would then call me a flamer, for they wish for men to be a spirit, and from accessing my knowledge from beyond a billion years means they are lesbians, for a man is not a spirit, and if as a spirit they are only into spirits, then they are a lesbian, regardless if the bodies they inhabit are the opposite gender or not.

  53. But my Roman Catholic foster mother always said she was a positive woman in energy and into a spiritual man, this would mean she is a man, and she formerly is known as baphomet

  54. If Jesus is a doctor as a very religious man what makes the Roman Catholic think he can run society now or be a judge for he only wants to put silver cord and lay lines on men who are not gay to keep the peace, and when he attempted to make my foster father straight he became a Hades man where the bottom becomes a top but isn't actually straight and would have to be killed under Islam at this point.

  55. With all the hype of Star Wars 9 I feel that it is better to wait for Dec when movie comes out. I hope this movie is way better that The Last Jedi and The force awakens. There has been too many repetitive scenes from previous episodes that George Lucas did and there is no originality in Disney Star Wars. I really hope after this movie DIsney does lose a lot of fans and people do not go and see Ruin Rian Johnson movies.

  56. If Kylo isn’t redeemed, then honestly what was the entire point of this trilogy and his conflicted character, why not make him pure evil from day one, why have Snoke talk about how killing his father destroyed his soul, why say “you have too much of your fathers heart in you, young Solo”… why have Han be killed by Kylo in the first place, why have Han’s death amount to nothing if his son dies an evil dark sider, why have him form a force bond with Rey, just why do all of that of nothing is meant to come of it… this trilogy all hinges on Kylo Ren turning to the light in the end, if not then I swear absolutely nothing will make sense in the end…

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