This Will Happen If You Stop Brushing Your Teeth Today || FUNNY ANIMATION

You’re about to go on a first date with
a girl you have been chatting with on Tinder and you feel like there is a lot of promise
with this one. You spent all day preparing, showering, spraying
yourself with cologne, combing your hair after dumping a little too much gel all over it
– because, hey, you’re nervous! Your mom helped you choose your outfit, a
nice long-sleeved, collared shirt and dress pants with dress shoes. She urged you to add a tie to your ensemble,
but you retaliated, asserting that you didn’t want to look overly formal. Finally, after much preparation, you feel
somewhat confident and ready to go. Your mom grants you a kiss on the forehead
before you leave and, instead of telling you, “good luck,” she says, “don’t come
back until you bring me grandchildren!” As if you weren’t under enough pressure
already! You offer to pick your date up like the gentleman
that you are, but she insists on meeting in a public place – a reasonable request for
any meetup with someone from the internet. So, you go to meet her at a small Italian
Bistro. Once you have your table, you patiently wait
and that’s when the anxiety escalates. You think you remembered everything when getting
ready for this moment, but you can’t help but suddenly feel like you forgot to do something
very important. Your tongue crosses over your teeth and that’s
when you suddenly realize with horror that you forgot to address basic oral hygiene. This is when panic sets in and you race to
the men’s room to see if you can do the next best thing: rub water across your teeth
using your finger over the sink. Unless some guy in the bathroom with you happens
to be carrying a portable bottle of mouth rinse on him to share with you – which is
not likely – you’re pretty much out of luck. Thus, you return to your table and hope that
your date won’t notice, but who are you kidding? You know you’re going to feel insecure about
this all night, which may spoil your evening with her as the nagging thought gnaws at you. She arrives, prettier face-to-face than her
pictures on her profile. The two of you chat over dinner and connect
really well. Now, one of two events may occur. Either you’re too ashamed of your unkept
teeth to make a move, or you are having such a great time that you forget about the whole
thing and approach her anyway. Either way probably won’t end too well. In the first scenario, you decide not to approach
her at all, in which case she’ll either think you’re simply not interested in her
or that there’s something wrong with you. Her mind may come up with different ideas
about you, “Maybe he’s a virgin or maybe he is not actually into women. Maybe he’s better friend-material than romantic…” As a heterosexual male, this is the last outcome
you want from the woman that you’re attracted to. The pressure for men to be charming and perform
adequately on a first date can be daunting and confusing as is, let alone with the added
strain of knowing you forgot to brush your pearly whites. Still, there’s hope that maybe your date
will be one of those girls who appreciates that you respect her enough not to make a
move on the first date. All you can do is cross your fingers and hope
this is the case. In the second scenario, you are having such
a good time that you completely forget about your mouth situation. Your bodily position instinctually moves in
closer towards her, which would indicate interest. But she begins to get a whiff of your unpleasant
breath and her body responds by stiffening. She won’t say anything to you directly because
she is polite, but you recognize the expression of disgust on her face and immediately retreat
to your former sitting position, biting your lip and covering your mouth in shame. Because the unpleasant truth, as many men
can attest, is that women notice and have the impeccable power to pick up on every detail. So, if you forget something crucial like brushing
your teeth before a date, you can count on her knowing about it and reporting it back
to her friends after your evening has ended. What a disaster! Now you face the dread of returning home to
your mom and you get to hear the familiar lecture about how you’d better move out
of her downstairs basement before you turn forty. So, aside from causing you bad luck in the
dating department and displeasing your mom, what else can occur when you don’t brush
your teeth? Also, what happens if you stop brushing your
teeth for a long duration? Well, it probably goes without saying that
you can kiss your social life goodbye. Your connections will be flushed down the
toilet as more of your friends start to cancel their plans with you to avoid smelling the
nasty odor vortex from within your mouth. Some may not even realize why it is suddenly
unpleasant to be around you, but they no longer have an interest in being physically nearby. “There’s just something off about him
these days,” they may say. “I can’t quite put my finger on it…” But the nose knows. Typically, when you forget to brush your teeth
once or twice, the worst that may ensue is bad breath. Sometimes, if you forget to brush in the morning,
you may have some of that morning goo on your teeth – you know what we’re talking about:
That slime sensation when you first wake up. This morning slime is known as biofilm, which
is a thin layer of bacteria that sticks to your gums and teeth. It is pale yellow in color and just plain
gross. The goo is like a film, hence the name. It happens to everyone. And if you’re a mouth breather, you might
also feel really dry with cracked lips, which is the worst kind of feeling. Brushing your teeth helps to remove biofilm
and freshen your mouth, which is a great way to start the day. Now, we understand that not everyone actually
enjoys brushing their teeth. Many people may do it out of obligation so
that they don’t have to hear a long, drawn-out lecture at their next visit to the dentist. But when you stop brushing your teeth on a
daily basis and you don’t shed the morning biofilm, bacteria can build up to form dental
plaque. Plaque can lead to gum disease that is built
from bad bacteria. This is especially true if you have a sweet
tooth – forgive the pun – and you eat a lot of sugar. The leftover sugar thrives and transforms
into tooth-decaying acid. The longer you go without brushing your teeth,
the more likely the biofilm or plaque can turn into a thick tartar that only a dentist
can remove with their specialized tools. People on Google commonly ask how long you
can go without brushing your teeth before the accumulation of plaque becomes too thick. We found the answer to be one week. We should add that between 3 days and one
week, you may also develop gingivitis, a gum disease that causes your gums to redden with
touch and bleed more often. So, what percentage of people actually skip
brushing their teeth? “According to statistics from the Delta
Dental Oral Health and Well-being Survey found on the American Dental Association’s website,
more than 30 percent of Americans aren’t brushing enough [- meaning length of time
-], and 23 percent of adults have gone two or more days without brushing their teeth
in the previous year” (Quoted from Capetta, 2015). This seems to be the case mostly for young
males, as explained by Dr. Wolff, a professor in the department of Cariology and Comprehensive
Care at New York University College of Dentistry. If you were to go longer than a week without
brushing your teeth – let’s say a month – the bacteria begins breaking down your teeth. Not only will your gums turn red, but you’ll
also see your teeth start to decay. Now we move into uncharted, disgusting territory. If you dare to go an entire year without brushing
your teeth, you will notice holes in your teeth from where the acidity of plaque has
burned through your choppers. At this point your gums won’t be just red,
they’ll be completely inflamed. Okay, so what if you went five years? Now this is a ridiculous stretch but while
we’re on the topic, we may as well explore it. After 1,800 days without brushing, you would
have insanely severe gum inflammation. At this point, you may also be in need of
false teeth to replace the ones you have left – if any. Obviously, we wouldn’t recommend going against
your dentist’s advice so do yourself a favor and just brush. Dr. Wolff from our source suggests brushing
for two minutes at least once a day. Many people don’t brush this long in one
go unless they’re one of those OCD types who feel the need to touch every corner of
their mouths. We’re talking about people who are diligent,
getting at every nook and cranny when they brush, which is a good thing but not everyone
has the time. In the popular tv show, The Office, Michael
Scott said he brushed his teeth less than thirty seconds in the episode, “The Injury.” To be specific, he actually said 30 seconds
was 3 times as long as it took him to do it. Needless to say, you probably don’t want
to be a Michael Scott. Taking two minutes out of your day is definitely
worth it, especially if you want to put your mind at ease for when you’re with a woman
on your next date. After all, you can count on her wanting to
see you with fresh breath and teeth. Even if you have many other flaws you can’t
account for, you can at least control the state of your mouth. How long have you gone without brushing your
teeth? Let us know in the comments. Also, if you liked this video and want to
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