Thomas/Ice Age 2: The Meltdown Parody – The Dam Breaks – UK – Part 1

(squawks) (gulps) Aaaghh! – I don’t see her anywhere!
– Maybe she’s already on board. (screaming) Hurry, this way. Come on. – There it is!
– Ellie! Help! Come on, come on, run! Push! – You guys gotta go.
– We’re not leaving you. – I’m not asking.
– Ellie, no! Ellie, don’t worry! We’re going for help! – Stay here!
– Duh! – Help us.
– Help! Somebody help– Manny! Manny! Manny!
It’s Ellie, she’s trapped in a cave! Ellie! Manny! – Help!
– I’ll save you. Great! Who’s gonna save him? You really need to brush. OK, OK, OK. Jump in now. Come on, ‘fraidy cat. Come on. You can do this, you can do this,
you can do this. Trust your instincts. Attack the water. I am not your prey. I am not your prey. I am not your prey! Attack the water. Stalking the prey. Claw, kick. Even babies can do it. Come on. Claw, kick, claw, kick. Hey! I’m stalking the prey. Eddie! You did it, buddy. You kicked water’s butt. Nothing to it.
Most animals can swim as babies, you know. Yeah, but not tigers. I left that part out. There he is! Ellie, hold on to me. Manny, Manny, behind you!

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