Three Gorges | Yangtze River (Hello China #55)

There are three raging rocky gorges on
the Yangtze River named the Three Gorges, Sān Xiá. The 192 kilometre-long gorges are
nestled in between mountains more than 1,000 metres high on both sides. When you travel through Sān Xiá, water
rushes past with old trees and ancient buildings completing the beautiful scenery. It is a breathtaking but pleasant experience. The main part of the key water projects at Sān Xiá
on the Yangtze River was finished in 2006. The dam is now able to
control floods and generate electric power. The Three Gorges hosts the largest
hydroelectric station in the world. The Yangtze River is often compared to a jade pillow
and Sān Xiá is a brilliant pearl on the bell.

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