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  1. Due to the unexpected and sudden death of a work colleague and good mate (R.I.P big John), I am working on site for at least the next three months. I’ll film and edit videos when I get chance but my time is very limited at the moment.

    I hope you all have a great Sunday 😉

  2. Simple a concept but so difficult fro many to understand. Wiring diagrams make it most difficult for most, they really do not flow in an easy to understand fashion. Yes for the trained electrician they do. For the DIY there could be a better 1,2,3 diagram. The circuit could be presented better. More complicated ones; then you better have a clue. This type of does not work well with physical units. This one needs drawing to and from in series. NOT as an electrician would view the schematic…. Needs to be very very simple and white board.

    I'm very sorry about your friend John. Life is constant, things, life does not end here on Earth. It's just a matter of time near or great where you get to find a new adventure. Life is a recycling program better then we do on Earth. John as my sister Linda both get to see what happens next in Infinity. If you are reading this you have been through countless lives or the first. Infinity is the clue. No worries about your friend. Big Bang=Zero, local Big Bang=OK… Infinity= whats next, when. "Something cannot be created from Nothing". If Nothing exists then there is something. It's one of those always is and always will be things. .My thoughts… Do not worry about the lost people in your life, they will be well in the future. Since we do not know exactly how it works, they may well be riding horses tomorrow or aboard a Starship. It does not end here…

  3. I do not think the vertical red line at the left from Live to L1 is necessary or useful but i may be wrong….

  4. How do you wire a 4 or more way lighting circuit? My grandmother in italy has 4 switches, something I was never taught at college. I did 2 way and intermediate. *Edit should have watched video first.

  5. Jesus, I wired a new light fitting in my bedroom today, I was just putting wires in willy nilly, blew the breakers a few times, blew a few bulbs, fuckered my dimmer switch and at one point the light fitting remained lit regardless of the light switch position. I googled it in the end ?

  6. nice easy discription,,3way switching and switched fused spurs are my pet hate lol my apprentice got those jobs lol

  7. That is great demonstration, clever using the battery and LED!
    Sorry to hear about John.

  8. Again, weird switching setup. and it uses 1 extra cable!
    feed live to com of first switch have L1 and L2 go thru the cross-switch (in at L1 and out at L2) then go to L1 and L2 of last switch and connect lamp to com of last switch.
    One less cable going from switch to switch and for security the live wire is only connected to one single point which makes it easy to de-energize the whole system.

  9. In American we call that a 4 way with a set of traveler wires going to all 3 switches

  10. can you have more than 1 lamp in this set up ? i need 3 high wattage lamps.

  11. Thank you, video made the working of intermediate switch super clear.

  12. Intermediate switches are sometimes configured differently i.e the same colours in both L1 terminals and the other two different colours in L2 – black and black in L1 and brown and brown in L2. Different manufacturers use different systems. Which can be annoying. It is important to read the enclosed wiring diagram that comes with the intermediate switch. If no instructions come with the intermediate switch a continutity tester (also sometimes called a bell tester) can be used to figure out the internal configuration of the intermediate switch. You must also ensure you keep to the same coloured wires in the L1 and L2 lugs in the two-way switches either side of the intermediate switch, otherwise the system will not work. Hope this is helpful.

  13. i just want to say thank you very much for all the help you offer in your videos, I'm very greatful for the fact that you dedicate your own time to make/edit these videos so people like me can watch them and learn, I would also like to add that I'm very sorry to hear about your friend who has passed on (big John)

  14. The standard wiring colours in the UK are (as of 2006) the same as elsewhere in Europe and follow international standard IEC 60446. So, Brown, Black and Grey are the colours of live. Any electrician should know this. Why would I want to sleeve all the wires with brown tape if they already have the live colour code?
    I also find the UK way of wiring lights dangerous. Like all EU countries, live should go to the switch first and then continue to the light fixture. That way you always use brown for live and blue for neutral. And don't get me started with the ring main. lmao.

  15. I was wiring my intermediate switch all wrong until I watched your video. VERY HELPFUL INDEED – this helped me understand so much more easily than the diagrams the switches come with! THANK YOU 🙂

  16. I already did same your way in one step the light will stop work from one switch then need go to another switch to turn the light on

  17. Brilliant video but baffling science! Quite a simple job how you explained it though! Thanks ???


  19. Hi
    looking for advice. I have an out door light and a indoor light which are connected to a two gang switch each light works independently, but at the moment i have to switch both lights on for each to work.

  20. IF you have a light at the top and bottom of the stairs and a double switch on top and bottom wall- ive watched how you turn one light on and off from each end but how would you then switch the other light off from both ends within the same wall switches?

  21. why not just run the hard active to one common and the load out of the common on the switched active?

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