100 thoughts on “THROWING FRISBEES FROM 200m DAM?! | How Ridiculous

  1. Because Derek made the world record shot in only 3 attempts (seriously we still can't get over that), we had a full week in Switzerland to film other stuff. We tried to jam pack this last Swiss vid with all the other random cool clips we filmed over there that we haven't released yet. What was your favorite part of this video? #44Club

    Also – we've been filming heaps more vids and can't wait to show you!

  2. I have to comment that the hunter with a hunting rifle is not a sniper. That is a just like an socialist Aussie to confuse the two

  3. dear how ridicluolus you came to our shoool a wihl agoug park woood primrye ppppppppppllllllleeeeeeaaaaaaaassss come agan it my bothers dream to mete you

  4. Hey if we weren't such an inspiration then you wouldn't have an audience lol 😛

  5. I need friends like this. I wanna do similar things as these guys do. Mostly the way they do it. The teamwork. The passion. These guys can do anything together.

  6. 6:00 similar to how Grant "Original King of Random" Thompson passed away just weeks ago in US of A's Honey State (UT)

  7. 6:37 'Tis livestock, not wildlife. There's no terrestrial wildlife in Europe. 'Tis a special continent who's climate is cold with a scanty number of palm trees. I say the fewest.

  8. I hope you did pic all your trash back up.. switzerland is one of the last nearly unlittered countries in the world left. >.>

  9. Me: Watching a video that is two years old
    Video: Compliments me for watching a balloon falling

    Me: Why wouldn't I watch? I wanna know the answer 😀

  10. americans throwing stuff down our beautyfullest placest…. yeah fuck you sons of bitches

  11. U should throw something in the other side of the dam , in the water it would be fun to do and fun to watch too , love ur vids

  12. Y'all want a real ComTest? How many hidden basketballs do you see in the background from 10:49 until 12:36 ?

  13. Y'all should do this with a frisbee golf disc, they go so much further than a normal frisbee… That would be EPIC!!

  14. I watched, the whole part, from where the balloon was let go, to when it popped. And I am an Aussie aswell

  15. You need them good 30$ frisbee's. Those woulda made it across the whole valley range

  16. Why do they always change the height of the dam in every video’s title


  17. Greatest quote ever: Daunting but exciting and yeh we’ll see how we go.”

    This is why we listen to gaunson. He’s genius

  18. Need to ditch the ultimate frisbee and pick up some disc golf discs. See how far they go off the dam. Might need some pro help, maybe Simon Lizotte. He's from Germany and has thrown discs off mountains before. Love the vids boys, keep it up!!!

  19. 7:24 frisbee realizes that he just flew a lot than usual and loses control,out of disbelief

  20. Want to see more epic stuff like this? Just click or tap my face.

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