100 thoughts on “THUNK a cappella – River (Bishop Briggs)

  1. I think she was pushing a little bit too hard. She did great but she pushed a little bit too hard in some areas. And before y'all get all mad at me. I was vocally trained at one point. I don't sing anymore but I remember alot about music and how to sing properly. She did great just needs to work on her pushing .

  2. Okay but her voice transcended me into the other plane of existence where there' are only good things and the voice of angels (such as hers) are the only thing that can be heard

    (Had to fix the typos. Woah)


  4. I LOVE these people. I want to be this happy. I can't sing but I'll be enthusiastic! 🏃‍♂️🌊

  5. Это можно слушать бесконечно🔥♥️♥️

  6. goosebumps!! i can't remember the last time music gave me goosebumps.. so awesome! keep it up! <3

  7. Morro de vontade de participar de uma coisa assim pena que no Brasil e difícil encontrar

  8. Почему там все девушки как шлюхи одеты

  9. черненькая такая красотка😍😍😍

  10. Wow, charming memories…. after watching this videos I miss my school and college program… right now I'm nostalgic…. miss you all of buddy's…

  11. Кто из 2020 года зашла сюда после сериала сад падающих звёзд❤❤❤🌠

  12. Being a part of a group like that has always been a dream to me, but this isn't possible because we don't have things like that here:(

  13. да у ней соски аж чуть не взорвались от волнения))
    :песня хз , конечно , но спели хорошо ! мне нравится такие хоры , бодрит весьма!)

  14. She really is angry at that microphone, hope they made up and she wont be yelling at him no more.

  15. за атмосферу +1005000!!!!!!!!!!!=)
    per atmosphere +100500!!!!!!!!!!!=)

  16. POV: slytherin just won the cup of the houses (?) in the quidditch tournament and they are having a party, but the shy girl star singing so everyone start vibing af

  17. So somebody decided they’d have all the ladies get dolled up and lookin’ good and the guys would dress like a bowling team. Uh . . . Ok.

  18. I never get tired of watching this video, every day I come here on this channel see this video, you sing very well🥰❤️😍😙

  19. La voz de la mina x dios!!!!! Tremendaa!!! Me encantó!! Lpm los pelos de punta me dejó su voz!!✊❤

  20. Eu sou o comentário brasileiro que você procura. Sempre quis comentar isso.

  21. Адовый ад. Хуже только истерики неопятидесятников …

  22. 🙂 Most amazing, at least for me, is the fact that a bunch teenagers are eager to give up their vanity in order to support the lead singer and to achieve, together, a masterpiece!

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