Tidal Wave

( music playing )Gav:There’s nothing you
could do about it.
( chuckles )
I didn’t have to
fake anything. There was just like so
much power and weight
behind it.( music intensifies )Oh, hello there. You’ve once again joined us
having a spot of lunch. And as you know, the crew doesn’t let us
eat with them, so, here we are. Yeah, but we’re miles
away from the set this time. Well, I’ll be honest,
they said we can’t eat
on the set anymore. After what happened last time,
they just don’t trust me. Well, I don’t trust you either
to be honest, so… – I can’t blame ’em.
– It’s okay, it’s okay. But you know,
there’s nothing that could
go wrong here. It’s just a lovely
nice day, the sun’s out. – Hm.
– Gav: Lovely bit of life. ( smacks lips )
I could do with more
drink though, – to be honest.
– Oh, you’ve got
no water? – No.
– Hold up, I’ll get some. Ah, cheers. This should do it. ( water splashing ) ( screams ) Ahh! Oh. Gav:
Do we need to get fired? – ( laughs ) Fired by–
– Wow, that was refreshing. You got some, uh,
some, like, rice on your eye – or something there.
– Oh, no! Oh, dear. Gav: That was a colossal
amount of water. That was a lot. Well, thankfully,
we just happen to have two high speed cameras
running on that. at 1,000 frames
a second. – What are the chances?
– In poor chaos,
let’s go take a look. ( chuckles ) – Look at you struggling
to pull that down.
– It’s a lot of weight.( classical music
playing )
– ( water splashing )
– Whoa! Dan:Whoa-ho-ho.Gav:
The glasses are already gone.
– Dan:All right, I think
now I’m finished.

– Gav:That’s mental.That actually looks scary.Like, legitimately worrying.Dan:It was.Look at the fork in my hand.( laughter )Just like, don’t let go
of the fork and the knife.
Gav:It’s like–What a slapstick fool
this is.
Dan:Look at that meat loaf
is going land on my crotch.
( Gav laughs ) A face full

– Dan:Oh, no, the meat loaf!Gav:
You got loaf on your gut.
Dan:Oh.The table is actually
at this point is crushing. – Holding the table.
– Because if you think
all the weight of the water hitting the table which
has a big surface area. It’s all pushing down
against me. So, I’m just getting crushed
by the table now. ( chuckles )( classical music
playing )
Gav:It looks like you’re
just embracing death.
Dan:I guess this is
my lot now.
I’m out.( opera singing )Gav:Oh, there’s food
came out of your mouth.
( laughter )Is that a bit of meat loaf?
– Dan:It was a bit
of chicken and–
Gav:Oh, okay.That is just such a mass
of water.
Such a fat amount.
Gav:It’s about,
I think it’s about
800 gallons.
Dan:God.Gav:Which is a lot
of gallons.
Dan:That is hefty…
The table just lands on me.( Opera music continues )So, do you think
if you tried, you could withstand
a blast of water? You could withstand
the wave. I’m not gonna
guarantee it, but I’ll give it a shot. – You wanna do it?
– Yeah, why not? – I’ll give it a go.
– We got to, we got to refill
the dump tank. All right, yeah.
All right. – Let’s do it.
– I’m up for it. All right, Dan,
are you braced and ready? I’m actually more nervous
about this. – Why?
– ‘Cause I sort of know
it’s coming, and I can see it,
and I’m like, oh, man. – Pull.
– Ah! Don’t do it! ( laughs )
All right, here we go,
ready? – Yeah.
– Three, two, one.
( sharp exhale ) Flush the toilet? – ( water splashing )
– Gav: Oh, wow. ( groaning ) Ooh, yes. ( bleep ) Gav: You held in there
for a while. Well, additionally,
it took my balance away. ( laughter ) – Oh, wow.
– Gav: You’re just
on one leg. Well, it’s ’cause that
initial force, right? I was taking it. That initial force
forced me back like that, and I was like trying
to rescue it and I couldn’t,
it was just too much. ( water splashing ) Dan:The initial wave
is what hit me back, right.
It hit me back,
and from that point,
I was just trying to keep
my balance the whole time.
Gav:I saw you kind of just
reduced to just one leg
at one point.
Yeah, this is
peppering you now.
It looks like I’m not trying.
Like I’m a– yeah, yeah,
but it’s because
it’s in slow motion.
In actual fact I’m really
trying to stay up, but I can’t.
Just trying to balance.
Just getting knocked over.
Gav:Look at the white water.– ( water splashing )
– ( screaming ) Gav:There seems to be like
a resurgence of more
water there.
– ( laughter )
– Do you see how there’s
more water now?
I think, it’s like
the second sort of
bounce of water
that actually knocked
you over.

– Dan:It was almost like,– Gav:Oh, you’ve gone
two waves.

– Dan:Point of no return,the foot’s up.
( imitates explosion )
Gav:What were you
thinking about at this moment?
Dan:Uh, I wish I had
some shower gel.
( laughter )Gav:Oh, look at that.
Look at that.
– Dan:God.
– Gav:And now you’re getting
an enema again.
Dan:Ah, not again.Gav:What a lovely wet ending
to this video.
Well, there’s one positive
I can take away from this. Is that, it’s gonna
save you some time
this evening. ’cause I’ve got food,
and I don’t need
to shower anymore. – ( laughter ) A twofer.
– We’re good. Two birds, one stone. Yeah, hopefully you enjoyed
that video, feel free, subscribe to The Slow Mo Guys
channel, and we’ll see you in
the next episode of
“The Super Slow Show.” – ( water splashing )
– ( screaming ) Hi, guys, click here
to catch up on our
latest adventures. I barely survived,
so I hope you like ’em. Dan did complain a lot. Then again,
I do all the work. Most of it. I do 90%. I do all the work. All right,

100 thoughts on “Tidal Wave

  1. Don't waste so much food. And handling knives and forks while that is dangerous. The rest is fine.

  2. Hey all pls go check out my insta @_.the.names.Ben._ I post regular minute long covers and would really appreciate it?

  3. It's not a tidal wave. A tidal wave is the tide or a bore caused by the tide.

  4. I thought the video was cool and hilarious but what a waste of water. There’s kids in Africa!!!!!!!!!

  5. チュウニズムのtidalwaveを調べたら出てきたんだけど日本人の人挙手✋

  6. Alright so i guess youtube replaced all ads with this single playstion video? I got both the skipable and non-skipable version of the same clip… Nice job plays.. youtube*

  7. * Talks about getting blasted in the behind with water *
    "What a lovely wet ending to this video!"

  8. *This "should" do it. Pours 800 gallons of water all droplets miss his glass, knocks him over ruining food.*

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    (Apart from when his arm is busted up)
    That would be funny

  10. Imagine being a woman in a bikini slammed by a wave on the beach trying to hold everything in place

  11. Guys, this kind of stuff looks really dangerous and I kinda worry about your safety. I think it would be better if you guys started using Bikini Models instead, who are trained for this sorta stuff.

  12. for super slow mo hold down your space bar while the video is rolling in slow as well lmao

  13. It looks like you were one of those people on the titanic who sat in the dining room because they knew they were going to die
    And the second time looked like you were on the deck and it just broke in half and went SPLOOSH

  14. Surprised that they didn't just pretend Dan was waiting his meal, Gavin as the waiter, going "I'll fetch you some water, sir." and then pull that stunt, if only to avoid having to prep an actual meal just to wash it away 😛

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  17. Hi Gav and Dan ?,
    I just can't tell you how much I love watching your channel. You two are AWESOME! Thank you for the entertainment and information! Keep it up please. ?

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  19. I don't know if someone addressed this before, but the danger involved in the first stunt was enormous.

    Not the water or the table, but the real knife and fork used, the risk of a serious injury was big, and real.

    Take care next time guys.

  20. The title should've been "using 2,4K galloons of water for an experiment"

  21. Gav: luckily we recorded it in 4K!
    YouTube compression: no

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  23. Hey guys
    Your characters are fun
    But at certain point … when "wasting" water and food it became such unpleasant
    With all your production budget you can have like a damp reservoir to restock the water and of course even if you seem to lunch (for scenario) you can empty plates first !
    Think also of millions of people around the world that suffers from water scararcity and malnutrition

  24. I love all these slow mo videos but the bumping of 1600 gallons of water into the dirt is super wasteful ☹

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