Time to Bail: Extra ► All 4 Adventure TV

Mate, this is huge. We just walked back to the boat. We went for our big walk to the tower. We came back here, and the deck wash has been
left on. It’s blown out of the pump. It’s full of water. Full of water. Tripod is underwater. This is huge. The cab is full of water. Mate, this is serious. It is. And we are 30 kilometres from home. Out in the middle of nowhere, and it is late
afternoon. Well, let’s get bailing. Do we have a bucket in there? What happened? We got back here, and the deck wash was cranking. The deck wash? It must have blown out off the back. You left the deck wash switch on. Yeah. And the deck wash was cranking, and this was
literally full. The cab was full. Like full. Full? It didn’t get inside… It was nearly up to the top of the seats. So all those things in there, they’ll be full
of water. [beep] It was like up here. It could have sunk the boat. Oh yeah. It was close. You’re floating a fair bit or are you dragging? Oh, we’re still on the bottom.

7 thoughts on “Time to Bail: Extra ► All 4 Adventure TV

  1. Bail away fellas. Not much else to do. Get Jessie on the bucket, he's young and fit.

  2. If you want to give the boat away, I’m more than happy to come and collect

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