Tiny Forest Get Away on a River

Today we’ve got another tiny cabin. This
cabin is completely off the grid no electricity, no running water. This
cabin is actually used mostly as an Airbnb and so people come in and out of
it. Nobody lives in it full-time, but it is still really cool and it’s really,
really unique so I really want to show it to you guys. So let’s start. Whenever
you drive in you come in and you see this. A fire pit, some chairs, right here
you’ve got a cabin with a spare bed in it in case you have some guests and then
coming on this way. Inside of here is the bathroom. We’ve got just a regular
composting toilet. If we continue down this pathway we come to the tiny house.
It’s a beautiful little tiny house. We’re in Waterford, Maine right now and we’re
on 480 acres in the middle of the forest. The tiny house and that small little
guest house are the only things on this land so let’s go check out the house.
This is the tiny cabin. It’s a beautifully made tiny cabin. It’s 200
square foot made out of mostly reclaimed material so it’s very eco friendly. Let’s
take a look inside. It’s got a very Maine feeling to it. It really encompasses the
state in the location of New England and where we are.
Welcome to the tiny cabin. If you look to the right we’ve got a
wood-burning stove, which is essential out here in Maine in the winter. You
would freeze to death if you did not have that. The cabin is really well
insulated so it stays really warm in here in the winter. Come over here we’ve got
a nice kitchen table with a leaf that folds out so if you wanted to have guests
over, you could sit four. You got three burners on the range, propane. The propane
is outside of the house so you don’t have to worry about leaks or anything
like that, but it’s nice to have three burners instead of just one in a tiny
house, that’s really nice. We’ve got a sink here. No running water, you do
have to bring in your own water if you want drinking water or running water, but
there is a river just a hundred yards behind the house that you can get river
water and use that to wash your dishes and hands if you need to. This cabin is
used for an Airbnb so people are coming in and out of it quite frequently, but
it’s really nice because the cabinets are all stocked with the staples that
you would need. If we keep moving anti-clockwise we’ve
got this box which is our cooler and like I said since there is no
refrigeration this will be your only source to keep your foods cold that need
to be refrigerated. If we keep on moving through the living room we’ve got a nice
little couch. Nice seating area to hang out and relax. This is really cool. These
are the steps and this section of the steps folds down and creates a nice
little table that you could use for whatever you would like. Right now we’ve
got cards on it and that is the first floor of the tiny house, very unique. I’ve
never seen a house built quite like this. That’s my favorite thing about
tiny houses is every single one is very very different because every one is
custom-made. We’ve got these stairs that take us up into the loft where the bed
is at and here we are in the loft. We’ve got a queen-size bed up here. This
is a pretty big bed really comfortable. I’m actually really surprised with this
loft because it’s quite tall. I’m six foot and I can almost stand completely
up straight which is really impressive for a loft. The house is quite tall and
that pretty much does it for the inside of the cabin, but we’re not done with
this area yet because outside we’ve got a shower as well as a raised canopy
that’s screened in to keep all the bugs out. It’s really really cool, let’s go
take a look at that. If we take a stroll to the back of the cabin as you can see
right here on the right we’ve got some hummingbird feeders. In the summer the
hummingbirds come out and then right back here we’ve got the shower. This
shower is a hand-pump shower. No electricity needed, just take this, pump
it up, you’ve got water pressure and then you can take a shower with the nozzle
here. If we continue around the back of the cabin we got our propane here, just in
case you need to replace it, and then we keep going this way and we walk down
this path right here and we’ve got our raised screened-in canopy. It’s very nice
to come out here for lunch or for breakfast and eat your breakfast up here
basically in the middle of the forest. You’ve got the screen here to keep all
the bugs out and the last thing on this property that I want to show you guys is
if we follow this path here just about a hundred yards we come to the Crooked
River. And this is the Crooked River. Really
nice place to come and hang out and relax, very calm and peaceful here. If
you’re into fly fishing you can fly fish here. There are salmon and trout in the
river as well as in the summer months it’s nice to take a nice refreshing dip
in the river. I hope you guys enjoyed the tour of The Crooked River tiny house.
Leave a comment below what your favorite thing about this cabin is. My favorite
thing is the aesthetic and the way it feels here on 480 acres of forest in the
middle of Maine being the only building in this forest it’s a really unique feel.
Thank you Lawn for inviting me to stay here. If any of you guys are in Maine and
interested in staying here the link to her Airbnb post is below in the
description box, but until then I’m gonna hang out here for one more day and then
I’m headed through the rest of Maine so I’ll see you guys later.

66 thoughts on “Tiny Forest Get Away on a River

  1. I would love to have a tiny cottage like that but I would definitely need solar, wind power, interior composting toilet and rain water capture.

  2. Wow! How amazing it must feel to be the only place in all those acres! I especially like the screened patio and the beautiful yellow table in it.


  4. It's gorgeous, And my favorite thing about it is that my showers inside with limitless hot water and no spiders

  5. This series of videos if so fucked up I may have to kill myself. It reminds me of the trust funded neo-liberals that rent Teepees here in the Black Hills to more stupid fucking liberals that think they can buy a connection to earth/reality away from the banker controlled concrete jungles they live in.
    No one really lives in any of the so called tiny houses these charlatans are promoting because they do not look lived in.
    Furthermore these assholes are so imprinted on the grid they will never find their way off!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dylan does a good job of promoting. If I was thinking of staying there, I need to know what months are not cold in Maine. The screened canopy, the outdoor shower, the guest cabin, and the bathroom would be better to have in non-cold months. Do they supply clean sheets? Do they have information available about basic daily needs that average people would not normally be concerned about for this? I don't normally use river water, chop wood, fill up propane tanks, or have tools for that, but that doesn't mean I can't. It would help to know where the locals normally go to get clean water, propane, fuel for the stove, and how much is needed per day? What can you burn in the wood burning stove, I mean, do the guests chop wood from the surrounding trees or buy some eco friendly bricks, and how much does it take? I would not use any dishes before I wash them, and that takes water, and more water to wash after, so I would definitely bring paper plates, paper cups, and utensils. What about laundry, where is the local laundromat? How do you clean the counters and tables, special wood cleaners with paper towels? I wouldn't want to use some cleanser that causes any damage. Bring paper towels. Is there any phone reception out there? Where do guests dispose of their garbage? Someone commented about bears, I don't know, does Maine have bears? If the house had water, it would definitely make the difference. How far to the nearest lobster restaurants?

  7. That stove is made by a Norwegian brand! A prominent politician here in norway is the heir to the founders of jøtul. The company is still alive and kicking. Really wondering how that stove got to the us

  8. This is really pretty cool guys, I just imagine someday I can have a good one tiny house in the middle of forest. Yeah, I think some channels of youtuber about tiny house made me inspired

  9. Hey Dylan, as a Hebrew speaker I'm confused by your Hebrew tattoo that's visible at 3:24. Could you possibly clarify what it says? Maybe it's just the angle that makes it look this way but there are a few letters there that are pretty difficult to distinguish and it seems like maybe they were written by a non-native and thus the letters look like an amalgamation of more than one letter. I'm not trying to to nit pick here (many Hebrew letters look very similar to each other) and I'm honestly just curious and was super excited to see Hebrew on you. Cheers and Thanks! Great video btw! =)

  10. Have you ever seen oceans of tiny houses? I sure have… Theyre called " Trailer Parks"

  11. Ironically, these "tiny houses" are an adventure of the middle class. Working class people can't afford land.

  12. This may sound silly but what like is that it doesn't look all brand new. Lived in but not rundown. I like it.

  13. I think I'm the only one who would absolutely have to be able to stand in the loft that's a deal breaker for me on all these houses I see

  14. Very, very nice! Bright and cheery! The outdoor elevated sitting room is great…beautiful surroundings minus bugs would make a terrific spot for reading a book….and taking a nap!! Thanks for sharing it!!!

  15. "The cabinets are all stocked with the staples that you need."
    * zooms in on skittles dispenser *

  16. An absolute awesome retreat . . . . . . .⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  17. The three buildings make this a unique and well designed tiny house. Love it!

  18. "Cupboards are stocked with the staples that you would need" .. shows jars of pasta and skittles

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