Tiny Goats Visit River Otters

(lively music) – This is Ruth, a Nigerian dwarf goat kid. Her friend Sonia is a
mini Nubian goat kid. They live at the Oregon Zoo’s family farm with the rest of the herd. And sometimes, they
meet the other animals. – So today we’re gonna
go see the river otters. – Yahoo! Yay! (lively music) – The otters live in the Great
Northwest part of the zoo, and it’s one of our most forested areas, so we’re gonna be walking
basically through a forest. On our way to the otters, we
walk past a little waterfall that had some water on the ground, and these two did not
want to go anywhere near that water, so we
definitely won’t be taking any swims with the otters. (bright music) (birds chirping) (bright music) I think this encounter
could be really fun. Otters are known for being really playful, so they like to swim and
do flips in the water and chase things, so I’m really hoping they’ll want to play a game
of chase with the goats. (lively music) Almost immediately when
we walked up, the otters came up to the glass and
started, like, doing little dives and then turning so they
could get a really good look at the goats. They started to do some spirals. They even did this little
like heart maneuver once. It was really cute. Once they came up to
the glass, they started kind of recognizing there
was movement behind it, and I think they had a lot of fun, like, tracking the little designs
that the otters were making. The most exciting part of our encounter was a little game of
chase that we started. So we lined the goats and
the otters up on one side of the exhibit and then
ran down to other side, and everybody ran down or swam down, and then we went back and
forth, so it was like, ended up being a really fun game. (lively music) I absolutely think they had fun watching the otters swimming. I mean, they can’t
swim, so they’re totally doing a movement that
they’re not used to seeing. So I think that really
captured their attention. (laughing) – Otter. – I think this encounter
with the otters was great. The goats, once they
picked up on another little water animal (laughs)
were really into them. The otters were clearly into the goats, so that’s fantastic, when another animal can also really enjoy the babies. So I just think it was
really fun and exciting for both groups of animals. (lively music)

100 thoughts on “Tiny Goats Visit River Otters

  1. Goats: we were told there would be treats involved, but instead you bring us to your weird glass basement with these watery ass cat dog thingies. You've got some splainin to do, hooman.

  2. Cute, but next time I think the river otters would enjoy going to visit other animals. The goats looked like they were more interested in the snacks 🙂

  3. just be thankful the goats don't grow up to be chompers from gravity falls

  4. …and the next day the goats were fed to lions. They have to eat too of course, it just put things into perspective.

  5. Tilly drags her babies around like toys. Animal child protective services notified. See those parenting skills improve when they talk about taking her SNAP benefits away.


  7. A little wotter fall is so cute ;-p ;-p ;-p

  8. Was there a concern about the goats potentially headbutting the glass? That IS how they usually prefer to play, right?

  9. I'm sure most people wouldn't consider being a zoo keeper their ideal job or career, but at least it would be anything but boring..

  10. Ha like we don't see treats in your hand leading goats back n forth XD

  11. I have a feeling that the trainers were way more excited about this than the goats were.

  12. The goats seem more interested in what treats the handlers have than the otters.

  13. The otters want to kill and at them… Otters are incredible pack hunters, its ingrained in their DNA

  14. Why was the goats keep goin to the trainers hands. At some point they had to hide there hand behind there back.

  15. People are blind, the goats went up to the glass and were watching the otters. ?

  16. Otters are very playful. They’re my niece’s favorite animal at the zoo and they always play chase with her.

  17. "Tilly has taught each one of her kids to swim." DRAGS THEM UNDERWATER ?

  18. This is sooo cute and sweet! The goats and otters are so precious playing with each other! & I love the zoo keepers energy! She radiates pure joy and love for the animals! It is so nice to see that she takes such good care of the animals and stimulates their curiosity and entertains them so they aren't bored and stuck in a cage. This is such a wonderful series to see the adorable tiny goats meeting other creatures!

  19. this is so nice of them….i watched anothr video where they took a female elephant to meet a beluga whale at an aquarium. she looked really interested and happy….so nice of them

  20. Wow! Now that's enrichment! Never heard of a zoo taking animals around to see the other animals before; super-awesome. This video also brought back good memories — I got to play chase with the otters at the Oregon Zoo one time. ?

  21. so adorable. i love they are entertaining the goats. the otter pups were too cute to be true

  22. On river otter mom's swimming lessons that others commented on..I agree, reminds me of Paula Poundstone: "And my mom has an emotional range of two things anyways, she's either pissed or she's trying to get you to feel bad for her. Those are her two areas. She told me one time when I was little that this how she learned how to swim. She said someone took her out in a boat out in the middle of a lake and THREW her off the boat. And THAT'S how she learned how to skim. I said, Mom, they weren't trying to 'teach you to swim!' I guess when they shot at her they were 'trying to teach her to deflect bullets'..

  23. Glad my dad didn't teach me to swim by dragging me in. Lol So cute! I didn't realize that the animals could see what's on the other side of the glass like that.

  24. I saw a 5 year old spontaneously playing tag with a pair of otters at a zoo in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The kept it up for more than a half an hour before the kid's parents dragged him away. He was having the time of his life – the window wall was much longer than this one and he was racing & reversing direction without warning, but the otter's always flipped over and were right there with him no matter how he tried to gain on them. He was shrieking with joy every time he pivoted and so did they.

  25. I loved this video about pandas teaching pit bulls how to ride bikes. Thank you! 🙂

  26. They were literally holding food in front of the goats' faces to make them LOOK interested in the otters: they were not! let animals be animals. you can't force these goats to be something they aren't- even for the sake of (forced) "cuteness"

  27. This video is,in fact,utterly awesome.The only negative being that I wasn't there as well.I adore baby goaties and river otters are my animal.In the symbolic sense they represent joy and joy is something that all of us can use more of!

  28. I have no idea why but I am obsessed with otters! They always look like they're having a total blast.

  29. Love how otters teach their pups how to swim, grabs their tail and pulls them in, don't be a wuss. ?

  30. …the goats can swim?☝All you gotta do with almost any animal is just more or less like mama otter did,just "throw them out there..and they find out pretty fast they can swim.Its just that (like a dog) they wont see it as a "happy" thing (most wont,some) if you dont use a little patience.I have teached atleast 3 dogs to swim?✌

  31. One of the goats have lil hearts on their sides and its so cute (see @ 1:45–1:1:47)

  32. The otter mama was like o hell no swimming lesson 101 begins now where you going , aint no skipping class honey hahahahahahahah

  33. It's really cute that you would do that, bringing one kind of animals to visit another kind. The interactions were most definitely fun to watch, plus some lucky visitors would get a much closer look at the animals walking around.

  34. Otters are so cute animal i know four otters from japan they are youtube stars names are bingo sakura kotaro and hana…

  35. "She loves to play with her kids!" drags them into the water quickly

  36. The otters were into the goats. …The goats were into getting treats.

  37. Part 1of "Tilly's Aggressive Swim Classes" https://youtu.be/KJggPRQtsAA?t=67 and Part 2 of "Tilly's Aggressive Swim Classes" https://youtu.be/dA0kwaPNZ8k?t=103

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